5 Areas Of Life Where Persistence Pays Off

persistence pays off

Do you want to learn about the 5 areas of life where persistence pays off? If you want to master all areas of your life, you need to understand the value of persistence. However, it's not enough to know something. Life mastery requires that you actually live it, every day.

If you want to achieve anything in life it will require that you possess a killer combination of sheer willpower, determination, and desire.

When it comes to personal development and dating, I understand how important it is for men to develop the communication and confidence skills that are necessary in order to attract a partner into their lives. 

New ProjectLifeMastery.com Coming Soon! I Need Your Help!!


Hey guys! There is a new ProjectLifeMastery.com coming soon. I need your help! My team and I are in the process of redesigning the Project Life Mastery website.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been running a contest at 99Designs, and we’ve received tons of amazing concept idea submissions from designers.

I highly recommend using 99 Designs for web design, logo design, or any graphic design.

We’ve narrowed it down to five different designs and designers, but are having a really hard time choosing the one that we like best.

My August 2017 Monthly Goals Report

august monthly goals report

Every month, I write a detailed monthly report about the progress that I'm making towards the goals and resolutions that I publicly stated on my blog earlier in the year.  This is my August 2017 Monthly Goals Report, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I've made on them so far.

Since I started sharing my Monthly Goals Reports a few years ago, I received such an amazing response from people on my blog.  People have been sharing with me how much I've inspired them or how helpful it's been for them by me openly sharing my progress.  It's my hope that you can take away something from this report that will help inspire you to achieve your own goals

#AskStefan Q&A: How Can I Add Value To You Today?

upgrade your lifestyle

Welcome to my live #AskStefan Q&A, with a focus on how I can add value to you today!

As many of you know, my ultimate mission in life is to grow and to give. Every day and I wake up and as myself, “How can I serve and add value to others?

There is no greater gift that I can receive than knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life by way of my content. I hope that the knowledge that I share with you inspires you to take massive action and live your life to the fullest.

Sitting Is Worse Than Smoking Cigarettes! Are You Sitting Too Much?

sitting is worse than smoking

Sitting is worse than smoking cigarettes! Are you sitting too much? Some of the simplest things in life are the most difficult to do. If you want to master your life, you need to master the simple things in life, like sitting less.

You might know what you need to do, but the question is, “Are you doing it and living it?”

So many of us take the power of movement for granted, but research shows if you want to live a long and healthy life, you need to sit less and move more.

How To Detox Mercury From The Body

detox mercury

I would like to share with you how to detox mercury from the body. This information is based on my personal experience with mercury toxicity.

After months of research, reading books, and meeting with my naturopath, I am still going through the process of detoxing mercury from my body. All the knowledge that I have learned from these different sources has really empowered me to be proactive with my health.

Oftentimes, people don’t do anything about their health until it’s too late. Your health is your wealth. Be proactive, take action, and invest in it. Without health, you have nothing.

The 2 Critical Nutrients for Your Gut, Brain, and Waistline

critical nutrients

I want to share with you the 2 critical nutrients for your gut, brain, and waistline. I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend, Wade Lightheart on this topic.

He is a 3-time Canadian natural bodybuilding champion, co-founder of Bioptimizers Nutrition, and one of the world’s premier authorities on natural nutrition and training methods.

Athletes and high-performance individuals seek Wade’s advice on how they can better optimize their health and fitness levels.

I am a big believer that your health is your wealth, which is why I wanted to pick Wade’s brain on the 2 critical nutrients for your gut, brain, and waistline. Are you ready to learn how you can better optimize your gut health?

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