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Our adventures continue on the Gold Coast of Australia! I want to share with you some of the amazing highlights of our trip thus far. Byron Bay has been one of our favourite places in Australia. The beaches are amazing, and it has a very high vibe, health-conscious culture, which we love.

Even though we are traveling, my girlfriend Tatiana and I have stayed consistent with our morning rituals. We have high standards when we travel, so we make sure that we bring all of our best work-out boosting supplements with us, like glutamine, creatine, and l-carnitine, which support our body and mind.

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If you want to achieve life mastery, it is so important that you take care of your body. The greatest wealth is your health. Keep in mind that eating healthy while traveling doesn’t have to be difficult. Plan ahead. Go grocery shopping and buy healthy snacks, like nuts, seeds, veggies, and fruits.

Tatiana and I had an amazing experience snorkelling with turtles and manta rays at a place called Julian Rocks Marine Reserve, which is a famous dive spot in Byron Bay. Julian Rocks is one of the few snorkel sites where you can swim with tropical fish that are found on the Great Barrier Reef.

One of our most profound experiences that we’ve had in Australia thus far was at a place called the Crystal Castle & Shambala Gardens, located about 20 minutes outside of Byron Bay. This place was the definition of peace. Three features of the Crystal Castle that had a powerful impact on us were The Crystal Guardians, The Enchanted Cave, and the Peace Room Meditation.

The famous Crystal Guardians are the tallest, most rare crystals in the world. They are comprised of smoky quartz geode with sprinklings of amethyst and calcite crystal flowers, as well as clear quartz and agate. Described as “beacons of hope”, these crystals are considered to be a ‘human charging system'. Standing in between the massive crystals was a breathtaking experience.

The Enchanted Cave is the largest amethyst cave ever discovered in the world. This enormous rock, otherwise known as a geode, was created 120 million years ago in Uruguay, South America when a large bubble formed inside a molten lava flow. Being inside of this cave was like being in an energetic vortex. By nature, I’m very sensitive to different energies. This experience was so grounding and cleansing for me.

Finally, Tatiana and I took part in a 40-minute sound healing meditation, and sacred ‘Kora Walk’ around The World Peace Stupa, which is a rare sacred monument created to protect against negative energies. During the meditation, we received a quartz crystal, which is said to have properties in it that help to create a clear mind and body. This experience allowed us to go inward and deepen our meditation practice. We left feeling centered, speechless, and at peace.

As many of you know, meditation has become an important part of my morning ritual. True happiness is an inside job. The easiest way to find the answers that you are looking for is to go within. There is no better guide than your inner wisdom.

When you are traveling and you want to eat, out, do your research. Find plant-based, organic restaurants, with food that will provide your body with the optimal fuel that it needs in order for you to feel energized.

We found two amazing restaurants in Byron Bay. One was called, Naked Treaties, a 100% raw, vegan, gluten, dairy and sugar-free café. The second place was called, Elixiba, a plant-based boutique herbal bar and restaurant. Everything on the menu is made with whole-food ingredients, is gluten-free, paleo, and cooked with quality oils.

When you travel, find ways to experience the world in such a way that it enriches your life, leaving you feeling inspired and grateful. The Travel Channel said it best, “Travel is not a reward for working. Rather, it’s education for living.”

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AUSTRALIA: Byron Bay, Snorkelling & Crystal Castle | Stefan James Vlog
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