21 Questions With Stefan James: My Favorite Things


21 Questions With Stefan James: My Favorite Things

Today I want to share with you 21 of my favorite things. The inspiration for the creation of this blog post was because a follower reached out to me, and expressed that he wanted to learn more about who I am. Here are my answers to his 21 questions:

 #1 – Favorite thing to do

I love to learn and improve myself, in whatever way that I can. When I was 17 years old, I became obsessed with the self-development game.

Anything that has the potential to improve my life excites me. I have a thirst and a hunger for self-development.

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#2 – Favorite color


#3 – Favorite fruit


#4 – Favorite vegetable

Wheatgrass. I hate the taste of it, but it’s amazing for you.   One ounce is an equivalent of consuming two pounds of vegetables. The benefit to your health is beyond anything else.

#5 – Favorite food

Raw food. A lot of people think that its just about eating salads, but you can do so much with raw food. Zen Conscious lounge is amazing. They have raw tacos, lettuce wraps, etc.

It’s a healthy alternative for foods that already exist. I don’t eat for taste, but rather I eat for fueling and nurturing my body.

#6 – Favorite restaurant

My favorite restaurant in Vancouver is Zen Conscious Lounge.  All of the profit goes towards charity, which is amazing. I also love, The Foundation.  It’s a vegetarian, hipster-style restaurant.

#7 – Favorite animal


#8 – Favorite day of the week

Monday triggers something in me, where I am the most focused, organized, and productive. I’ve never had a bad Monday.

#9 – Favorite book

I love the book, “Awaken the Giant Within”, by Tony Robbins. He has a shorter version called, “Notes from a Friend”.  

The book has some amazing concepts. There are a lot of inspirational stories and tools that you can apply to your life.

This book has heavily influenced my life.

#10 – Favorite role model

Tony Robbins. When I was 17 years old, he was the person whom I aspired to emulate. I listened to his personal power tapes in the library when I was younger. He has impacted my life in so many ways.

He instilled in me a growth mindset, and the confidence to believe that I could do anything. He is the most well rounded person that I know, in every aspect of his life. Tony represents financial success, emotional happiness, passion, the “getting” mentality, etc. All of the things I strive for in my life.

#11 – Favorite brand

Apple. I have all their products. I’m a raving fan.

Nike.   I love their branding.

#12 – Favorite website


My second favorite website is YouTube, because it gives me access to so much amazing information, and because it allows me to continually learn.

#13 – Favorite movie

The Rocky series. I’ve watched all six films, multiple times. My favorite is Rocky 2.

I love inspirational movies that awaken you to what is possible. That movie motivates me to work out and hit the gym.

#14 – Favorite TV show

Seinfeld. TV for me is an electronic income reducer. I used to be obsessed with TV and I started to watch my life pass me by. I am always hesitant and strategic about what I watch. I focus on watching things that are inspirational.

#15 – Favorite comedian

Kevin Hart.

#16 – Favorite actor

Its hard to pick just one, but my top 3 are:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Leonardo DiCaprio

Matthew Mcconaughey

#17 – Favorite documentary

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, by Joe Cross. I love documentaries related to the food industry.

#18 – Favorite cartoon

When I was a kid, my favorite cartoon was Ninja Turtles.  In high school, it was Dragon Ball Z.

#19 – Favorite super hero


#20 – Favorite video game

I used to love video games. I would have to say my favorite game was, Final Fantasy 7, on the play station. I have a lot of memories and hours that I put into that game.

In high school, I was a big Diablo 2 fan. When I got into self-development, I got rid of all my games. Video games are a huge addiction, and that industry profits off of that.

#21 – Favorite possession

My MacBook Pro. I’m hoping they come out with a new one soon. What I love about my computer is that I can bring it with me anywhere in the world, and build a whole business off of it.

I also love my Kindle. I recently bought the Oasis, because it’s better for speed-reading. My Kindle has a couple hundred books on it. My Kindle is worth thousands of dollars to me. It has so much amazing, life changing information that I can gain access to, at any given moment.

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21 Questions With Stefan James: My Favorite Things
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  • Wow, it was really fun to be able to get to know about your personal life and choices. You’ve always been an inspirational role-model to me, and I’m a huge fan of yours. So thanks Stefan for sharing answers to those 21 questions. And I’d like to thank your follower too who requested you to share this blog post with us.

    I was amazed that quite a few of our choices are the same, like favorite brand Apple, favorite cartoon Dragon Ball Z (man, wasn’t I a huge fan of that), favorite possession MacBook (I’m writing this from my MacBook right now) and favorite superhero Batman (I always liked his attitude, personality and the fact that he doesn’t really have any superpowers, but uses his gadgets and innovations to make up for that). I agree with you that TV and video games waste a lot of time, but I do like to interact with them when I’m bored, sick or just tired 🙂

    Again, a big thank you, Stefan!