My Morning Routine: The Five Minute Journal


my morning routine the five minute journal

I would like to share with you something that I’ve been doing every single day for the past two years, as part of my morning routine.  This exercise is called, “The Five Minute Journal”. Using the science of positivity to improve happiness, this journal is structured in such a way that inspires you to start and end each day with gratitude.

You fill out one page/day. At the top of each page, there is an inspiring quote or some sort of action that you commit to doing at the start of each week.

In the journal, there are three questions that you ask yourself every morning:

“What are you grateful for?”

“What would make today great?”

“What is your daily affirmation?”

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I would like to share with you my responses:

#1 “What are you grateful for?”

Today, I put that I am grateful for Gods unconditional love, the self-help industry, and NLP.

Gratitude is so important. Every day you want to think about what you are grateful for.

Life is a gift, and we need to focus on the good, and appreciate everything that we have.

# 2 – “What would make today great?”

I put recording videos, working-out at the gym, reading and learning, and setting results for the week.

#3 – “What is your daily affirmation?”

I said, “I love my life”, and I say it like I mean it. I force my brain to believe it.

It is important that you repeat your affirmations with conviction, passion and emotion.

In the evening, you write down three amazing things in the journal that happened during your day.

These are my responses:

  1. I had an awesome team meeting with Lynette and Tyrone
  2. I recorded videos
  3. I facilitated an awesome webinar for my affiliate marketing mastery customers

When you write down amazing things, you celebrate them, which forces you to focus on the good.

Lastly, you ask yourself, “How could I have made today better?”  I responded with, “I could have woken up earlier today”.

I am a strong believer in the power of rituals. This is another tool to help make your rituals a lot more effective.

The Five Minute Journal is a simple and effective way of increasing your well-being and happiness every day.  Take five minutes every day to invest in yourself.

As Neil Patel once said, “Its not about the time that you devote, but rather what you devote to that time that counts”.

Video transcript

Hey, everyone. Stefan here, from ProjectLifeMastery.com. In this video, I'm going to share with you guys something that I do every single day as part of my morning ritual. Something that has been a part of my morning ritual process now for about the last two years. Something that's really made a difference in my life. As you guys know, anything that's really helped me in my life, that's made an impact on me, enhanced my quality of life, I want to share that with you guys, that's my mission, that's what Project Life Mastery is about.

It's something that a lot of people have asked me about, because I've shared it a little bit on my social media, on my Snapchat. It's actually something that I have actually bought for my family as well, my girlfriend, my sister. They benefit and love it as well.  What it is, is called The Five Minute Journal. You might have seen this before, it's basically a journal. I know the founders of the company, they're in a mastermind group that I'm a part of, and it's a journal that basically helps you every single day, takes five minutes, for me, less than five minutes, and you basically fill out one page a day.

At the beginning of the book, it basically explains how it works. How it works, I'm not sure if you can see this, the different basic principles of it, the power of it. You don't need something like this, you could just have your own journal or do this in Evernote, but I like to have a physical journal like this. I use Evernote a lot for my planning and stuff like that. They actually have something called The Productivity Planner as well, I've got that in my office. I use both. I mean, I just like to have the physical version as well, as well as I do more in depth on my computer.

The Five Minute Journal – how I use it

Anyway, every single day you fill out the page, you put in the date. At the top, there's an inspiring quote or there's some sort of action that you'll do for the week. For example, the quote that I have here: “Society is always taken by surprise and any new example of common sense.” That's by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Here's one by Martin Luther King Jr.: “If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” Great quote.

You get a great quote every day, and then there are three questions here to put in what you're grateful for. Okay, three things what you're grateful for. Give you an example, today I put, “I'm grateful for God's love, God's unconditional love. I'm grateful for the self-help industry. I'm grateful for NLP Neuro-linguistic programming.” I actually put the NLP one because I was actually doing some research and catching up on some NLP stuff the other day.

Three things that I'm grateful for. I try to force myself every day to think of new things I'm grateful for. You guys know the power of gratitude. I've been sharing the power of this in my morning ritual videos, how important it is, and my morning ritual mastery program as well, the power of gratitude. Every day you want to think about what you're grateful for. You want to feel it, you want to associate with it. You want to think about the little things that you can be grateful for in your life. You can do this without a book.

I like to write it down and journal it. I remember Lady Gaga, she was on Oprah one time and she was sharing … Because Oprah's got … She writes down in a journal five things every day that she's grateful for. Lady Gaga does it. It's a life-changing thing. I love it for that reason. I just put in real quick three things every single day I'm grateful for.

The next part is, what would make today great? You put in three things. I like the simplicity of it because you don't need to have this big criteria for the day. All you need to just … What are the three top most important things that would make the day great for you? For me, I put today, “Recording videos”, which is what I'm doing right now. “To work out at the gym. To read and to learn.” I'm reading a lot of great books right now. Also, I actually put one more which was, “Set results for the week.” You could put four if you want.

The next part is putting in your daily affirmation. Every day you force yourself to create an affirmation. It could be an affirmation you already have or use every day, or it could be a new one. The one that I put in today was just, “I love my life. I love my life.” I'll usually say it a few times, so I write it in and then I'll say it a few times, and when I say it, I say it like I mean it, like, “I love my life. I love my life!” Like I really do love it.

Even if you don't love your life, say it like you mean it, right? Force your brain to believe it, that you actually love the life that you have. That's it. That's all you do for the morning. It's as simple as that. What you do in the evening time is, for your evening ritual. Here's for the daytime and then here is for the evening time. What you put in for the evening is three amazing things that happened today. 

