Habits Of Success: Commitment & Keeping Your Word


Do you struggle to follow through on your commitments?

Do you keep your word consistently?

Are you the type of person that when you say what you're going to do, you get it done?

These are all very important questions that will determine your success and relationships in life.

Someone that doesn't follow through on what they say is known as a “flakey” person that is unreliable.

How can you trust someone that isn't consistent with what they say?

I believe that commitment and keeping your word is one of the core habits of success.

Every time you commit to something, you're yielding your power.  If you follow through on it, your self-esteem and confidence increases.  Your capacity to do do more improves.

However, if you fail to follow through on your commitments, then you're only hurting yourself.  Your self-esteem, confidence and pride dwindles.  You begin to lack belief in your ability to follow through and get things done.

In this video, I explain more about what it means to be committed and to keep your word.

Watch the video below:

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Habits Of Success: Commitment & Keeping Your Word
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