Day 1: Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within Review – Turn Fear Into Power


tony robbins unleash the power within reviewI recently got back from the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within seminar in New Jersey, and it was INCREDIBLE. It was my 4th time attending Unleash The Power Within and every time I've attended the event, my life has gone to another level.

During the 4-day total immersion seminar, I recorded a lot of video and filled a notebook full of notes. I wanted to create a detailed Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Review to share all of the powerful lessons from the event, along with the magic moments of the experience.

Before I get into the content and some of the specific lessons that I learned, I want to share with you a video that I created as an Unleash The Power Within Preview.

Watch the video below:

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In this Unleash The Power Within Review, I will be making a blog post on each of the 4 days of the seminar. It turned out that I have so much video footage and information to share, that to put it on a single blog post would be MASSIVE. This Day 1 of Unleash The Power Within blog post is already going to be big enough as it is.

Day 1 of Unleash The Power Within – Turn Fear Into Power

Before Day 1 of Unleash The Power Within, I recorded a video blog in my hotel room to share a bit about what my outcome is for the event and my experience of how Tony Robbins has already changed my life for the better.

Watch the quick 4-minute video below:

(Click here to watch the video on YouTube)

I arrived at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey on Thursday morning, and the moment you walk in you start to feel the incredible energy and enthusiasm. You're there in a massive room filled with over 5,000 other eager participants, ready to take your life to the next level.

At the start of each day, there are “Warm-up Dancers” that get up on stage to hype the crowd up. They basically get you warmed up, engaging your physiology, dancing and having a great time to the music that they're playing. Energy is an important part of the Unleash The Power Within experience, as you want to make sure you're in a peak state and fully absorbing all of the information going on during the event.

This is NOT like your “typical” seminar. The use of music, lightning, and energy gets the 5,000 participants fired up and ready to play full out. The energy piece is huge, because the information you consume gets ASSOCIATED to the emotional state that you're in. So if you learn something amazing and you're in a passive state, then that gets linked to it, and you're not likely to apply it. Whereas if you learn something amazing and you're in a state of ACTION, then you're more likely to apply what you've learned.

When Tony Robbins came out on stage, the energy was electrifying. Everyone was pumped up, jumping up and down, cheering. “Tonight's gonna be a good night!” were the lyrics that were being played while Tony ran onto stage, and everyone was ready to rock.

One of the first things that Tony talked about is that nobody is ever “broken”. He says that we all have specific patterns or conditioning that we run again and again, and that these patterns are NOT who we really are. For example, feeling depressed is not who you are, it's just a pattern that you run again and again. Frustration is a pattern. Anger is a pattern. And guess what? So is happiness, excitement, passion, and confidence. Smoking is a pattern, over-eating is a pattern, drinking, etc… the important thing that he says is that it is NOT who we are, and that we can change these patterns in minutes.

It's hard to change yourself. But it's easy to change a pattern.

Another powerful moment that I enjoyed was when Tony talks about how we are good at what we're obsessed about. We have all specific areas of our lives that we're good at, because we've put focus into it. If you put focus into eating, you become good at it. If you put focus into being depressed, you become good at it. In the same way, there are other amazing areas we're good at as well – such as finances, health, fitness, our careers, relationships, etc…

He makes a good point, which is that we're all superior to one another at SOMETHING.

Failure and devastation are some of the most important things that can happen to us, because they are either going to break you or create drive.

When people succeed, they party. When they fail, they ponder. And rarely at a party do you change your life. But when you ponder, you're going to take your life to another level.

One of the big lessons that Tony talked about is how the REASON why we do anything is not what we originally think. For example, people asked the participants in the audience “Why did you come here?” and most people had answers such as, “To make more money” or “To be more confident” or “To achieve XYZ result in my life”.

The reality is, we're not after what we think – what we're REALLY after is a certain FEELING.

Tony Robbins describes this as our own personal “blueprint”. For example, what you REALLY may be after is a feeling of “happiness”, but you have conditioned yourself to believe that in order to feel happy, you must achieve XYZ result. These are our RULES, which are basically belief systems that we have set up.

