Build The Back End Of Your Business! Why You Need To Create A Highly Profitable Sales Funnel



I recently attended the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego.  It's a popular internet marketing seminar that I attend every year to learn the latest of “what works” in terms of marketing online.

Last year, I did a video blog called What I Learned From The Traffic & Conversion Summit.  It highlighted the main things that I took away, including the power of building a sales funnel.

This year, much of what I learned was similar.  The big “take away” for me was the importance of building the backend of your business, which is something I've already known for years.  However, it really just REINFORCED it to me even more so.

It was fascinating to see the sales funnel of some highly successful businesses.

Check out the video below to learn more about building the backend of your online business.

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Acquire More Customers And Find More Ways To Add Value

“He who acquires the most customers wins”.

It can be challenging to acquire customers in business.

But every time you do, it's an opportunity for you to build a relationship with that human being.  By building a relationship with them, you're developing a deeper level of trust and understanding.  You become a source of value to that customer (as long as your product is valuable to them).

By developing happy customers, you're in a position to provide MORE value to them.

If a customer loves you and is happy with your products or services, then why not find a way to provide more to them?

By doing so, you're not only helping them, but also have the opportunity to earn much more money from that customer.  You're increasing the VALUE of that customer to you.

In the video above, I mentioned how Survival Life gives away a free credit card knife to acquire customers.  They don't make any money on this deal up front – in fact, they are losing money.

However, by doing so, they are acquiring a customer.  A customer that they can now market to further and develop a relationship with.

This is the secret: you'll make your money and profits on the BACKEND.

How does this relate to you?

In your Kindle publishing business, with every Kindle book that you sell, you're acquiring a customer.  That customer was willing to PAY to learn whatever it is that your book has to offer.

The question is, now that you've acquired that customer, what are you doing with them?

One trick that I teach in K Money Mastery is to give away a free report or video to bait them into joining your e-mail list.  Once you have that customer on your e-mail list, you'll be able to build that relationship with them with follow-up e-mails.

In your follow-up e-mails, you can provide more useful stuff to them, get to know them more by surveying them, and even offer additional products and services that you can make money from.

One popular saying in the internet marketing community is, “The money is in the list.”

It's because when you have an e-mail list, you're able to print money on command.  At any moment, you can send out an e-mail for an affiliate offer and immediately make money from that list, as long as it's targeted to what they want and they have a good relationship with you.

How about your Amazon products business?

If you're selling a product on Amazon, then you could include an “insert” to go with the product that offers them a coupon code on their next purchase if they enter their e-mail address on your website.  Or you could even include a special “bonus” free report or video, mentioned on your packaging.

Again, once you have them on your e-mail list, it's an opportunity for you to follow-up and get more business from them.  You can find related products or services that you could sell to them.

Perhaps building out a line of products, so you can cross-promote them too – this is another useful strategy.

This Applies To Any Business!

Every business needs a backend.

If you work at a hair salon as a stylist, you need to find a way to sell people additional products and services after they come in for their haircut.  That's where the money is going to be made.

The best and easiest way is to get your customers on an e-mail list.

To do this, you'll need two services.

First, LeadPages.

LeadPages provides templates for “squeeze pages” or “landing pages” that you can create those pages that ask for the persons e-mail address.

Click here for an example of one of my squeeze pages.

That's a LeadPage in action.  They have dozens of templates you can use without knowing HTML or how to program it.

Next, you'll need an e-mail management software, such as Aweber.

Aweber allows you to collect the e-mail addresses (it links with LeadPages) and then manage your e-mail lists.  You're able to send out broadcast e-mails (one time e-mails to your list), or even set up autoresponder e-mails (a series of follow-up e-mails every few days).

Both cost money.  But that's the cost of doing business.

It's one of the best investments you can make.  I've built up e-mail lists of tens of thousands of people that I can send out e-mails to and follow-up with.  All customers of mine and potential customers of mine.

So always remember:  “The money is in the backend.”

If you want to learn more about how I do this by selling Kindle books on Amazon, then building an e-mail list from all of my customers, then make money with affiliate marketing, then get my K Money Mastery program.

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Build The Back End Of Your Business! Why You Need To Create A Highly Profitable Sales Funnel
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  • Paul Venables

    Thanks for sharing what you learned at the T & C event. Although I didn’t make it this year, it does seem like a must for next year. Hope to run into you one day!

  • Martynas

    Hi Stefan, I’m definitely going to create sales funnel once I pusblish more books. I’m a little bit off topic, but do you use Kindle MatchBook freature when you publish your book?