Mastering The Process vs. Results


After spending years as a life coach, there's one pattern that I've seen time and time again that often prevents people from achieving the results that they're after.  That pattern is being TOO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THE RESULT.

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While being focused on a specific result is good, being emotionally attached to it can be bad.  When you're too attached to something, what happens when you don't achieve it or make it happen?  You often get upset, frustrated, disappointed, and often times will give up.  This is known as being a dabbler.  A dabbler is the type of person that expects results too fast and depends their level of success purely on whether or not they achieved something.  When results come too slow, they throw in the towel to pursue something else that will hopefully give them quicker results.  They're always looking for short-cuts and aren't willing to fully commit to something and go through the process necessary to achieve what they want.

the process vs resultsWith any goal that you're pursuing, there is a PROCESS to get there.  There are most likely certain skills and habits that you first need to learn and master before you're capable of producing the result that you want.  The process is something that is often ignored, as it takes time and trial and error.  There are often failures and many ups and downs during the process.  But, what people often don't understand is that if you master the process, you will easily be able to create the results again and again.

An example of this is when I used to be a dating coach.  I'd have guys coming to me wanting to learn how to get a date, but were unaware that they had to learn all the steps before that to be able to get that date.  In order to get a date, you'd need to learn how to overcome the fear and anxiety to approach the woman that you want, be able to start a conversation, hold the conversation while keeping it interesting and fun, be able to spark attraction with that woman, close the deal for the phone #, follow up with her on the phone, get her out on the date, etc…

These people would often be frustrated when not getting the date, instead of realizing that there are skills they must learn first – master those skills, you'll easily get that date and be able to have as many as you want.  Rejection is part of the process, it teaches you valuable tools.  The same goes with failure and disappointed.  These are all part of the process that everyone must go through.

The same goes for any other area of life – if you want to lose weight, get in shape, make passive income online, or start a business.  It takes TIME before you really get things down and are consistent with everything.  I know when I first started a business, I made A LOT of mistakes.  I didn't know how to manage my finances properly, I launched certain products that failed, and I even made a lot of bad investments.  BUT… all of those steps were necessary to getting me to where I am today.  Going through that process has given me the foundation to be making six figures online and will allow me to make millions in the future.

The PROCESS is more important than the RESULTS.  I read in the book The Talent Code that it takes at least to 10,000 hours to master something.  They found this with professional athletes, musicians, or anyone that is really talented at anything.  It takes PRACTICE.  It takes going through the process again and again to have it automated and apart of you.  This principle applies to all areas of your life.

The person who is least attached to the outcome is most likely to achieve the outcome.

Be patient and be focused on mastering the process.  With this mentality, you'll always be successful in your life and I promise you, you will achieve everything you've ever wanted.

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Mastering The Process vs. Results
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  • Katie Justiss

    I need to watch this video everyday

  • Stefan, I really like your blog. Recently found your videos on YouTube. Great work!

  • RG

    Guys, for all those who liked this concept – there is a book called ‘The Practicing Mind’ which has more. The basic concept is the same but the book builds on this a little bit. Outstanding effort in creating a public blog to help others on this, Stefan!