How To Overcome Depression Naturally In 30 Days Or Less


how to overcome depression
Have you felt depressed at times?  Or, do you suffer from depression on an on-going basis?  

This video blog is going to go into my own personal experiences facing depression, along with some of the best strategies I've discovered that can help anyone overcome depression naturally within 30 days or less.  If you commit yourself to going through this video blog and actually APPLYING the techniques outlined here, I promise you, it can transform your life.

My Experience With Depression

the truth will set you freeI've personally faced and have gone through long droughts of depression during many stages of my life.  When I was in high school, I suffered from bullying at times and didn't have many friends.  I was extremely shy and introverted; I really hated my life.  Being depressed, I would often skip school, sleep all day, or spend 14+ hours a day playing video games or watching TV.  I was just looking for ways to escape the pain that I was feeling on a daily basis, and sleep, video games and TV provided that escape from reality.

Things didn't start to change for me until I really hit rock bottom.  I remember the day I was in tears crying, staring at myself in the mirror and finally decided to be honest with myself.  I admitted to myself that I hated my life and was sick and tired of living this way.  Deep down, I knew that life had more to offer and I made a decision that I'd do whatever it takes to change and improve my life.  By the grace of God, I was introduced to Tony Robbins somehow, and watched an inspiring video of his online.  Tony Robbins, the self-help guru, is the person that made me realize that I could change and made me believe that I could create an extraordinary life.

If you can get to the truth, you can change anything.  The truth will set you free.

It's been over 10 years that I've committed myself to self-development.  During that time, I have able to overcome depression, anxiety, shyness, and many other negative forces that were holding me back in my life.  There's been many things that have helped me over the years, many of which I mention on this blog.  In fact, I decided I'd list below some of the blog posts that I've developed that can help someone overcome depression and live a more positive, happy life.  Feel free to browse through any of these blog posts and videos below:

This Is The Mindset You Need To Overcome Depression

depression quoteBefore I share the video blog with a technique you can use to overcome depression, I want to first give you a different way of looking at depression.  Depression is an emotional state.  Just like any other emotion, depression is an emotional pattern that we run and experience again and again.  The way I think of depression is almost like playing a CD.  On a CD, there is burned a certain pattern.  When you play that CD, it plays that pattern again and again consistently, just like how our mind and body has developed the PATTERN of depression.  The first thing to understand is that depression is NOT YOU – it's just a pattern that you've conditioned yourself to run again and again.  When you can understand that this depression is not who you are, then you'll be able to disassociate from the emotion and be able to change it.

Often times people can't change their depression or negative habit/behaviour, simply because they aren't willing to take responsibility that they CAN change it.  If you're told by a doctor that you have depression and buy into the idea that you can't change it and have to take a drug for the rest of your life, then you won't take any action whatsoever to change.  Make sense?

You need to first and foremost STOP TELLING YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE DEPRESSED.  Stop telling yourself that you are a binge eater, or a lazy person, or a fat person, or a drug addict, or a depressed person.  You need to start to eliminate this word from your vocabulary and stop making it apart of your IDENTITY.  Even if it is true, it is LIMITING YOU.  You need to start changing your identity and telling yourself that you are a happy person, a positive person, someone who loves life, etc… because the truth is, this is WHO YOU REALLY ARE.  Deep down, you really are a happy and amazing person, but you've let this pattern called “depression” control you for so many years.

Next, understand that you CAN change and that millions of people have been able to overcome depression before you.  Yes, even if they have been “clinically depressed” or have been suicidal, or have had XYZ happen to them, or been on medication for years, etc…  It is possible.  Millions have changed.  It's a fact.  You need to accept it and start believing it.  If they can do it, you can too!

You simply need to start to give up the story that is stopping you from changing whatever it is that you want in your life.  This is the first step.  It was true that I was depressed, I was shy, I had no friends, I was lazy, etc… but my life changed when I decided to stop associating with that identity and instead aligned with the truth of who I really am.  The truth was, deep down I was made for more than what I was living.  I wasn't born depressed and I had the capabilities to make anything I want in my life a reality.  The truth was, I am in complete control of my life and how I feel, and I have the power to change how I feel in an instant if I choose to.  Like I said earlier, the truth will set you free.