You've got to be grateful for the days that you have

What are three amazing things?  I'm going to fill it out right now. Right now it's getting to evening time, so I'll fill it out. Three amazing things for me that happened today was, I had an awesome team meeting with my operations manager, Lynette, as well as Tyrone. “Awesome team meeting.” It is a really good team meeting because we did a lot of brainstorming. It was actually a lot longer than we normally have it every week too, so we went really deep into some great stuff. I'm really proud of that, happy for that.

Another great thing is just recording the videos. Today I spent the day just recording a bunch of videos which are really good, I think are really going to benefit you guys. I might have already released some that you guys have seen as well, but I always enjoy this and making a difference in this way. “I recorded awesome videos.”  Third thing was, I had an awesome webinar today, that I did for my Affiliate Marketing Mastery members. It was great. We had an awesome turnout for it. It was about over two hours.

Tons of great questions and people shared a lot of gratitude with me as well, and it was just a really great moment to be able to connect and engage with my customers and hear their feedback and their compliments and their praise is always great as well. That was a really great moment that happened today. I'm going to write, “MM webinar.” You're putting those three things, and when you put them in, the amazing things, you actually celebrate it. I'm like, “Wow, that's amazing. I had an amazing day.”

I'm forcing myself to come up with the good for the day that happened. Because every day, no matter how bad you think it is, it's always just your perception, it's only how you're interpreting the events of the day. You might think, “I didn't do anything today, it was a horrible day.” No, there's still great positive things that happened throughout the day that you've got to be grateful for and appreciate. You've got to be grateful for the days that you have.

The last question is, how could I have made today better? How can you make today better? For me, let's see, what could I have done? I think I could have woken up a little bit earlier today. I'm going to put that in, “Wake up a bit earlier.” Yeah, I mean, if there's anything you also want to add to it, you could put that in. It forces you to also think about how you can improve your future days as well. Great process that you go through. I enjoy it. Less than five minutes a day.

Everybody has five minutes for their ritual

You don't need this book. You don't need a journal like this. You can do it in your own journal, but this is only twenty bucks. Twenty bucks for this. It's really high quality too. It's really good. They ship to Canada. They ship, I think, almost everywhere. A lot of people that I know use it as well. If you guys want to check it out as well as The Productivity Planner, I've got a link below that you guys can click on in the description, or you can go to ProjectLifeMastery.com/fiveminutejournal.

Five as in F-I-V-E minute journal. I'm an affiliate for this, so if you decide to purchase through my affiliate link I earn a commission for it. Some people think that I just do this like I'm sharing these things just to make commissions and stuff like that. It's not. The reason why I do this is because people ask me constantly, for me to share these things with people. If you look at my Snapchat, all the messages that I have, people are just constantly asking me, “What are you using? Where can I get this” Or, “Where can I get that?”

That's why I do these videos. I want to share with you guys the things that have benefited me and helped me in my life. I'm not sharing these things just to make a profit. If I can make some money through an affiliate link, you want to support me through that way and buy through a link, great, I appreciate it. It helps support me, it helps support my business, pay my team, and be able to add more value to you guys as well, but that's not the reason why I do it. The reason why I do it is because people ask me constantly for it.

There's always some people that complain and say, “Oh Stefan, you're just trying to make some money off of people.” No, these are things that I legitimately use every day. You come over to my house, if you were to follow me with my rituals, you see it every day on my Snapchat, all that sort of stuff, I use these things every day. I benefit from them, and I don't share anything that I don't personally benefit from and that I don't believe would benefit you as well.

You don't have to, you can use your own journal if you want, but I just wanted to share this with you guys, because I think it will help some of you and just help make the process a little bit easier. If you guys want to check it out, again, there's a link below. If not, that's totally fine as well. I just wanted to share that with you guys because I think it can help some of you, and if not, just remind yourself to be grateful every day and to plan out your day and to have rituals.

You guys know I'm big on rituals. Morning ritual mastery. I really believe in the power of it, guys. The more that you can spend in your rituals, the more it's going to enhance your life. This has just been another tool that you can integrate to help make your rituals a lot better, along with some of the other things that I recommend, these are all things that have helped me and I think will help you as well.

Thank you guys for watching the video. Make sure to, if you enjoyed it, hit the like button. Really appreciate your support. Leave a comment below. Love to hear what you guys think. Subscribe for more videos of course. Again, if you want to know more, the information is below. Thank you guys for watching. See you guys in the next video.

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My Morning Routine: The Five Minute Journal
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  • Nice! I think The Five Minute Journal is a great product to have. I’ve read your morning ritual blog post (both the old and new) and have come to understand the importance of daily affirmations. I’ve recently started developing a morning ritual of mine as well, which consists of waking up early (6:00 am), working out a bit and doing some productive work. I try to listen to some of my favorite and inspirational music to motivate myself and to get at a peek state. But I tried saying some affirmations as you recommend during my basic cardio exercise and it really helps a lot. Reconditioning my mind first thing in the morning increases my energy up and keeps me productive all day long.

    As I’m writing this now, it’s about 8:00 am at my place. Today I woke up at 6:30 am (although failed waking up early yesterday, gotta be more committed) and followed my morning routine along with daily affirmations. Most of the people around me are waking up right now, but I’m up hours ago and already starting to get things done. It feel great! Thanks, Stefan.

  • Alexandre Ouellet

    Hey Stefan will you be doing a new morning ritual video blog update?