The 21 Day Complaint-Free Challenge: How To Stop Complaining & Be Happy


The 21 Day Complaint-Free Challenge: How To Stop Complaining & Be Happy

I want to invite you to participate in a challenge that will change your life for the better. It is called, “The 21 Day Complaint Free Challenge”.

This movement was created by Will Bowen, author of the book, A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted”.

If you want to learn how to stop complaining and experience more happiness in your life, you will love this!

Aristotle once said, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life,
 the whole aim and end of human existence”.

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Every human being wants to be happy. Freud’s pleasure principle states that human beings are biologically built for the desire to experience pleasure.

All of us have different strategies and beliefs for how we cultivate and boost feelings of happiness.

Unfortunately, a lot of people choose to sabotage their happiness. They focus on what they don’t have, instead of being grateful for what they do have.

As a result, they spend their time dwelling on the negative and complain about everything.

In turn, this deficit mindset creates a feeling of unhappiness.

Complaining carries destructive power. You have to realize that you have the ability to control your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Mastering your emotions is an inside job.  Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it.  If you cant change it, change your attitude”.

If you can master your emotions, it will enhance every facet of your life – career, finances, relationships, health, happiness, etc.

You need to recondition your mind so that you are able to control your reactions and find empowering, positive meaning from experiences that happen to you.

If you do not, you will become a slave to experiences that are out of your control.

Why do people complain so much?

In his book, Will Bowen suggests that there are five main reasons why people complain, which he summarizes using the acronym, GRIPE (get attention, responsibility, inspire envy, power, and excuse poor performance).

Get attention

People have a basic desire to connect with one another and be noticed. Unfortunately, some people use complaining in order to get attention.

Remove responsibility

People complain because they want to blame someone else, other than themselves, so that they don’t have to take responsibility about why things didn’t work out the way they wanted to.

Whenever you deflect responsibility you are giving away your power.

Similarly, if you take on responsibility, now you are in a situation where you can make a change, solve problems and grow.

Never forget that you are responsible for everything that happens to you in your life.

Inspire envy

A lot of people complain so that they can feel better about themselves. They put other people down so that they feel more important.


Some people complain as a means of having power over others; they want to feel more significant because it helps them feel valued.

Excuse Poor Performance

Any complaint is really just an excuse, some reason or story why something didn’t work out.

Instead of excusing poor performance, these people deflect responsibility for their actions and blame others.

The question remains – how do you stop complaining?

I believe that it starts with awareness.

You need to be aware of your patterns.  By being self-aware, you will be able to change a negative into a positive.

You will be able to take a better course of action, instead of indulging in a negative mindset.

A great technique that can help you create awareness around complaining is that when you say something negative, snap an elastic band on your wrist.

It’s a reminder to associate pain with complaining and being negative.

From there, come up with an empowering opposite statement that turns a negative statement into a positive one.

Another powerful technique is simply adopting an attitude of gratitude. Tony Robbins once said, “If you want to change your life, change your expectations to appreciation”.

The reality is that there is always something to be grateful for.

I appreciate everything in my life. Oftentimes, people wait for big things to happen in their lives in order to experience happiness.

The truth is, if you aren’t already appreciative for what you already have, than why bother attracting more? It won’t make anything better.

People assume that when you achieve successful, that is when you experience happiness. The opposite is true. It is happy people who end up becoming successful.

When you are happy, you will create success at a much higher level. You will be more motivated and inspired to grow your business and make more money.

Look for the good. It is always there.

For the next 21 days, I challenge you to commit to not complaining about anything.

If you catch yourself, immediately cut it off, look for the good, and change your expectations to appreciation.

By doing so, you will take your power back and be happier.

Business philosopher Jim Rohn put it well when he said, “Stand guard at the door of your mind”.

You must be cautious about what you allow to enter the doors of your mind, because it in turn will affect your thoughts.

If your negative thinking habits are not serving you and helping you get to where you need to be, you need to change your attitude.

Are you ready to go 21-days without complaining? Choose to focus on the positive and join The 21 Day Complaint-Free Challenge!

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The 21 Day Complaint-Free Challenge: How To Stop Complaining & Be Happy
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  • Craig Inzana

    Love this post, Stefan!
    I’ve recently had a major life 180 and most of it had to do with my therapist giving me this advice. Relentless positivity is my new mantra. It’s amazing what a difference just one month of this attitude has done for my health, happiness, relationships, and (surprise) bank account.

    Keep up the inspirational and insightful stuff! Your videos and blogs are a cut above the rest because it’s all the inspiration with none of the fluff. Thanks for doing what you do!