This Technique Can Cure Your Depression Forever

I learned a powerful NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique from Tony Robbins at his Date With Destiny seminar that I attended in Palm Springs.  This technique was part of the “Integration Process” that we did on the final day of the seminar, with over 2,000 people, and it was POWERFUL.  It was so powerful, that I've applied it many times in my life since and have been able to change many negative emotions, behaviours, patterns, etc…

I recorded a video blog below sharing how you can use this technique to overcome depression or any other negative emotion, behaviour or pattern in your life.  This powerful technique can be used if you have any sort of addiction, negative habit, or negative emotional state that is stopping you.  I've used it for many different areas, so I just want to let you know it's not just for depression.  I'd encourage you to watch the video below, then I'll explain to you more in detail how it works and how you can start to apply it.

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The Pain And Pleasure Principle

The way that this technique works is by using pain and pleasure to change our associations towards specific emotions or behaviours.  In order to change depression or the negative pattern, you need to begin to associate massive, unbearable pain to being depressed.  You must link so much pain to depression, that you would never go there ever again, as the consequences and pain is too severe.  Just like how you'd likely never murder someone or steal something – you don't do it because you associate PAIN to doing it and you're fully associated to the consequences.

The technique also works by associating PLEASURE to who you really are and who you are committed to being.  It works by reminding yourself the truth, incanting it out loud, and by re-affirming this with yourself.  This process will help you to start to interrupt the old negative pattern of depression, associate massive pain to it, and start to condition the truth of who you really are and what you are committed to.  It's this CONDITIONING process that will start to change that CD that is running on auto-pilot in your brain, and within 30 days of doing it, you will have re-wired yourself.  Your biochemistry will literally start to change by going through this process.

In order to do this technique successfully, you must play full out with it.  You must actually FEEL THE PAIN AND CONSEQUENCES.  You must begin to associate fully to it.  You also must FEEL THE PLEASURE AND TRUTH.  You need to use a tremendous amount of energy throughout this process and really drive it in deeply, with consistency.  

I did this technique with 2,000 people at Date With Destiny and it was remarkable the changes that were made.  We did this in groups of 4 or 5, and each person had to scream this at the top of their lungs with massive energy.  If the person wasn't playing full out with it, then they had to keep going until everyone in the group agreed that they meant it and they really “got it”.  We did this for HOURS.

Here's Your Prescription For The Next 30 Days

I'm going to detail the process below so that you can write it out and go through it yourself.  If you're committed and ready to overcome your depression, you must be willing to commit to this for the next 30 days.  I'd recommend going through this process at least 5 times per day, for the next 30 days.  If you actually suspend your disbelief and actually TRY THIS (all I'm asking is to just try it!) then I promise you that you will be a changed person.  Remarkable things will happen, trust me!  But nothing will change if you do nothing, so keep that in mind.  If you're reading this and you suffer from depression or a negative force holding you back in your life, then you should be DESPERATE to try anything.

Speak the following out loud…

I __________, see, hear, feel, and know…

1. I will never again indulge in the stupid or destructive emotion of…

2. Because the severe consequences are…  Ultimately, this will cost me…

3. This is NOT WHO I AM.  Who I really am is…

4. In order to indulge in that, I'd have to forget…

5. All I really have to do is remember and know…

6. This is how my life will ultimately be and that's how I'm going to live my life!

That's it.  Now commit to speaking this out loud again and again, experiencing more emotion while you're doing it.  Remember to use ENERGY – use your body, your face, your hands, your voice – EVERYTHING.  You can't just do this passively, you have to really mean it and associate to the emotion of it.

Final Words…

I hope this video blog has served you in some way.  I really hope that you apply this – that's why I spent a lot of time and effort to put this together for you.  I'd recommend for you to check out the other blog posts that I mentioned above that can also help you to overcome depression, as well as any of Tony Robbins products or seminars, as they've had a massive influence on my life.  To wrap up, I want to share with you a quote from Tony Robbins that has served me….

The Past Does Not Equal The Future.

Remember, you can't drive into the future using a rear-view mirror.  Whatever has happened in the past is gone.  All that matters is this moment, right now.  Right now you can make a decision to change your entire life.  Right now you can be whoever you decide to be.  It doesn't matter if you've failed in the past or if you've tried to change and it hasn't worked out – those past failures and downfalls have only prepared you for this moment right now.

Today can be the start of a brand new life for you.  All change happens in a moment – the moment you finally decide to change.

Please leave a comment below if this has helped you in any way.  I'd love to hear what you have to say and your experiences!

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How To Overcome Depression Naturally In 30 Days Or Less
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