Help! I’m Not Taking Action In My Life


taking action in my life

I would like to share with you a question that someone sent me on Snapchat recently, with the subject line, “Help! I’m not taking action in my life.”

The question was as follows: “Stefan, I’ve learned a lot about personal development and how to create multiple income streams, but how do I get past the mental barrier of taking that big first move and really mastering my life?” 

I would like to respond to my audience member’s question by sharing some of my recommendations for how he/she can take action in his/her life.

If you are currently struggling to take action in your life, it is because you are caught up in what I call, ‘the dabbler mentality’. This is the #1 reason why a lot of people fail, time and time again.

Mastery is the foundation of everything that I teach. There is no strategy or technique will work unless you commit to mastery. If you are still dabbling, nothing will work. This is why a lot of training programs fail, because they don’t teach people how to master their minds.

I believe that mastery is the path to living an extraordinary life. It is an ongoing process that takes commitment, focus, and hard work. The most successful people in the world are masters. I would like to explore this idea in more depth by sharing with you the three levels of mastery.

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The three most dangerous words that hold people back from success are, “I know that.” If you get to a place where you think you know everything, there is no more room to grow. Similarly, if you think you know something, but aren’t living it, then you don’t really know it. Knowing is not enough, because you can know what to do, but not do what you know.

Yes, knowledge is important. However, this is where a lot of people get stuck because they consume too much information, but don’t end up taking any action. These people get caught up in information overload. If you aren’t putting what you learn into action, then knowledge isn’t valuable. Knowledge is only potential power.

The real power is your ability to execute. In today’s world, information is so easily accessible that it becomes a disservice for people. They become addicted to the process, and end up getting lost and confused. It ends up conditioning a passive state of mind, instead of an active state of mind.


We live in a world of dabblers, otherwise known as people who love the newness and excitement of starting something new, but quickly jump ship and move in another direction as soon as life gets tough. If you want to be successful in life and in business, you need to apply what you learn, also known as taking action! Knowledge is great, but it won’t lead you to wisdom. The only thing that makes you wise are experiences, which come as a result of massive action. You can do something once in a while, but you don’t become a master until you have reached level 3. In the words of Bruce Lee, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”  


You are living a life of mastery when you are not only applying what you know, but you are actually achieving results. In his book, “Mastery,” Robert Greene draws from the latest research, interviews modern masters, and examines the lives of former greats like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Mozart to discover what it takes to achieve excellence. He argues that success is within anyone's reach if they have discipline, commitment, patience, and passion. Winners are merely ordinary people with extraordinary determination in all areas of their lives.

In response to my audience member who sent me a question, the reason why you aren’t moving from level 1 to level 2 is because, at the present moment, your reasons to not do it are more powerful than your reasons to take action. That is the power of the comfort zone. Comfort is the enemy. Maybe you have a decent paying job and the people in your life are at a similar level as you are, so you don’t feel any pressure. Your life may not be bad, but it’s not great. It’s not until you identify your ‘why’, which ends up overpowering your current state of being, that everything changes in your life. Ask yourself the question, “Why is it a must that I master this area of my life?”  

Maybe it’s so that you don’t come to the end of your life feeling a sense of regret. Nobody wants to miss out on the goals that they aspire to. Maybe if you don’t master this, you won’t experience financial freedom and be able to travel the world. You will be stuck and trapped in a city and miss out on the life you desire. Instead, you will see other people living YOUR dream. If you don’t take this step, maybe you won’t ever be able to experience pure happiness and fulfillment in your life.

However, if you do take action, maybe this will give you a sense of confidence and pride, knowing that you can do anything that you want in your life. Maybe taking this action will allow you to provide for your Mom and Dad and give them experiences that they never got to have, and YOU will be the one responsible for that. Maybe your motivation is so that you will be able to attract an amazing partner that inspires you to be a better person, or maybe taking this action will allow you to build homes in third world countries for underprivileged families so that you can make a difference in this world. The more that you step into your purpose, and the more compelling reasons that you have for why you should do something, the more likely that you will take action.

There is so much pain if you don’t take action and so much pleasure if you do! When you feel the power of those emotional polarities, you will be pulled towards taking action and changing your life. Ultimately, everyone should aim to achieve level 3 of mastery. You want to be the master, not the dabbler. The master understands the power of repetition, whereas the dabbler quits when things get tough. Ask yourself, “Are you the master or the dabbler?” If you aren’t sure, step back and look at your life right now. Are you achieving results? If not, it’s time to make a change.

There is a bonus video on this topic that I go into in more depth, within my Life Mastery Accelerator program.

You need to find a mentor or coach that will inspire, motivate, and hold you accountable to your goals. It is so important to have an empowering ecosystem of people in your life, who support and inspire you to achieve greatness. In the words of Tony Robbins, “Who you spend time with is who you become.” You adopt their beliefs, mindset, behaviours, personality traits, etc., from those who you surround yourself with. If you are spending time with negative people, the reality is that you will never achieve a life of mastery. Choose wisely.

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To anybody else who shares my audience member’s challenge – “Help! I’m not taking action in my life” – you need to understand that it all comes down to your mindset. Believe in yourself, work hard, and be fearless. When you do so, success is yours for the taking!

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Help! I’m Not Taking Action In My Life
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