My Home Office Tour – How I Set Up My Home Office For Optimal Productivity



In this video blog, I share my home office setup in my penthouse of the 48th floor of the Sheraton Wall Centre in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  This is where I get my work done everyday, as well as do my morning ritual.   This is how I've optimized my home office for optimal productivity.

Watch the video below:

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What I Use Everyday In My Home Office

There's a few important items in my home office that I use everyday that are worth mentioning.

15-inch MacBook Pro: This is the most important piece of equipment that I own.  This device is what allows me to make money online and impact thousands of peoples lives around the world!

27-inch Thunderbolt Display: This is a bigger monitor that I have set up next to my Macbook, so that I have dual monitors.

mStand Laptop Stand: This is the stand that I use for my MacBook Pro.

Apple Wireless Keyboard: This is the wireless keyboard that I use when I have my MacBook on it's stand and I'm using dual monitors.

Apple Magic Mouse: This is the wireless mouse that I use, so that I don't have to use the trackpad on my MacBook when it's on its stand.

Yeti USB Microphone: This is what microphone that I use for recording screen capture videos, or while Skyping.

Canon PIXMA MX452 Wireless Inkjet Office All-In-One: The all-in-one wireless printer I use for printing, scanning, copying and faxing.

iPad Mini With Retina Display: I use my iPad more for checking Facebook and recreational stuff that isn't related to work.  I try to use my MacBook strictly for work only.

iPhone 5: This is the phone that I use everyday.  As you can tell, I'm a huge Apple guy. 🙂

LG Electronics 39LB5600 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV: This is the TV that I have mounted on my wall in my home office.

Apple TV: I have this set up to my TV so I can sync my Macbook, iPad or iPhone with it and watch videos using AirPlay mode.

Rebounder/Cellerciser – This is what I currently use to do my cardio every day. Great to have around the house, very convenient and fun.

Frosted Glass Whiteboard: I use a beautiful, frosted glass whiteboard to write my goals out for the month, as well as my morning ritual.

These are the main pieces of equipment that I use for everyday home office use.  You can check out the resources section for more of what I use in my life.

Inside of my closet, I have a lot of important notes that I use as part of my new morning ritual (coming soon).

Some of things I have posted to go over everyday are:

  • My Mission Statement
  • My Towards Values And Rules
  • My Away From Values And Rules
  • My Power Virtues
  • My Ultimate Vision For My Life
  • My Ultimate Purpose For My Life
  • My Identity
  • My Code Of Conduct
  • My Vision Board
  • Empowering Questions
  • Incantations And Affirmations

If you aren't clear on what a lot of this is, don't worry, I'm going to be sharing more of it in my new morning ritual which is coming soon.  The essence is that I have important things that I review everyday and just help me focus on creating the life that I want.  Whenever I feel like I'm lacking motivation, I can just remind myself of who I'm committed to being and focus on that.  I always focus on where I want to go and who I want to be.  It's great to have reminders in your office.

I really believe it's important to optimize your working environment as much as possible so that it INSPIRES you.  Having an environment that you enjoy working in is the most important thing to ensure that you're remaining productive and happy.

So that's my home office!  I hope you enjoyed the tour.

What do you have in your home office/work environment?

Is there anything that is super critical for you, that you can't live without?

Anything you feel I could add?

Post any comments or questions below, I'll do my best to respond!

My Home Office Tour – How I Set Up My Home Office For Optimal Productivity
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  • Nick Di Fabio

    Wow. Loved this post Stefan. Interesting to see the tools you use to run your business. Also, setting yourself up to win with the morning ritual and printed materials.

    Many people want the freedom of escaping the 9-5, however, with that freedom comes lots of opportunities to be distracted and procrastinate. So, in terms of anything to add, I think “A Day in the Life” type post would be a great follow-up. Something that will show what a productive day looks like from your perspective.

    Looking forward to the updated morning ritual video 🙂



    • Thanks Nick. A day in the life video would be a great idea. It’ll have to be on hold for a bit until I get back to Vancouver, I’m going to Brazil on Tuesday. I have a few new videos coming up… one being a full tour of my apartment, and another my new morning ritual video which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. 🙂

      • Nur Nazmah

        Can’t wait for your new morning ritual video, Stefan! Have a great trip in Brazil! 🙂

  • Whenever I feel low or lack motivation, all I have to do is watch one of your videos on youtube or visit projectlifemastery.com. I am sure to find something that’ll bring me back on track and make me focus on my life goals. Thanks Stefan!

  • Hey there Stefan,

    That’s quite a spectacular office you got there and I’m loving the view too. I bet it makes working a little bit easier. I have a goal to one day have an office like that; but right now, I’ll have to settle with my current office (attached). Congrats on your success — very inspiring and motivating to see.

    Keep inspiring,

    • Thanks Warren! You have to start somewhere. I used to live in a living room and an office was out of the equation for me. Just focus on being productive, work hard and smart and you’ll get there. 🙂

  • Brendan Baker

    This is seriously awesome!!! LOVE that room… and view 🙂

    Question.. for your morning routine it looks like you do A LOT!!! How long do you normally spend doing this?

    • Yes, because there is nothing more important than taking time each day to be fulfilled and happy. The quality of your life is the quality of your emotions! I spend up to an hour doing it.

  • Stefan, super empowering and inspiring tour of the home office. I’ve been waiting for this one. Really looking forward to the full on tour of the place as well. Best of luck in the 2nd half of 2014…let’s rock our goals and be satisfied with them when the holidays come around!

  • Great stuff Stefan. It’d be really interesting if you were to share some of the affirmations on that list too. Maybe in a future post? Thanks for all the great info.

    • My new morning ritual video has some of that, it’ll be coming soon. Just arrived in Brazil now so getting settled in.

  • Angela

    I love, love, love the penthouse office with a view! Thought I’d share a picture of my last home office for the ladies who visit your site 🙂 I really enjoy your videos – keep ’em coming.

  • Rob

    Stefan, thanks for another inspiring video. I noticed your “Coaching” link is down. Are you no longer accepting clients or is it just a malfunction? Thanks!

    • Hey Rob, it works again – we just were making some changes to the blog so it was down temporarily.

  • Christian

    Thank you for this tour, Stefan! You gave me some ideas about what to have in my future home office.

    On average, how many hours a day do you spend working in that office? If they’re more than 6, don’t you get tired from sitting in a chair for >6 hours? Do you take breaks and if you do, how often and how long are they?

    • Hey Christian, it depends – some days I work all day and night, up to 14+ hours if I’m really immersed in a project. Other days I’ll only work 2-3 hours. I don’t count how many hours I work each day, because I don’t view what I do as “work”. I have a hobby that I get paid for. I LOVE what I do and enjoy it so much, that I can do it all day, everyday, so I often just lose myself in it! And yes I take breaks, I do my “daily ritual” (see video blog on that) and also use my rebounder to take breaks and also eat throughout the day.

  • Lorne

    Looking forward to the updated morning ritual Stefan, probably my fave post on Project Life Mastery!

  • Stephan – I love it man. your setup is motivational and you are someone who is really living the teachings. Your discipline and consistency have helped me a lot as I’ve followed you man. Have a great trip to Brazil mate!

  • Marc Gr

    Hi Stefan,

    Well-made video! Am looking forward to the sequel of this! But it also seems interesting to me to know how you live your day.

    Look forward to the new morning ritual!



  • Sand

    Hi Stefan! So I just watched this video and it was awesome and I was wondering what brand is your table and where you got it from.
    Looking forward to more of your videos!