What It’s REALLY Like To Be A Millionaire


What it’s REALY like to be a millionaire. Is this something you have ever thought about? Many people have an idealized notion of what it means to be a millionaire.

Just because someone is a millionaire, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their lifestyle aligns with their bank account.

Most successful millionaires do not live how you think they do. Not only that, but they set themselves apart from others by the skills that they have mastered; like confidence, discipline, emotional intelligence, and money management; to name a few.

Becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen overnight. I know that many of you have goals and aspirations of joining the ‘millionaire club’ one day, so I’m happy to share my story with you.

Are you ready to learn what it’s REALLY like to be a millionaire? You may be surprised by what I have to say.

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Since I was 17 years old, becoming a millionaire was a goal of mine. I became a millionaire when I was 28 years old.  When I achieved the label of ‘millionaire', it didn’t mean that much to me, like I thought it would.

A more pivotal moment in my life was the point at which I was making a 6-figure salary. That is when my life transformed. I was able to travel, quit my 9-5 job, and I didn’t have to worry about money. I had finally achieved financial freedom.

This is what it’s REALLY like to be a millionaire.

A lot of people get consumed with the idea of making ‘big’ money, fast. Adopting this get rich quick mentality can be a form of ego gratification or an insecurity.

When you are obsessed with making a lot of money, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters most in life – happiness. The fact is that money does not buy happiness.

Research shows that wealth may make it harder for you to appreciate simple pleasures in life, and that’s bad news for your mindset, given that most of life is made up of simple moments that have a lasting impact on our lives.

Michael Norton, co-author of the book, Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending, suggests that, while this is all well and good, the simple pleasures in life don’t seem as exciting as the extraordinary ones.

However, he points out that you can shift this perspective by giving up a simple pleasure for a period of time, which will allow you to savor it even more when you bring it back into your life.

Oftentimes our favorite moments in life don’t involve extravagant things. Rather, they are simple things, like a conversation that left you laughing for hours with people that you love.

This is what it’s REALLY like to be a millionaire.

As many of you know, I preach the value of life mastery. I believe that relationships, health, and positive emotions trump money. You can have all the money in the world, but still be depressed, lonely, and unhealthy. In my eyes, that’s not a definition of success. That’s failure.

I know that I said earlier that I don’t think that money can buy happiness, but there are some circumstances where I believe that it can.

Money allows you to travel the world and experience new and exciting things. Memories of places that I’ve gone and the people whom I’ve shared those experiences with have brought an abundance of joy and happiness to my life.

Money also allows you to invest in yourself. If you aren’t growing, you are dying. The more that you are progressing in life, the happier you will be. For example, I am able to purchase things like a PEMF EarthPulse mat for my bed, which improves my sleep, so that I can perform at my best, every day.

Lastly, one of the biggest things that money provides you with is time. When you leverage it correctly, you can use time to do more of what you really love.

To make a million dollars you need to become someone of value and develop incredible habits that translate to all areas of your life. That is what I am most proud of in my life. The money that I’ve made as a result of the work I’ve done is merely a secondary benefit.

This is what it’s REALLY like to be a millionaire.

Jim Rohn once said, “The greatest reward in becoming a millionaire is not the amount of money that you earn. It is the kind of person that you have to become to become a millionaire.”

Are you ready to upgrade your lifestyle? Be proactive and strive to become the best version of yourself. When you commit to life mastery, anything is possible.

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What It's REALLY Like To Be A Millionaire
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  • Claudia

    Hi Stefan,

    How’s the day treating you?

    If you don’t mind,I have a question about the sleep device you mentioned in your recent video.

    I checked their website and since I’m not a millionaire yet😊,I’d like to know what model you have and decide what to purchase for myself.

    A bit of background about me,I have suffered from insomnia since about age 19(I’m almost 38 now).Id like to get one of the expensive ones(heck for me all earth pulse devices are a lot of money),but I wouldn’t spend extra if it isn’t necessary.

    Would one magnet be enough? Should I go for the manual mode or the 10 program mode?

    Your input is much appreciated!!!!


  • J_a_s_o_n

    Hey Stefan,

    Been following you for the last year now, which has led to some pretty amazing lifestyle changes and belief system shifts (losing 30 pounds, being happier than ever before in life, connecting with my spouse and children, being more present and alive – the list goes on). I wanted to say how much I appreciate your humility in sharing this, because being wealthy is so much more than money in the bank. My health is my wealth, and my family members are my riches! Though I can also attest to how mastering my life has made me open and available to some great opportunities as well.

    I was doing well before I met you, but I’ve been doing even better since you’ve become my mentor (from afar). Thanks for everything, brother!

    – Jason

  • Laila Aldurazi

    Awesome Steve, it’s amazing how you transform yourself and inspire us to commit to life mastery. I learned a lot from you and I really appreciate sharing those valuable infromation 🙂

  • Truth Hurts

    I get what you’re saying about FREEDOM. I would be satisfied if I could make just $30k a year AND still be able to travel. But sadly, I’ve only been able to make money in one spot.