My Irresistible Amazing Selling Machine Bonus ($7692+ Value)


amazing selling machine bonus

**UPDATE: We've put together an EVEN BETTER Amazing Selling Machine Bonus offer for the latest Amazing Selling Machine launch. CLICK HERE to check out our newest bonuses, available for a limited time!

I'm super excited for the launch of the #1 online training program of all time, the Amazing Selling Machine.

The Amazing Selling Machine is an 8-week step-by-step training program that teaches you how to build a business selling on Amazon.  If you want to know more about the Amazing Selling Machine and what they're offering, then I recommend you make sure to watch these videos below:

I'm a huge fan of the Amazing Selling Machine and it has totally changed my life.  It's also been rated the #1 online training program of all time, simply due to the thousands of success stories this amazing program has produced.  Instead of creating my own online training program, I've decided to partner up and become an affiliate of the Amazing Selling Machine.

On this page I've put together a limited time, irresistible Amazing Selling Machine bonus for anyone that decides to join through my affiliate link and wants to work with me to building their own Amazon business.

Watch the video below for the best Amazing Selling Machine bonus:

==> Click here to join the Amazing Selling Machine <==

**UPDATE: We've put together an EVEN BETTER Amazing Selling Machine Bonus offer for the latest Amazing Selling Machine launch. CLICK HERE to check out our newest bonuses, available for a limited time! 

My Irresistible $7692+ Amazing Selling Machine Bonus Offer!

I’ve decided that I am going to make available an exclusive bonus offer for those interested in joining the Amazing Selling Machine, which will only be available for a limited time.

Here’s how it works…

If you purchase the Amazing Selling Machine by clicking the link below and e-mail the receipt to us at support@projectlifemastery.com, then you will receive the following Amazing Selling Machine bonus for FREE (worth over $7692)!

==> Click here to join the Amazing Selling Machine <==

Here’s my exclusive bonus offer which is available to for a limited time:

  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery Training Program ($1997 Value)

You will get instant access to my flagship Affiliate Marketing Mastery training program, which will teach you step-by-step how to build an online business and brand that you can start making money online through affiliate marketing.

This course teaches the exact strategies I've used to build Project Life Mastery to where it is today – with over 190,000 YouTube subscribers, 11 million video views (600,000 views/month), 130,000 unique website visitors per month, an e-mail list of over 120,000 subscribers, thousands of social media followers, and ultimately a 7-figure per year online brand.

This comphrensive training program includes over 70 step-by-step tutorial videos (30+ hours of content), with downloadable PDF's and a private Facebook group community. This training program has been off the market for months and it's the perfect compliment to the Amazing Selling Machine, helping you with my best online marketing strategies, which is why I'll be throwing it in as a bonus for you for FREE when you join Amazing Selling Machine.

  • 12 Months Access To The Online Business Mastery Accelerator ($1197 Value)

For 12 months, you will be apart of my monthly mentoring program called the Online Business Mastery Accelerator, which is designed to help you accelerate your success and master your online business.

You will get to join me on LIVE monthly mentoring sessions where I'll be teaching you the newest, most cutting edge online business and marketing strategies, while also answering your questions every single month. This will ensure that you never get stuck, lost or confused along your journey and someone is there for you pulling you towards success.

Ultimately, you will have an experienced online internet multi-millonaire in your corner that has been through the Amazing Selling Machine and has helped thousands of people make money online on Amazon.

  • Access To An Exclusive Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($300 Value)

You will also get access to an exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group that I’ve set up, where you can interact with myself and other online entrepreneurs to get your questions answered, network with other successful Amazon sellers, and have others to hold you accountable.

  • Private Amazon Product Research Analysis & Feedback ($1000 Value)

During Module 2 of the Amazing Selling Machine, you will be instructed to come up with a list of at least 10 Amazon product ideas. You will then be required to narrow it down to 3 of the very best ones. As part of this bonus, you will be able to e-mail me your list of product ideas (up to 10) and I will give you my honest feedback and suggestions on the niches that you’ve selected and advise you on what product I think would be the most profitable for you. This will help you avoid making any crucial mistakes from the start and ensure you've picked a winner that has the highest potential to make you money.

