How To Find Wholesale Suppliers & Manufacturers To Private Label A Product And Sell On Amazon


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Discover how to find suppliers and wholesale manufacturers to private label a product to sell on Amazon.

Now that you've found a product to sell on Amazon that is profitable and ensured you did the proper product research, then you're now ready to find suppliers and manufacturers wholesale that can private label your product.

This is one of the most important steps for selling on Amazon, as you need to ensure you find the right product to sell and that it's high quality, with a healthy profit margin.

If you pick a product that is poor quality or doesn't stand out in the market, then it's going to be difficult for you to sell it and have long-term success.

If you pick a product that is too expensive to make, then it will hurt your profit margins and it won't be very profitable for you.

And if you pick the wrong suppliers or manufacturer, then you're going to have a bad experience and it will cost you a lot of time and money.

In this video blog, I show you step-by-step how to find suppliers and manufacturers wholesale so that you can private label a product and sell it on Amazon.

I mentioned the importance of private labelling a product in my how to sell on Amazon video blog already, however I'll mention it again: it's much easier to start selling on Amazon by finding a supplier that is already making that product and then you just throw your label or packaging on it.

To start learning the steps to finding a wholesale manufacturer and the private labelling process, watch the video below.

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How To Find Suppliers & Manufacturers Fast

Finding wholesale suppliers and manufacturers is actually quite easy.  You can begin to find many in a matter of minutes.  However, what you'll find the most challenging part is making sure that they're the right fit for you.  Here's the steps that I follow below:

1. Have A List Of Potential Products You Want To Sell

It's important to make sure you have a list of potential products that you want to sell.  I recommend having at least 10, as you're going to learn quickly when you start talking to suppliers that some products you might have had your hopes on simply might not work.

You can't be too attached to selling one particular product on Amazon.  Just because you might think it's the best product for you to sell, there are many other factors that will go into making a decision to sell it on Amazon.  You'll learn more about this later, but for now, just make sure you have a list of products that meet my criteria for selling on Amazon.

2. Search For Suppliers & Manufacturers For That Product

For each product, you're going to search online for potential suppliers and manufacturers for that product that are already making it.  This will allow you to private label the product easily and inexpensively.

There's two ways on how to find suppliers that I use:

I primarily use Google when I'm trying to find suppliers inside the United States.  Some products you'll likely want to find USA suppliers, such as if you want to sell a food item or supplement.

However, most other products I use Alibaba, as you can find suppliers overseas (in countries like China) that can make your product very inexpensively (much cheaper than in the USA).

To find suppliers on Google, I just search for the product keyword name and add “suppliers” or “private label” or “manufacturers” at the end of it.

For example, I'd search for “yoga mat suppliers” or “yoga mat private label” or “yoga mat manufacturers”.  This will come up with a list of companies all over the world that are making these products.

how to find suppliers on google

To find suppliers on Alibaba, I just do a search for the keyword “yoga mat” or whatever the product is that I want to sell.  You'll then see many, many companies appear that are making that product, along with some valuable information.

how to find a supplier

On Alibaba, many of the companies will show pictures of the products, price, minimum order quantity, and more.

You want to make sure that the suppliers on Alibaba are assessed and verified, as this will ensure you're picking the most reputable suppliers and that you don't fall into trouble later.

3. Contact The Potential Suppliers & Manufacturers

The next step on how to find suppliers is to reach out to them and contact them.

Find a company or product you like?  Then talk to them to get more details.

How you communicate with suppliers is very important.  You don't want to sound like a newbie to private labeling a product, but rather a big company that knows what they're doing.  This is because they don't want to deal with newbies, they want serious buyers that they believe will build a long-term relationship with them and spend a lot of money.

So make sure you're formal and professional when communicating with suppliers.

What do you ask these suppliers?  What info do you want to find out?

Well, there's a lot.  Some that I like to find out is:

  • What is the minimum order quantity?
  • What quote can you give me on 500 units, 1000 units, 5000 units, etc…?
  • Tell me more about the product, how it's made, the quality of it, what makes it different from others, etc…
  • Tell me more about the company that makes it, your manufacturing process, what makes you different from others, etc…
  • What is the size and weight of the product?
  • What will it cost 1000 units to ship to USA?
  • What is the turnaround time if I order today?
  • Do you allow private labelling?  Do you put the label on the product or packaging?  How much will that cost each unit?
  • What kind of labeling or packaging options do you have?

Those are just some of the questions you'd ask a potential supplier, just to gather as much info as possible.

You'd want to get as much information as possible, from all suppliers, so that you can make the best decision on which company to choose to private label your product with.

What you'll find is that all suppliers with offer a different price and details, so you need to weigh the pros and cons for each supplier.

It's also important to pick a supplier that has good communication and you can build a good long-term relationship with, as you'll likely be working with this supplier for the long-term.

4. Choose A Supplier Or Manufacturer To Private Label Your Product

Once you've done all the research and determined the best supplier for you, then it's time to place an order.

I personally have always started with at least 1000 units of a product, however with many suppliers you can start with as low as 100 units.  It depends on the supplier and your own personal budget.

One risk to starting with a low number of units is that if you potentially run out of stock selling on Amazon, then it can hurt your rankings for your Amazon listing.  So you want to make sure that you're always in stock at all times and have enough inventory.

Usually suppliers will request a wire transfer, in which case you'll have to get the details from them and make the payment through your bank.  Others might accept a credit card or PayPal.

Once you've placed your order and are waiting for your product to get made ready, you'll want to focus on creating your label and design for your product so that you can send that to the supplier to put on it.

There's a few more logistics to this process, however, I'll be sharing a lot more of the steps on how to find suppliers and selling on Amazon in some other video blogs.

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How To Find Wholesale Suppliers & Manufacturers To Private Label A Product And Sell On Amazon
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