Speed Of Implementation: How To Work Faster And Get More Done


speed of implementationAfter recently traveling to Bali with a friend for a few weeks, I was able to notice a powerful quality within myself that has contributed to massive success in my life over the last few years.  That quality is what I call Speed of Implementation, which has allowed me to take massive action from my ideas and profit from them as quickly as possible.

When an idea comes my way, I take action on it immediately.  I'll work on it with purpose and a high level of urgency, which allows me to finish it as fast as possible.  I achieve results FAST in my life.  My friend, on the other hand, would take his time with things.  When an idea would come his way, he'd spend time thinking about it and preparing for it.  He'd plan and want to make sure everything was perfect and ideal before executing it.  As a result, he'd often never get around to actually implementing that idea and isn't able to get as much done as me.

It occurred to me and became evident exactly how important this quality is.  In my opinion, all successful people have this quality in common and are able to achieve massive results in their life because of it.  The faster you can work and implement things, the faster you'll get ahead and achieve the results you want.  I feel like in many ways I've been able to achieve goals and results in my life at a very young age MUCH faster than most because of this quality.

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Stop Trying To Be Perfect

perfectionismPerfectionism is what stops most people from taking action.  When someone has an idea, they often want to make sure everything is perfect and ideal before taking action on this idea.  STOP IT!  There NEVER will be an ideal time or perfect situation for you to take action on it – you must do it now.  Yes, it won't be perfect – but who cares?  You can always improve and make things better over a period of time.

Nothing on my blog or what I do is “perfect”.  When I first started with this blog, many of my videos and blog posts were crap and not up to the standards they are today.  I recorded many on a crappy digital camera, sometimes even on my iPhone or MacBook.  Did this stop me from putting out content?  No.  I just did it anyways and eventually I was able to learn and improve myself, while investing in better camera equipment.

When I first wrote my book Life Mastery, it had a few spelling errors in it.  That didn't stop me from publishing it and getting it out there.  If I had waited until everything was “perfect” and ideal, then it likely would have taken me years to finally publish that book and get it out there.  Yes, I might get some criticism or complaints here and there – but I just use it as feedback and an opportunity to get better.  I never emotionally react to criticism, I see it as a gift.

I recently just wrote a new Kindle e-book on Kindle Marketing.  How long did it take me to write it?  6 hours.  No exaggeration.  I sat down and just wrote the damn book!  It ended up being 68 pages and over 13,000 words.  I write fast and I work fast.  I don't take many breaks when I'm in a groove, I just let the momentum carry me.  The book just finished getting proof-read and will be up very soon.  This is no “low quality book” either, it's actually extremely high quality and has some powerful insights that will help a lot of people.

All of this is a result of NOT being perfect.  It's a result of taking massive action quickly and using the power of speed of implementation.

Work Faster And You'll Get More Done

how to work fasterYou really need to pick up your work pace.  If you start working faster, you'll get more done.

I think most people throughout working at “jobs” often learn to work slowly.  The reason is because you get paid by the HOUR.  I know for myself, when I had a job, I'd just take my time while doing it and just wait out the clock.  I had zero sense of urgency.  I enjoyed just wasting time and getting through the day, so I could claim my pay check every two weeks.

When you're in business, you don't get paid by the hour.  If you sit around and do nothing all day, you aren't going to get paid for it.  You only get paid for RESULTS.  The hours you work don't matter.  It's all about getting stuff done.  In this case, wouldn't you want to achieve those results as quickly as possible?  If you get what you need to get done faster, you'll benefit from those results sooner.

I used to work with my old brother on job sites here and there when I was younger.  He owns a successful renovations business and is a multi-millionaire now.  I learned about how to work faster from him.  When I would go to work with him, he'd work with purpose and speed.  He'd move faster than all of the other trades and was still able to maintain a very high quality of standard while doing it.  What would take most people to finish framing something or doing the flooring in a house, he'd be able to do in half the time.  He'd never take breaks.  He'd just work and get it done quickly.

While working with my brother, he'd always harp on me to work faster.  He'd tell me to pick up the pace and that the sooner we got this done, the sooner we could get home.  I think this has benefited me today, as I'm the exact same way in my business.  I hammer through my action items like a madman.  When I'm running errands, I walk quickly and just try to get in and out.  When shopping, I make fast decisions and stick with them.

Yes, I could spend more time making sure everything is perfect and making sure my decision is right – but I'd rather just get it out of the way and move on from it.  Will it really make THAT big of a difference those extra hours you're putting in to make sure everything is perfect and ideal?  Probably not.  Most people won't notice or care.  It's your perfectionism that is stopping you.

