From Newbie To $1.1 Million In Amazon Product Sales In 1 Year


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In this video, learn how Zach generated $1.1 million in Amazon product sales in 2014 as a complete newbie.

Zach got started selling on Amazon during 2014, after learning about the Amazing Selling Machine from his brother.  In the interview, Zach shares his story about how he was working as a paramedic at the time and a complete newbie to online marketing.  He was clueless, but decided to just invest in the program and take it one step at a time.

Zach shares his inspiring story in this interview, about how him and his wife couldn't afford to start their business, so they ended up selling their car.  He shares how they had the mentality of doing whatever it takes to succeed – failure was not an option.

In February 2014, Zach's product went live for sale on Amazon.  By the end of 2014, he had generated $1.1 million in gross product sales for his product, and since has expanded to selling multiple products on Amazon in 2015!

To learn more about Zach's story and his most important tips and advice for selling on Amazon, watch the video interview below.

Watch the video below:

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From Newbie To $1.1 Million In Amazon Product Sales In 1 Year
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