The truth is, we can have those feelings RIGHT NOW. We don't have to wait.

Everyone has a story of what we are after and all the things we think have to happen to get there. But the truth is, YOU are the one that is going to make yourself feel the way you want when you get there.

This is such a powerful part of the event, as most of us have a blueprint that is set up to make us miserable. If your blueprint is to feel happy and you have a ton of rules in order to feel happy, then you're limiting yourself and not allowing yourself to experience what you're after most in life.

You can either CHANGE your rules about how to get what you're after and feel it now, or change your blueprint.

Tony Robbins ended up doing an intervention with a girl at the seminar who had a blueprint to feel happy, but had a ton of rules such as “I need to control everything” and “Everything has to be fair”, which was basically making her miserable as those rules weren't achievable.

One of the things that this discussion led to was being aligned with our true nature of either masculine or feminine. Turns out, this woman had become masculine as she was trying to control everything and wasn't allowing her feminine spirit to be unleashed. Whenever we get away from our true nature, we're going to be unhappy no matter what.

The discussions about masculine and feminine were some of the most powerful segments of Day 1 of Unleash The Power Within – I received a lot of value from it, especially with aligning myself with my masculine core as a man.

At the end of this video, this led to Tony Robbins talking about the two master areas of life:

1) The Science of Achievement

Any result you want to achieve in your life, there is a science to it. Meaning, there are specific steps or strategies that will get you almost any result you're after. If you want to make a certain amount of money, there are steps to do that. If you want to lose weight, there is a science to that as well.

2) The Art of Fulfillment

While most of us are focused on how to achieve more, we often forget about the area of life that is more important: the Art of Fulfillment. Being fulfilled is an ART, as what makes you fulfilled is different than for someone else. Most people think that once they achieve XYZ, then they will be happy. In fact, if you focus on being fulfilled first, you will achieve your results much easier and more efficiently.

Being aligned with your nature of masculine or feminine is a key component of being fulfilled.

One of my favorite parts of Day 1 of Unleash The Power Within is with the video above, where Tony Robbins got all the men in the room into a state of masculine power. He talks about what masculine energy is and helped the men engage that part of themselves.

The energy was so powerful – I felt completely in my masculine presence. It was powerful to hear the response from the women in the audience, many of them shared how they felt “safe” and “protected” by us being in that masculine state.

A man who hasn't found something he's willing to die for isn't fit to live.
Martin Luther King 

Tony talks about how masculinity for a man is a feeling FREEDOM – it's that feeling when you conquer something and feel totally free. He also talks about how men need to have a clear purpose, something that is more than yourself, and something that you're willing to die for.

Not only that, but POLARITY is so important while in a relationship. There always must be a masculine and feminine force in order for there to be attraction and passion. Tony talks about how most men are feminine today, whereas most women are becoming more masculine. This is taking away from our nature, thus making us unfulfilled.


One of the biggest things I got from Unleash The Power Within, and part of the reason why I went back for my 4th time, is the concept of your EMOTIONAL STATE.

Tony Robbins talks about how our EMOTIONS are what control and determine the quality of our lives.

Moment to moment, there are three things that control our emotional state. Tony Robbins calls this the “Emotional Triad”.

1) A Pattern of Physiology

How you use your physical body, such as breath, posture, movement.

2) A Pattern of Focus

Whatever you focus on, you will feel.

3) A Pattern of Language/Meaning

As soon as we put words to an experience, it changes the meaning we experience.

State is the most important skill that we can ever learn in life, which is the ability to change how we feel.  In the above video, Tony takes you through a process of asking specific questions to change your focus, thus changing your state.

The highlight of Day 1 of Unleash The Power Within is the “Firewalk Experience“, which almost everyone at the event participates in. It's basically walking across a bed of burning hot coals that are 1200-2000 degrees fahrenheit about 12-feet long.

The Firewalk is a metaphor for overcoming fear in your life, which is the only thing that stops us.

Fear is the only thing that stops us.

