Day 3: Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within Review – Break Through To Your New Life


tony robbins oprahDay 3 of Unleash The Power Within is probably the most powerful of the 4-day total immersion event. It's called “Transformation Day” and Tony Robbins is back live, in-person, with the thousands of attendees ready to rock to the next level. Make sure you check out the lessons and videos from Day 1 of my Unleash The Power Within Review and Day 2 of my Unleash The Power Within Review before reading the rest of this.

In my review of day 3, I have more cool videos and lessons for you that I recorded. I literally have pages of notes that I'd like to share here, along with some powerful video footage of some the best moments. I hope you enjoy them!

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Day 3 of Unleash The Power Within – Break Through To Your New Life

During the morning of day 3 of Unleash The Power Within, I recorded another quick video at my hotel in New Jersey before heading out to the seminar.

Watch this quick 1-minute video below:

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The Wheel of Life

One of the first things Tony Robbins talked about is what he calls “The Wheel Of Life”, which illustrates the different areas of life. He separates those areas into:

1. Physical Body
2. Emotions & Meaning
3. Relationships
4. Time
5. Work/Career/Mission
6. Finances
7. Celebrate & Contribute: Spiritual Sense

We did a fun exercise that helped us elevate where we're currently at in each area. We rated each area on a scale from 0-10, with 10 being where we really want to be. For some, physical body is at a high level, while other areas such as finances might be a lower area. Everyone is stronger in some areas than others, which is usually determined by the amount of focus you put into each area.

For example, if you're doing really well in your physical body, it's most likely because you're giving it focus. If you're doing really well in your finances, you're giving it focus. The areas you're not doing well in aren't getting much focus, hence why they're suffering.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

 Tony talks about the importance of balance, and about how we constantly need to grow and improve each area of life. He calls this the “3 Pillars of Progress”.

The 3 Pillars of Progress

tony robbins unleash the power withinDuring day 1 of my Unleash The Power Within Review, I mentioned how Tony Robbins talks about how progress is what makes us happy. If you're making progress, you feel alive. When you're not making progress, you feel dead inside. Tony says if you're making progress in an area of your life (or want to make progress), there are 3 keys to it.

1. Get Laser-Focused, Make It Clear And Compelling

The first step is to clarify the results you desire in your life. What is your definition of an extraordinary life? What do you need to take your life to the next level? Without a clear and compelling vision for what you want today, you won't be able to find the target of lasting happiness, let alone hit it. If you have the courage to face the truth of where you are, you will discover the path to where you want to be.

For each area of your Wheel of Life, you need to know what you want and why you want it. This goes back to the Ultimate Success Formula as mentioned in day 2 of my Unleash The Power Within Review.

2. Get The Best Tools/Map/Strategy/Coaching For Results

Once you've defined your target, you need an effective and efficient game plan to hit it. In order to close the “gap” between where you are and where you want to be, you need a proven map, an effective mentor, and training to drive you to take action.

To find an effective strategy or map, the best way to do it is to find a mentor or coach. Find someone that has the results that you want. For example, if you want an incredible body, find someone that has that and learn their strategy and method. If you follow their strategy, you can get the same results as them. The same goes for finances, relationships, or virtually any other area of your life.

Do NOT try to re-invent the wheel. There's so many times in my life that I resisted finding a coach or mentor, and it's what was limiting me and holding me back. The truth is, if you think “I can do it on my own”, then the reality is you would have done it by now, right?

For me personally, this has been my secret to fast-tracking my success in different areas of my life. Over the years, I've had many different life coaches, such as Jairek Robbins. I've had diet/nutrition coaches, such as Dr. Joe Klemczewski, personal trainers, dating/relationship coaches, business coaches, etc… Whatever area of life I want to be successful at, I find mentors/coaches.

Not only that, but I use seminars, online programs, audio/video programs, and books to find the right strategies and roadmap. For example, attending Unleash The Power Within with Tony Robbins or the Millionaire Mind Intensive with T. Harv Eker.

3. Get Into Action! Unlock And Unleash Alignment And Integration

However, sometimes the tools are not enough: you need to unlock what's blocking you and unleash your power. Why is it that sometimes we know what to do, we have great motives for change, and yet we fail to follow through? What's missing is a practical understanding of human psychology: why we do what we do and how to change it. By understanding your personal blueprint, how you create meaning and emotion and what causes you to think, feel, and behave the way you do, you can not only gain the answers to these questions, but learn how to create lasting change and fulfillment.

Some of the inner conflicts we have that are blocking us are things like, “I want to be a millionaire, yet I want to sleep til noon.” Or it may be “I want to have washboard abs, but never want to exercise.”  None of those things work, thus are holding you back from taking massive action.