My Challenge For You

In the 100 Day Challenge, Gary Ryan Blair talks about how success loves speed.  Very true.  That's why I want to challenge you in this blog post to begin working faster on things in your day-to-day life.  Even if you have a job that you don't care about – it doesn't matter.  Speed of implementation is a HABIT and QUALITY that you develop.  The more you practice it, the better you'll be.

Here's my challenge:  I want you to attempt to work TWICE as fast as you currently do.  Take note of the speed at which you work right now.  Take note of how fast you type, how fast you surf the net, how fast you read things, how fast you walk, etc…  and make a conscious effort to move TWICE as fast while doing these things.

When you first start doing this, you'll make some mistakes – but who cares?  You'll get better over time and you'll get more done faster in twice the period of time.  You begin to get ADDICTED to the results you'll be getting and progress faster towards your goals.

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Speed Of Implementation: How To Work Faster And Get More Done
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  • orca

    Perfect article for this monday morning. Love it. Thanks.

  • Sam Clitheroe


    Do you ever have any doubts or fears while taking action so quickly? I lie on the side of being a perfectionist and totally understand what you mean.

    Where is the balance between taking action and planning/preparing? Maybe that question will be different for everyone and be more of an intuitive feel. Would love to hear your input though!

    I’m glad to hear your brother is successful like you. Have you both ever thought of collaboration?


    • Hey Sam, no, I rarely doubt my actions. I just trust them and take action without looking back on the decision I made.

      There is a balance of it, but maybe only about 5% of your time is spent planning, while 95% is in taking action. I plan my year, as well as my week and day, but I do it quickly and then spend my time taking massive action.

  • Charles Titanium Rolland

    This term “Speed of Implementation” resonate so strong within me.
    I love it and will apply this to my Life right now!

    Thx a lot Stefan for this video and that awesome challenge idea!
    Got your KindleMoneyMastery course, workin’ on it!

    Btw, Congrats for your new home!

    • Great, glad it resonates with you! Good luck with Kindle Money Mastery!

  • Zippo

    JUST what I needed – fits perfectly with my situation right now. Thanks for this article man, truly phenomenal content you’ve got on your blog! 😀

  • Lathem

    You are amazing Sefan 🙂 thanks for sharing you gift!

  • Awesome video Stefan. For those of us that are building the habit, what are some ways to remind ourself about working with a sense of urgency/speed?

    • I’d give yourself deadlines and remind yourself that the clock is ticking and that all of the time in your life is depreciating. NOW is the time to do things – and quickly!

  • Nerma

    and yes, this is for me! i wasted a lot of time thinking and overplanning things as i thought i needed it. but as i remember the time when i speeded up memorizing my college literature content, i’ve seen how much i can actually remember in quite short time. i was amazed by myself.
    thank you!

  • sharon

    love that view in front of you! (see in reflection) That is motivation for me to move, get it done now, stop waiting

  • Caleb Tovera

    Challenge accepted stephan!

  • Sergio

    I agree that we should embrace a sense of urgency to get things done. However, to say that multitasking is a demonstration of productivity, as well as driviing and talking on cel phone at the same time, is contradict everything that is recomended when it comes to time Management. In my viés, it is a perfect récipe for …..stress and a possibie heart attack!

  • Manup21

    Your blog is what I inspire mines to become. I love the idea of working at a much faster pace and still maintain the quality…even though most these days say it can’t be done. Ahh well.. thank you for the lessons Stephan 😀

  • Clarice Rachelle

    I am always trying to be super productive throughout the day. Daily to-do lists, weekly tasks, raising a baby, cooking, cleaning, getting a BSIT online, building an ecommerce business (been working on it for the past 7 months). How in the heck do you have enough energy for it all? And how do you make the time for everything? When do you make time for yourself for things like exercise, yoga, hobbies, socializing? And how do you stay motivated when the people around you just want to play video games and watch tv? 🙂

  • Annette S

    I work in retail in a sales support capacity. Until recently I’ve had immense visual problems that have slowed my productivity at work. So much so that I was considering retiring early & getting SS disability. Fortunately I’ve received cataract surgery & see so much better!! I’m to start back to work tomorrow. I need to believe I CAN be faster now though I’m STILL
    PARTIALLY BLIND. NOW I’M AFRAID THAT MY BOSSES WILL EXPECT MORE OUT OF ME THAN I CAN DELIVER. I get what you mean by perfection causing me not to take action=”risks” in my minds eye. I over think things constantly. Can you suggest some nutshell thoughts I can make into “mantras” for myself?

  • Whitney Henson

    Great value shared – thank you!

  • soudeh ayanifard

    Hi Stefan. I really understand your point of view and I’m at the same page with you on getting done things as fast as possible. My question is if I don’t have enough information about something that I want to do without researching before taking the action how possibly I can be successful on that action?