  • Private Amazon Product Listing Review & Feedback ($497 Value)

Once you get you product listing set up on Amazon and you're ready to launch, as an added bonus you can send me in private your Amazon listing and I will personally review it, providing feedback or suggestions on how you can make it better. This is useful to help you ensure that your product is properly optimized to rank on Amazon for keywords and ensure that your product images, title, bullets and description is converting into sales.

  • Private E-Mail Coaching For 6 Months (1 E-Mail Per Month – $1782 Value)

You will also be able to e-mail me once per month, with any further questions you might have from me and will receive a personal response from me for up to 6 months. This means that you can ensure that you’ll get all the feedback and personalized coaching that you need to be successful with the program.

  • Private Meet & Greet At A Future Amazing Selling Machine Event ($297 Value) 

Want to meet up, network and mastermind with myself and other quality internet entrepreneurs on the same path? At an upcoming Amazing Selling Machine event, I will organize a get together exclusively for those that join with me as a bonus.

  • K Money Mastery 2.0 Program ($67 Value)

My flagship Kindle Publishing program will help you build a side passive income stream with Amazon by publishing Kindle books, which can also be used to help promote and sell your Amazon physical product!

  • Virtual Assistant Training Program ($297 Value)

Learn how to find, interview, hire, train and manage a team of Virtual Assistants in the Philippines for as low as $3/hour to help you run your Amazon business. This is an online training program that will help you automate and systematize your online business, freeing up your time to focus on what is most important.

  • 12 Months Access To The Life Mastery Accelerator ($324 Value)

You'll also get to join my LIVE monthly mentoring program, Life Mastery Accelerator, designed to help you master every area of your life. Every month, you will get access me mentoring you on important areas of life, such as your health, mindset, emotions, beliefs, relationships, finances, business, social life, fun, spirituality, and more!

  • Morning Ritual Mastery Program ($37 Value) 

To build a successful online business, you need an empowering morning ritual that will help you be focused and productive every day. This 7-day video training program is designed to help you construct a powerful morning ritual that will skyrocket your energy, productivity and happiness.

These exclusive bonuses are available for a limited time and ONLY for those that join the Amazing Selling Machine through the instructions below.

To be able to receive this $7692+ Amazing Selling Machine bonus offer, you must purchase the Amazing Selling Machine through the link below and e-mail your receipt to us at support@projectlifemastery.com so we can confirm your purchase through us.

==> Click here to join the Amazing Selling Machine <==

For any questions or access to my support team, click here.

I believe this to be the best Amazing Selling Machine bonus offer that I could put together for you, that will genuinely help you achieve the results that you want from your Amazon business.  I’ve stacked the deck in your favor and am providing an extra $7692+ of bonuses for FREE, which makes this irresistible for you.  My time currently is valued at $1000+/hour through my coaching programs, so you’re getting a bargain a lot of my time invested in you.

**UPDATE: We've put together an EVEN BETTER Amazing Selling Machine Bonus offer for the latest Amazing Selling Machine launch. CLICK HERE to check out our newest bonuses, available for a limited time! 

Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions that you might have!

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My Irresistible Amazing Selling Machine Bonus ($7692+ Value)
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  • Eddie

    Just purchased Stefan 🙂 I’ve been selling on Amazon for over a year and been pretty successful, but I’m excited to take it to the next level working with you.

    • Great Eddie, looking forward to working with you! Make sure to send the receipt to support@kmoneymastery.com and I’ll be going through things later today and contacting people throughout the week for the bonus!

    • Michelle King

      Hi Eddie! I am brand new to ASM, excited to be part of the Stefan team with you!

  • Francesca Fazio

    It’s a shame I cannot afford the ASM program ;(

    • It’s okay Francesca, it’s not for everyone, but perhaps can be something for you to save up for and look into in the future!

      • Francesca Fazio

        Thanks Stefan, yes definitely in the future :)))

  • Marco J. Grishaber

    Hi Stefan,
    I am currently invested in your KDP and also running money low.
    Nevertheless, I am sitting in my room together with my Girlfriend and we are brainstorming like crazy where to get the starting capital of 5000 bucks for this.. any ideas to get it?

