Affiliate Marketing Mastery Update | VLOG (Part 5)


affiliate marketing mastery update vlog part 5

I wanted to give you an Affiliate Marketing Mastery update, because it’s been a while since I have shared what I’ve been working on.

For those of you that don’t know, since the creation of Affiliate Marketing Mastery (AMM), I did a blog series on my YouTube channel where I shared my AMM creation process.

We originally launched AMM in July of this year. I spent months working on this course.

I’m happy to say that it was a very successful launch! We’ve had a couple hundred people join so far.

Since July, I’ve been working very hard to help the members of AMM build their online businesses.

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I’ve had to put a lot of my other goals on hold so that I can focus on over-delivering to my AMM members and make this program the best that it can be.

I think that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, because you don’t have to create a product or be the expert.

All you need to do is create traffic and attract people to you.  If you can do that, than there are unlimited ways that you can make money.

Where most people fail is that they are not able to attract traffic to their website.  This is what I’ve been able to help people achieve.

When I first created AMM, I didn’t know what people wanted, so I decided to survey my followers and I asked them what they were looking for in a course.

When you first create something, you don’t know what people want until they actually go through it.

I worked intimately with my AMM members, and asked them questions. I implemented webinars that were 3 hours long.

I learned so much about how I could help them build their blog, email list, etc.

Based on all of this feedback that I received, I started improving AMM so that I could make it more complete.

AMM members have received so much value from my program. I constantly provide them with new content and strategies that they can implement in their online businesses.

At the moment, AMM has over 80 video tutorial lessons and a total of 45 hours of content. This course is meant to be consumed over several months.

Each video has instructions and assignments for you to take action on.

Cool Features of Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Advanced Strategy Training

I created an advanced strategy section in my course that is comprised of information on topics related to affiliate contests, launches, email marketing, copywriting, virtual assistance training, etc.

Bonus Training Case Studies Series

Within this case study series, I pull aside the curtain and share examples of the affiliate marketing campaigns that I’ve participated in in my business.

In particular, I share the entire promotion process – my strategy, my results, the money that I made, where I placed on the leader board, the details of the launch and the products I was promoting, the emails that I sent out, etc. – so that you can replicate the process for yourself.

For example, in one of my affiliate promotions I made $300,000 US in 9 days and I placed 3rd in the leader board, which was a $40,000, bonus.

Interviews with Top Affiliate Marketers

I interview friends of mine who have been very successful in the affiliate marketing world, who share their strategies and business models for success.

For example, I had one of the top affiliate marketers in the world do an in-depth training on his Facebook ad strategy.

I also did an AMM training on LinkedIn marketing, led by my friend, Trevor Turnbull, who is a LinkedIn master.

We have over 300 members on the Facebook group. The results that people are seeing in their online businesses since taking my course are awesome.

I’ve received video testimonials from the members, which I will be posting on my YouTube channel, so that you can learn more about their experiences. 

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Updates

Student of the Month Contest

If you have been a member of Full Disclosure or AMM, I award $47 every month to whoever contributes the most. You can make money just from being a part of the AMM course!

AMM Affiliate Program

We have a lot of people that have already gone through my AMM course that are now promoting AMM as an affiliate, because we have a new affiliate program that is available for top affiliates or members of AMM.

90-day Email Coaching Program

When you are a part of my AMM course, every week you receive an email from me, where I motivate, support and challenge you, over a 90-day period, to apply everything that you’ve learned inside my course.

Some people have a hard time taking action, so I created this for those people. AMM is not going to teach you how to create a gimmicky website.

Rather, it will teach you how to build a brand that is sustainable, and that will provide massive value to people, regardless of changes to the economy over time.

AMM isn’t cheap, but the value that you will receive from it is worth every penny.  So many people have received massive value from my course.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn what I know today.  Keep in mind that when you buy a course, you are buying a shortened learning curve.

You are taking what took someone like me, took several years, and you are learning it over a few months.

My focus is always on adding massive value and making things the best that they can be. I know the power of this course, and I promise that you

I’m going to be opening up registration for AMM on Dec 5th! I’ve got an awesome promotion.

We are going to do live training every two weeks because I want to work, hands-on with people, so that they can apply what they learn in their online business.

After Dec 11th, I will be closing down registration because I don’t want latecomers.

If you are interested in registering, I would love to have you on board and support you in building a successful 7-figure online business. If I did it, so can you!

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Affiliate Marketing Mastery Update | VLOG (Part 5)
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