Taking Responsibility For Everything In Your Life


You are responsible for everything in your life.

I know that might sound uncomfortable to hear.  You may even deny it.

However, I want to invite you to take on this belief because it has the ability to change your life.

You see, when you use excuses or blame others in your life, you're giving up your control.  You're basically saying that “this happened because of XYZ and there's nothing I can do about it” and as a result, you're powerless.

If you're overweight, but blame your genetics, your parents, the fast-food industry, etc… then how will you ever get yourself to lose weight?

You can't, because you've come up with a story that is now limiting you.

However, if you take ownership of your life and circumstances, you now have the power to change it.  You're taking responsibility for it, acknowledging that on some level it's only yourself to blame for what's happened to you.

YOU make EVERY decision of your life.  You decide where to work, who to be in a relationship with, what to put into your body, and everything else.  Nobody is holding a gun to your head.

Therefor, YOU are responsible for your life and what happens to you.

The great news is, YOU are also in control and have the power to create what you want to have happen as well!

In this video blog, I talk more about taking responsibility for your life and give some examples on how you can step up.

Watch the video below:

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Taking Responsibility For Everything In Your Life
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  • Eric Payne

    Hey Stefan, I’m loving all the video content you are putting out. I check in every day or 2 and there seems to be a new video up almost every time. Just wanna let you know I appreciate you and all the work you are doing to help motivate and inspire people like me!


    • Thanks Eric, my team and I are working hard! We have a lot more coming. Thanks for being a subscriber and for the comment. 🙂