7 Proven Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Book Sales


I want to share with you 7 proven strategies that will skyrocket your book sales.

Before the Internet, we had physical books.

However, with the emergence of digital products and the World Wide Web, eBooks exploded in popularity, making physical books a thing of the past.

With the advent of Kindle eBooks, Amazon changed the game.  They made it easy for anyone to publish a book.

Why waste time trying to get your book accepted by a publishing company when you can easily make it available on Kindle at minimal cost to you?

It’s a win-win.

Since publishing my Kindle eBook, Life Mastery: How To Unleash Your Hidden Potential And Achieve Everything You've Ever Wanted, I have made thousands of dollars, and it continues to serve as a monthly source of passive income.

Becoming a self-published author has made me an authority in my market.

Keep in mind that your book could be the best thing ever written, but if you don’t know how to promote and market it, nobody will give it the time of day.

If you are an author or a Kindle publisher, you understand how important it is to promote your book.

Promoting and marketing an eBook requires persistent effort, but if you are committed to it, there is potential to make a lot of money.

I have built a six-figure book publishing business.  If I did it, so can you.

Follow these 7 proven strategies that will skyrocket your book sales:

Launch a Press Release

A press release is a powerful way to promote your Kindle eBook, gain more exposure, and support additional sales.

Ask yourself, “What keywords will most appeal to my target audience?”

Try to incorporate keywords that are relevant to the topic of your book, especially if those keywords are not in your book's title.  Doing so will definitely get the attention of prospective buyers.

There are a variety of free distribution sites that you can submit your press release to.

Create a Digital Presence

Long before you decide to publish an eBook, it is important that you build your online presence on a variety of social media platforms (ie. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

Content is king – it is one of the best ways to attract people to your brand and your eBook.

If you don’t already have a YouTube channel or a blog where you share content related to your subject matter, it’s time to start.

Post regularly, and comment on other people’s blogs who attract a similar target audience to yours.

For example, you could make a YouTube video promoting your book. YouTube allows you to optimize your video for specific keywords.

For example, I have a video that is optimized for the keyword, ‘promote Kindle book’. When people search for those keywords in YouTube, my video shows up.

When you are ready to publish, you will already have an audience that values and trusts what you have to say.

The result? People will be more likely to buy your eBook and promote it to others.

Build an Email List

An email list is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience, and it is recommended that all Kindle publishers make it a priority to do so.

One of the easiest ways to build your list is by offering your eBook in exchange for people joining your email list.

That way, when you release a new book, you can email your list and let them know.

This could result in hundreds of sales and/or reviews from your subscribers.

Give Away Your Book For Free

Free eBooks sell eBooks. Sound crazy? It’s actually really smart.

The more books that you give away for free, the higher your book is going to rank in Amazon for your keywords.

Furthermore, if you set up the back-end of the book (ie. a website, a squeeze page, etc.), then giving away your book for free will lead to more money.

Lastly, you will more likely receive positive reviews for your Kindle eBook, which will result in more future sales, helping to make your book more popular.

Advertise on Facebook

This is an incredible promotion tool. The greatest benefit to using Facebook Ads to promote your eBook is that you can select a very specific target audience.

The downside is that it costs money, but it is a great way to give your eBook an extra boost if it is already selling well, or if it’s a hot topic. 

Ask Friends and Family To Download Your Book

Every extra download helps. During the beginning stages of your Kindle publishing journey, these people are your greatest fans, especially if you don’t have a large online following yet.

Ask them to share your social media posts. This is a great way to leverage their audience base as well.

Encourage Reviews

Reviews are very important in ranking your book on Amazon. Positive reviews can be a catalyst for more sales.

Receiving feedback from your customers is also a great way for you to grow as an author.

One of the best ways to get reviews for your Kindle eBook is to simply ask.

If you provide people with valuable content, they will gladly support you.

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7 Proven Strategies That Will Skyrocket Your Book Sales
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  • juara

    What if I use pen name, Stefan? I mean how can I make promotion on social media and asking people to buy my ebook through email, etc if I don’t reveal my “real name”?

    • Hi Juara, not sure I follow what you mean – but you can use any name you desire as a pen name. Perhaps you’re asking if you should set up an e-mail address or Facebook page under the pen name? If so, yes, that is an option that you can do.

    • juara

      Thank you very much, Daniel and Stefan! Your answers are awesome. Yes, I want to use pen name and I’m confused about how to promote my books without using my “real name” and “real face” like on facebook, email, youtube, etc. Thank you once again!

  • Hi Rohit, much of that is inside my courses Affiliate Marketing Mastery and K Money Mastery Full Disclosure – I share all the strategies in there, it’s worth checking out!