    I am afraid, they mentioned they might not open ASM anymore in the future, or offer it then for 10,000. How much of a sales strategy bluff is this? I am so excited, I know KDP works and this will work as well.

    For your inspiration many thanks in advance!

    A long term follower 🙂

    • Hey Marco, as mentioned in a previous comment, I know many people that have had to get a loan to start their own business (whether it’s Amazon, Kindle or most businesses). That’s one option for you, and if you watch shows like Shark Tank or Dragons Den then it’s fairly common. However, you have to decide what’s best for you and your own financial situation/future, so I can’t decide for you.

      Well for ASM they raised the price to $5000 this time around and re-did the entire training, making it even better than ever. So if they raised it once, I don’t see why they won’t raise it again. Their model is that they only want to focus on a small group of people, helping them get the best results possible, instead of trying to reach the masses.

    • Marco ASM usually gets promoted twice a year. At least they did last year. It’s just a strategy to get you to buy, but I can assure you ASM will not get shut down forever. If you can’t buy it now just wait until later this year when they re-open.

  • Shaun Carter

    Thinking of going into debt with a bank loan in order to get in on this opportunity, assuming the returns will far outweigh the debt in a short period of time, hopefully it processes before they close the doors it.

    • Hi Shaun, I know a number of people that have taken out a loan to start their own business (Amazon, Kindle, or any other business). Truth is, if you watch shows like Shark Tank or Dragons Den then you’ll know most businesses involve a startup cost or investment/loans. Best of luck with it – they also have a payment plan that can help you out too.

      • Shaun Carter

        That is very true, need to spend money to get money right. Just waiting for it to be processed, reserve a spot for me!

  • Melissa

    Hey Stefan! I have been following your blog and youtube videos for the past couple months and have become very inspired! Thank you for that! Do you truly believe that someone with absolutely no online marketing experience can be very successful with the ASM program? I am very interested in this program but lack any previous experience. Any feedback would be very much appreciated! Also, do you still have any openings for your bonus program? I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are offering this! I just signed up for your KMM program and am excited to get started with that!

    • Hey Melissa, no problem! Yes, there’s many people with NO experience online that are having success with it. That’s the beauty of ASM, they teach it for beginners and newbies, so that anyone can do it. And they also teach you many “online marketing” skills that most people don’t know, such as how to use YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, etc… to promote and market your product. But the beauty of selling on Amazon or even Kindle, is that Amazon does most of the work for you and makes it VERY easy for people with no online marketing experience.

      Bonus: Yes, we still have spots available for it!

  • Beto Salinas

    Hello Stefan, I recently joined your K Money Mastery and I am really excited (already have 9 books and two on the way)… I have been watching your videos over the past month, and I get really pumped. I am so grateful I found your videos I just wanted to thank you and I am going to do my best and save some money or borrow some money to join ASM ASAP. Thank you again and I hope to meet you one day.

  • Michelle King

    Just signed up for the ASM through your link!! Looking forward to working and growing with the group you are bringing together. Thank you Stefan!!!!

    • Congrats Michelle, looking forward to working with you and the others!

  • Beto Salinas

    I Just Bought it Stefan!!!

    • Congrats Beto, looking forward to working with you and the others!

    • Don’t forget to forward your receipt to the support team as well!

    • Michelle King

      Woo Hoo! Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you Beto!

  • Melissa

    Just signed up for ASM and sent my invoice to your support staff!! Looking forward to working with you Stefan! Thanks for all the information and inspiration!!

    • Great Melissa, looking forward to working with you!

    • Michelle King

      Hi Melissa! I too have no online experience! I am signed up with ASM and looking forward to learning with you through the mastermind group Stefan is seeding for us! Very excited to be on this adventure with everyone!

  • Dastan

    Is there still space?

  • Mike D

    Just signed up and sent my invoice over. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Naveed

    Hi Stefan,

    Just sent my email off, i hope everything goes ok and i made it on to the list, as this was the tipping point for me. Fingers crossed.


    • Great Naveed, will wait until my support team sends it to me. Looking forward to working with you!

