Should You Be Embarrassed To Promote Yourself Online?


Should you be embarrassed to promote yourself online?

Many people are hesitant to market and promote themselves online.  They don't want to ruffle any feathers or have their friends or family judge them.

I've been there too.  Until one day, I realized that I was holding myself back from sharing my gifts with the world.

Today, I promote myself openly and freely.  I don't try to hide the fact that I own a blog or what my business is about.  I know I have value to add in the world and am proud of everything that I create and share, so why not put it out there?  Why not tell others about it?

If people don't like it, then they can unfriend you and probably aren't your real “Facebook friends.”  It's better to find out now than later about that.

I believe a friend is someone that will support you, encourage you, be proud of you, and cheer you on.  We all need more people like that in our lives!

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Should You Be Embarrassed To Promote Yourself Online?
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  • qariel

    I’ve been following your stuff for a couple of years now. Honestly, not only are your videos full of awesome free content on youtube, but just you being so empowered and espousing positive virtues is an inspiration to me. I’ve had nothing but self-disempowered people in my life to look up to so it’s incredibly refreshing to see guys like you blaze a better trail to follow. Keep it up!