While we all experience countless variations of fear, there are two primary fears that all human beings share:

1) We're not enough.

2) We won't be loved.

The only way to conquer fear and get yourself to walk over fire is to get yourself in a state of absolutely CERTAINTY.

We accomplish this state of certainty by changing our emotional triad: our physiology, focus, and language. This was a big focus at the event, which is why Tony Robbins gets us standing up and jumping up and down – this engages your physiology, changing your state.

At the peak of the emotional state we're in, we say “YES!” to build an anchor and associate that state to the gesture of saying “YES!”. This allows us to come back to that state almost anytime we want.

The state that we are in controls what we will and will not do. It controls every behaviour we have, even whether or not we take action. If you get yourself in the right state, you can get yourself to do anything.

How you feel, your emotional state, is simply a pattern that you run. You have patterns of emotions that you experience again and again. Whatever you feel most consistently is what you have CONDITIONED, as whatever emotional states you condition most become “home” for you.

If you want to feel more confidence, you have to CONDITION that state daily to put yourself in that state, and eventually it will become automatic. The same goes with feeling passion, excitement, or any other emotion you want to experience.

Again, STATE is by far the most important thing I've learned from Tony Robbins and at Unleash The Power Within. It's something that has personally changed my life, and something that I continue to condition every day. I put myself in a state of level 10 every single day, and the more I do it, it becomes habitual.

Whenever I notice myself feeling tired, lazy, depressed, angry, frustrated, etc… I immediately interrupt that pattern and put myself in the state that I want to be in. If you do this enough times, you will automatically feel the way you want to be feeling consistently. It won't take any effort.

Tony gives a great metaphor, comparing your STATE to being a muscle. The more you push yourself to be in state, the stronger it gets. The way you grow a muscle is to push yourself beyond what you're used to. When you don't feel like being in that peak state, that is when you need to push yourself to go there. If you can do that, you get all the growth.

There were so many other powerful lessons from Day 1 of Unleash The Power Within that I haven't gotten into, such as your 6 Human Needs, which are the reasons we do anything. I won't be going into them here, but I can recommend any of Tony Robbins products or seminars if you want to learn more about it.

I arrived back to my hotel around 2:00AM and I decided to record a video blog of all the biggest lessons that stood out for me for the day, and have it posted below. As you can tell, I'm in a pretty awesome state, despite my body feeling physically exhausted and having lost my voice. 🙂

(Click here to watch the video on YouTube)

That just about sums up the highlights of Day 1. I hope you enjoyed this Unleash The Power Within Review.

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I would love to hear your comments and what your thoughts are so far, leave them below!

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FULL DISCLOSURE: I was actually contacted by the Tony Robbins team to partner with them in their affiliate program, as well as to offer my subscribers a $20 off site-wide coupon.  So if you want to purchase any Tony Robbins programs or products, CLICK HERE and use the coupon code MASTERY on checkout to save $20.  Please note that I am now an “affiliate” for Tony Robbins and benefit financially if you decide to purchase through my link.


Day 1: Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within Review – Turn Fear Into Power
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    AWESOME man!! I was looking forward to this!

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    YES!! YES!! YES!! Haha love this man, UPW was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Tony Robbins is the man, he originally helped me get my life together a few years back after I read Awaken The Giant Within (great book btw). Are you going to attend the Mastery University anytime?

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    Mixed feelings on the “true nature” idea. We are all conditioned from birth to be “masculine” or “feminine.”  These are just ideas enforced by society. People need to find their own path and decide what their true nature is. Pink used to be a masculine colour and blue was feminine. Now it’s the opposite, but pink has become fashionable for men. There is nothing inherently masculine or feminine about blue or pink but what is the first thing a baby girl or boy is jammed into when they are little? Pink and blue clothing, based on the masculine or feminine perceptions of their parents who are also conditioned. We all get placed into roles but only those who realize that it’s an illusion can become free from these restraints, if they don’t like it.

    • Great points. I think the message is to be true to who you really are, instead of covering it up with who you THINK you should be.

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