  • Mark Stallings

    Hi Stefan,
    Just sent over my invoice. Can not wait to start! Thanks for this opportunity!

    Mark Stallings

    • Great Mark, congrats, will respond to you personally once my support team sends it over to me.

  • Amol Wakchaure

    Hi Stepfan,
    I just joined Amazing Selling Machine. I have already sent over the invoice to your support team. I am very excited to be a part of your team. Thanks for the opportunity. Hope to talk to you soon.

  • ahsan habib

    stefan , i have registered in the ASM course and i have also sent the invoice to the customer support. Super excited to a part of the team. And seriously i would like to thank you for the opportunity. I am already a member of your KMM course. So i hope we ill have good and quality time. Really want to learn more. Hungry for more.

  • Just went ahead with it. Been considering ASM for a little while now, and I want to thank you for introducing it to me in the first place because I can see it playing a big part in taking my online success to the next level. Looking forward to the bonuses, I have sent you the receipt.

  • Ivi

    Hi Stefan! Just signed up, I am looking forward to working with you, you have been a massive inspiration to me and learned a lot in last few months since I found your blog.

    • Great! Make sure to forward your receipt to my support team (support@kmoneymastery.com) so you can get the bonuses! Looking forward to working with you!

  • Charles

    The link only sends me to the 4 videos. how do i know if the afil link works before making the purchase?

    If i want to buy it so i can get the bonuses from stefan, i should click “Get started” on the bottom of the page? and fill out the payment details? Am i correct? Please respond asap, I dont want to be too late!

    • Hey Charles, if you sign up through http://projectlifemastery.com/asm, then you should be under me. Once you forward my support team the receipt (support@kmoneymastery.com), then we’ll confirm that you’re under me – if not we can always contact ASM to make sure you are, so you can get your bonuses. Looking forward to working with you – the doors close Thursday!

  • Just signed up. Was gonna wait until I had more experience with KMM, but since I was going to get the Virtual Assistant class anyway, I decided to go big.

    • Great Jason! Make sure to forward your receipt to my support team (support@kmoneymastery.com) so you can get the bonuses!

  • Samantha Marie

    Hi Stefan,

    I saw you speak at Blog Mastery last weekend and was inspired by your story. I have now signed up for ASM and e-mailed your support team. I hope I did it in time to receive the bonus! Can’t wait to get started 🙂

    • Awesome Samantha! That’s great. 🙂 Will contact you soon, looking forward to helping you succeed in your biz!

  • Joachim Gerhard

    Hallo Stefan,
    I’m in also and just joined.
    Am very excited and look forward to making this happen and to working with you.
    One day we’ll meet – I’m sure.
    Have a great day!
    Best regards from London,

    • Awesome Joachim – congrats and looking forward to working together… and yes, meeting someday too! Maybe at the next ASM event 🙂

  • richard calvert

    Hi. Thanks for the link that got me here, Stefan. Lots of good stuff. I am a skier/ mountain biker looking to make my own work schedule and ski and ride when and where I want to, work when and where I want to and get paid multiple time for work I did in the past while working daily for my future. I am currently waiting tables at night to pay the bills and have been saving for the costs of starting a business, such as this. I can commit the money and the time yet im wondering if I will be able to participate in 8 weeks of real time online training on my own schedule? For me id have to do the work on the biz early in the daytime or super late night to fit my work sched and outdoor lifestyle. Will this (the eight week training period) work or do have to be available every night at a certain time for hangouts and webinars etc… more info?

    • Hey Richard, no, for most if they can commit a few hours per week that is enough. I’ve only personally been able to commit a few hours per week, on my own schedule. There are some things to attend, like web classses, but you can watch the re-plays of it at your own convenience.

      • richard calvert


  • richard calvert

    Hi Stefan. Just signed up for ASM! Here we go. Having trouble finding and email address for your support team on this page though , so I haven’t sent a copy of ASM invoice yet. I don’t want to miss out on my bonuses and access to you during this critical learning phase. I can be contacted at calvertclean@yahoo.com . I am very excited about embarking on this new adventure, waiting tables is getting old. Talk to you soon.

