What Is The Best Online Business To Get Started With?


best online business

What is the best online business to get started with?

I get this question a lot – especially after recently releasing my FREE COURSE that reveals the 7 proven business models that made me an internet millionaire in less than 3 years.

There's so many opportunities available online, but where should you start?

My answer for the best online business model to get started with is that it DEPENDS.

It depends on where you're at right now – if you're a complete newbie or already an experienced marketer.

Do you currently have a job and looking to escape that job as quickly as possible?

Are you willing to put in a lot of time over the long-term and be willing to be patient before you make any money?

In this video blog, I go into more details for which my #1 recommendation is for the best online business to get started with.

Watch the video below:

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What Is The Best Online Business To Get Started With?
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  • Sachin

    Hi Stefan,

    This is my first step starting with online business. What I understand from you that it is easy to gain confidence in yourself starting with Kindle publishing business, as it will rewarded fast and also one does not have to exert more in doing so. Please correct me if I misunderstood anything.

    • Hi Sachin, that’s correct, among many other great benefits to it as a business in terms of learning and profitability.

      • Gracelyn Lynch

        Hi Stefan thanks so much for the info…haven’t finish listen to the videos as yet but what i’ve learnt so far is quite interesting and i do what to start as soon as possible..just a bit nervous. Thanks again.

  • Anudeep Shetty

    Thanks Stefan, Amazing Content has always 🙂

  • Aileen

    Hi Stefan,

    First I want to thank you for the value you are constantly giving out there. I just came across your blog three weeks ago and you already influenced my life so much in a positive way. Your videos were the trigger for me to take action. You really inspire me.

    I am not happy with my current profession and am really committed to take control, NOW. I will develop my very first online business and you gave me the confidence doing this. I already started with your KMM program. By the way, this is also amazing. I just have a question regarding the topic of the books. Do you have a purpose for each book? Should the books be related to the own life or business? Or do you publish books just in random niches whatever is selling?

    Happy to hearing from you, Aileen

    • Hi Aileen, thanks for the comment. Glad to hear I’ve been able to inspire and very happy that you’ve found my website. Great job joining KMM too.

      When I first started, I published books that are relevant to my blog and interests. However, I’ve also published books in random markets, such as children books, fiction books, and even recipe books that are unrelated to what I know. You don’t need to be the one writing the book, instead you can find others to write for you and do all the research and provide the knowledge. Instead, I try to teach how to play the role of a PUBLISHER. Big publishing companies, such as Penguin books or Simon & Schuster, they handle the publishing and marketing of books. They don’t publish topics that they are just specifically interested in, they publish ones that have the best potential for them and can generate their publishing business money. That’s how I recommend you think – so they can be random if you choose, especially if you’re hiring a ghostwriter to write for you.

      • I will also say I always focus on the bigger picture, beyond Kindle. I focus on building a series of books in a niche, paperback books, audiobooks, and also the back-end and doing affiliate marketing within my niche. This is stuff I try to teach and focus on inside Full Disclosure – this will help you really scale up and build a business, not just sell a book.

  • David K. Montes

    Hey Stefan, quick question: Should I wait for your new course you want to do in your 100 day Challange or should I start with K Money Mastery?
    Thank you for being such an inspiration and role model!!

    • Start with K Money Mastery 100%. It’s proven and years have gone into it.

  • Vanessa

    Hey Stefan, Thanks for the advice. I am considering to start with kindle publishing. I am currently working on my first kindle book. If possible can you make a list of genres that we could possibly write on that is Best Sellers?

  • Sou

    Hi there I am about to start my own natural beauty product on Amazon FBA. What is the best marketing strategy I can use and how many products should I sit first.

  • CookieKutterOne2One2

    Thank you Stefan. I appreciate your being so open and providing so much information. Also thank you for not coming off “gimmicky”. You’ve been a blessing. At first I wanted to focus on starting my Amazon FBA Business. However in another of your videos you suggested doing both (starting kindle and also do Amazon FBA – but starting with Kindle first). This is what I’ll be doing. I need for my income to increase soon. I’m not a writer so I’ll be hiring one. I never had considered that before. Thank you again. God bless.

  • Stefan, I’m a freelance front-end web developer, UX designer and conversion optimizer. I also write and copywrite, since those are basically a part of CRO.

    I like my freelance job, but like you said, it’s just trading time for money. I have great clients, but sometimes they can be boring and exhausting.

    I want to try out the whole passive money-making thing. Do you think I should maybe focus on creating a blog sharing my knowledge in those disciplines ( WordPress, front-end development, UX/UI, conversion optimization ) instead of Kindle publishing?

    I’m asking because at the moment I’m not that desperate for money: I just wish I had more time in the future ( not necessarily right now ).

    I remember you saying that having a personal blog is the best investment a person could make. And I’m in for the long-term.

  • Michael DeBaldo

    Stefan, I have enjoyed your videos. I intend on re-watching them a couple of times until the process is ingrained in my mind. I would like to sell on Amazon but would like your opinion about starting slow with an on-line website. The product is green in nature and could lessen thousands of bio-footprints over night. Are products of this nature good for start-ups? Thanks in advance for your response. Michael D

  • Awilda Figueroa

    Hi Stefan, I l really like your videos and also the publishing idea. However, if I find a writer to do it for me, how’s copyright works?

  • Jj Ahuna

    Aloha Stefan, I really enjoy your video presentation. I will learn, follow and apply what you teach. I’ll keep close. I believe you and see that your teachings will help me start and possibly succeed online which is my main focus to build a retirement income within the next 2-5 yrs. Mahalo (thank you) and hope to be able to hook up and be a student/mentee.

  • Marcin

    I like the way You teach. You are very positive man.
    I am an owner of small company located in Poland we sell dietary supplements on ebay.
    I have just started with Amazon FBA on amazon.co.uk could You give some information were I can find any information how to sell on Amazon FBA? something free and something in resonable price.
    Best Regards,

  • Hadia Jocelyn

    Thanks for your generosity, clarity and sincerity Stefan. This is good timing as I need to write my series of books to compliment my online therapeutic movement training courses, so now I am inspired, especially since I love to write.

  • Eve

    thank you for your sincerity Stefan. I’ll give kindle publishing a go

  • Denz Balr

    I think the best choice i’m going to make is taking k-money mastery so i can get my feet wet for this online business thing. One of your qoutes” passive income and multiple incomes of money” they really drive me to take action.

  • Dalai Dalai

    I just finished viewing all the seven videos from Stefan and I think that I will start with Amazon FBA, just want to know where to get the training.

  • Cäci Str

    I am comiting to getting my financial situation sorted out enough first to start without financial pressure into Kindle Publishing and I am going to have achieved this at least by September.

  • Sara

    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I need. I’d eventually love to sell makeup and have a very customer friendly business. I always run into companies where once you buy their product that’s it, they don’t care if you need a return, exchange or have issues with receiving the product all together and I’d love to eliminate that.

  • Steve

    Hi Stefan, love your video. You are so generous with the content and inspiration you give. Just want to ask, does your Kindle course talk about getting copyrights and isbn’s etc.

  • Tokunbo Ebietomiye Basualdo

    Hi Stefan, thanks for such an amazing video:). Please would recommend a good writer for ebooks . Thanks