How To Create More Passion In Your Relationship With Jordan Gray



Many people believe that the passion in a relationship eventually dies.

You're just in the “honey moon phase”, people say.

However, I can point out plenty of couples that have been together for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years or more and yet still share an incredible passion for one another.

The truth is, passion is something that can be CREATED in your relationship.  You can reignite it.

Below, you'll see an interview that I did with relationship coach Jordan Gray on how to create more passion in your relationship.

Jordan runs a blog called Jordan Gray Consulting and is also the author of several relationship books and courses.  He's also a personal friend of mine from Vancouver, as well as a successful Kindle publisher, whom I interviewed last year for my Interviews With Kindle Publishing Gurus section of K Money Mastery.

Enjoy the interview below and be sure to check out Jordan's blog and resources he has available.

Watch the video below:

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Items Mentioned In This Interview:

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How To Create More Passion In Your Relationship With Jordan Gray
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  • auchomage

    This is very informative, both the questions and the answers – thanks for producing this, to both yourselves.

  • Zorik Kotlyar

    I like when he talked about the score keeping issue. I see that alot in other relationships that is quite negative from both sides of the relationship. Very informative for someone that doesn’t have much experience in relationships:)