  • Lisa

    Hi Stefan,
    I’m in and just joined also.
    Super excited and looking forward to working with you and being part of the team!
    Lisa Cecchini

  • Victor Ly-Tong

    Hi Stefan

    I signed up for the ASM program under your affiliate link. I’m looking forward to working with you again.


  • Federico Vargas

    Hi Stefan! Thank you for the post. I took your Kmm course and now have about 7 books published. I’m still working towards my goals, what are your thoughts on this question…Should I focus on K money mastery until I reached my goals or should I jump into The Amazing Selling Machine? Thank you!

    • Hi Federico, my advice to people is to do both if you can. That’s what my girlfriend did, she did both Kindle and Amazon FBA. Kindle was short-term money for her, but her two Amazon products now make her so much more and they are the more long-term business for her. Many of my clients, people that I work with also do both ASM and KMM simultaneously (I’ve coached now about 70 people through ASM and KMM at the same time). Here’s a video I put out explaining more: http://projectlifemastery.com/kindle-publishing-vs-amazon-fba-what-should-i-do/

  • Angela Hayes

    Hey Stefan, I am in you in your Life money mastery group. I think it is a wonderful program. My question is if …..no when I buy the amazing selling machine tomorrow and of course happen to have a meeting tomorrow during the time it starts, what happens to those who are not in the top 30? Trust me is saying if I thought I could get out of my meeting I would

    • Hi Angela, don’t worry you’ll still be able to get in with the bonus! I may do a 2 groups for the group coaching calls if there’s too many people and then send you the replays to BOTH, as well as still allow everyone to be under the same Facebook group to connect with each other and network. 🙂 So I wouldn’t worry too much about the max number of people, if enough demand I will still let some more people in to help everyone out.

  • John Dunn

    Hi Stefan, I just signed in to ASM through your link!!! Looking forward to start working with you!
    Are you going to the ASM live event???

    • Awesome John! Happy to have you on board – make sure to forward the receipt to support@projectlifemastery.net. Let’s do this! And yes, I’ll be at the ASM event. 🙂

    • Hey John, just to confirm, did you send the receipt? Want to make sure I have you apart of our bonus group.

  • vic1

    Hi Stefan, great videos and promo! I was just wondering how many amazon products you currently have and have much they are generating today in October 2015? Do you source your products from China? Thank You, John

  • vic

    Hi Stefan, thanks for all your great videos. I am looking to sign up shortly, but before I do that I was hoping you could provide us some additional background on how you have been selling on amazon? What kind of sales you have monthly? thanks Vic

  • Angela Hayes

    Just bought the program and waiting on the receipt. Looking forward to working with you

    • Awesome Angela, happy to have you on board 🙂 Congrats, let’s make this happen!

  • Zorik Kotlyar

    Hey Stefan,

    I joined a ASM through your link on Wednesday. Looking forward to be in your group and learn everything:) I definitely have a lot to learn.

    • Congrats Zorik! Looking forward to having you in the group! Make sure to forward the receipt to support@projectlifemastery.net and we’ll have you apart of it. So excited to help you and the many others that have joined so far! It’s going to be an awesome journey together!

  • Elissa

    Hi my name is Elissa and I just sign up with your link for ASM.

  • Dave Carlyle

    Boom! I’m in and very excited to take this journey with all of you. Receipt has been emailed to support@projectlifemastery.net.

    • Awesome Dave, got you in! Looking forward to working with you!

  • Yes, we update this page here – there are currently 11 remaining! When we fill up, we’ll update this blog post to say NO SPACES LEFT. Happy to have you on board. 🙂

  • Kathy Jordann

    hi ,I joined a ASM through your link and wondering about the bounce

    offer , how to access it ? please

    • Great Kathy! Congratulations. Please forward your receipt (should be emailed to you from ASM) to support@projectlifemastery.net and my team will confirm you as part of the bonus. Looking forward to working with you. 🙂

  • G. Madrid

    Hello Stefan, This page shows 2 spots left available to get the bonus offer. Would you please confirm this is the case. I will sign up for it, if so.
    Thanks so much!

  • Dan

    Says 2 spots left?
    How do I access this and get the bonuses?

  • Vicky

    Is this offer still up to date?