5 Areas Of Life Where Persistence Pays Off

persistence pays off

Do you want to learn about the 5 areas of life where persistence pays off? If you want to master all areas of your life, you need to understand the value of persistence. However, it's not enough to know something. Life mastery requires that you actually live it, every day.

If you want to achieve anything in life it will require that you possess a killer combination of sheer willpower, determination, and desire.

When it comes to personal development and dating, I understand how important it is for men to develop the communication and confidence skills that are necessary in order to attract a partner into their lives. 

When I was 21 years old I started a dating coaching business, that was designed to help men overcome the confidence challenges that I had faced in my own life.

That is why I wanted to invite Eddy Baller, a men's personal development and dating coach, to write a guest post to talk about 5 areas of life where persistence pays off.

Take it away Eddy!

I want to share with you 5 areas of life where persistence pays off. How many of us have embarked on a new journey to accomplish something big, only to become disillusioned and quit when it didn’t work out?

The human mind is notoriously bad at making time predictions for complicated goals. Even showing up on time seems to be a challenge for some people. “I have time, I’ll just finish a few emails…”  

The biggest challenges in life usually require a lot of time, and it’s hard to predict how much time. The key ingredient which separates the cream of the crop is persistence – the raw determination and grit that comes from sticking to your goals.

Here are 5 areas of life where persistence pays off:

1. Dating

Anyone who’s ever gone on dates can attest to the fact that dating isn’t always easy. If you’re interested in finding the love of your life, it means going through a lot of ‘candidates’. Shyness and social anxiety can become a serious handicap for someone when it comes to dating.

Being successful in the dating world requires a number of skills, some of which include, learning how to approach women or men, conversational skills, body language, confidence, assertiveness, boundary setting, and more. 

If you want to find a partner that is right for you, it will require persistence, in addition to mastering the above skills.

Action step: Get a dating coach or connect with someone who seems to have their dating life together. Learn how they’ve created an abundant love life and emulate their best practices.

2. Relationships

Dating skills are just the first part of our romantic journeys. Once we’ve found a long-term partner, we need a new tool box to keep the romance alive.

A lot of dating skills still apply; confidence, body language, boundaries to name a few, but now we have to learn how to share our space, grow together, and keep it exciting in the bedroom.

It also requires paying attention to our partner's communication style and learning their habits, so that we can avoid unnecessary clashes. This shows that we really understand them.

Action step: Dedicate at least one night per week as a ‘date night’. It’s too easy to get caught up in the business of life and family. Put aside time for a quality get together so that your bond continues to grow.

3. Business

Building a business is tough. There are a myriad of setbacks that are designed to test your ability to persist, which include lack of know how, lack of resources, not having the right people when you need them, bootstrapping, and more.

For those who stay in the fight, the turning point shows up as a change in focus, experience, and a new direction, which may not have been clear in the beginning stages.

Action step: Invest in business and marketing training. Too many people try winging it and end up quitting when it doesn’t work. 

4. Mindset

At the age of 20, I was an extremely negative person and all of my friends were negative too. Every day I played the same record in my head. It was always, “people suck”, “rich people suck”, “everything is expensive”, “the weather is no good”, and on and on.

I became tired of my own attitude and wanted to change. I knew that if I kept hanging out with the same people I wouldn't be able to grow. So I decided to start from scratch and distance myself from my old friends.

I set out to learn better social skills to make friends, meet women, and change my mindset. It took years to make serious progress, but the alternative was unthinkable.

Action step: To create a more positive mindset, work on reframing negative thoughts on a daily basis. Just look for the positive angle to the thought you were in the middle of. Do this daily and soon you will start thinking in a different way.

5. Emotions (EQ)

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, has a huge effect on our social success. It allows us to read other people's feelings, understand ourselves, and communicate effectively. People that have a low EQ have weak connections with others.

On the other hand, people with a strong EQ have healthier friendships, romances, and business relationships. When you learn how to master your emotions, you master your life.

Action step: Start by learning more about your own habits and emotions. How do you react to different situations? What happens to your body language when you’re feeling positive or negative emotions?

These are 5 areas of life where persistence pays off! What is one area of your life where persistence has paid off for you? Comment below and let me know!

Eddy Baller is a dating and confidence coach who helps men learn how to overcome shyness. Feel free to contact directly with questions, thoughts, or coaching inquiries – eddy@conquerandwin.com

5 Areas Of Life Where Persistence Pays Off
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