Once you align with the right beliefs and mindset, taking action becomes easy.

Peak State Of Absolute Certainty

Throughout the entire event we're constantly conditioning our emotional state. One of my favourite parts of day 3 was Tony Robbins getting us into a peak state of absolute certainty. It's when you're in that peak state of certainty, nothing can stop you. All the fear and limitations disappear. And if you get yourself in a state of certainty, you can get yourself to do ANYTHING, as demonstrated on day 1 with the fire walk experience.

Think about your goal or desire in this state – absolute certainty, where you will either find the way, or make the way. 

How many things in life looked totally impossible in the moment? But if your brain is obsessed to make it happen, and you have total certainty and creativity, ANYTHING you want to make happen can happen… even the stuff that seems impossible. Do you want it bad enough? Will you do whatever it takes?

You have to be ready when the opportunity is there. You have to be ready to create the opportunity, to make the opportunity.

How did we get into that peak state of certainty? I explain the Emotional Triad during my day 1 Unleash The Power Within Review.

One thing that Tony Robbins mentions is that certainty, just like any other emotional state, is a strategy. We did an exercise at the event where we paired up with a partner, got into a peak state of certainty, and they told us what we did with our bodies to get into that state. For example, in total certainty, your shoulders are back, your chest is up, you're breathing fully, moving a certain way, speak a certain way, have more punctuated gestures, take up more space, etc… If you execute the strategy for certainty, you can feel it any time that you want.

Another one of my favourite exercises was when in this state of certainty, we walked around the room and looked into peoples eyes with this absolute certainty. It felt so powerful to do that.

The key thing that I took from this day was that I need to CONDITION this state of certainty on a daily basis. The more I condition it, the more natural it will be. I can literally live in this state daily if I condition it enough.

How do you condition certainty?  There's a few ways…

1. Incantations

This is basically saying out loud with emotional intensity your new empowering beliefs. For example, you could say out loud again and again, “I am totally confident! I am unstoppable!” This has to be a daily ritual.

Conditioning is the way I get myself to follow through.

Whether you follow through consistently or not is dependant on the state you've conditioned yourself to be in.

2. Engage Physiology

You need to engage your physiology into the peak state of certainty daily. This means putting on music, making your move, saying YES out loud, walking a certain way, moving a certain way, breathing a certain way, etc… The more you do this, the more automatic it becomes.

3. Control Focus

Another way is to use my focus to get myself into a state of certainty daily. I could remember and visualize times in my life when I was totally certain and confident. Or I could ask questions, such as “What would I focus on to feel totally certain?” or “How can I feel totally certain and confident right now?”

The important thing is that it must be done DAILY, just like as if you'd workout your muscles at the gym. You have to push yourself when it's uncomfortable and when you don't want to do it – that's where all the growth and progress comes from.

The Secret to Success and Happiness

tony robbins unleash the power within reviewIf you want to know the secret to success and happiness, then this is it. Tony Robbins summed up the secret into three words:

Raise your standards.

That's it. Sound pretty simple, right?  It is.

Tony describes that there are four primary standards that people live at. The first, is the standard  of POOR. If you do a poor job at something, what kind of rewards do you get? Usually you get NOTHING. No rewards.

The next level is the standard of GOOD. If you do a good job at something, most people think they get good rewards, right? NOPE. If you do a good job, you get POOR rewards. When people say, “I'm a really good man, why did my wife leave me?” or “I'm a really good parent, why are my kids on drugs?” or “I'm a really good employee, why did I get fired?”  The problem is because you were GOOD.  Good is not good enough, unfortunately, especially in today's day and age.

Next is the standard of EXCELLENT, which is what most achievers like you and I play at, right? This is people that are committed to learning, growing, doing an excellent job, working hard, disciplined, etc… Here's the thing: if you do an excellent job at something, while you'd also think you get excellent rewards…. NOPE again, you only get good rewards. This pisses off people like you and I, because we put in a ton of work and effort into something and hate getting only good rewards.

Most people that the level of excellent is all that they have, that there is nothing more to give. No way. There is always another level that you can tap into, and that standard is called OUTSTANDING. This is where you STAND OUT from everyone else. It's tapping into a different side of yourself where you give it every ounce of who you are and leave it all on the table. This is the level that olympic gold medalists play at, it's the difference between the person that wins the Gold Medal and the person that comes in 4th place.

What kind of rewards does the outstanding person get? They get ALL THE REWARDS. They get all the respect, the admiration, the prizes, the success, etc… The person that wins gold gets it all, whereas the person that is the 4th fastest in the world gets NOTHING – only the experience of being at the olympics.

We need to constantly make sure we're raising our standards, in all areas of our lives. This is what allows us to grow and make continual progress, which equals lasting happiness and fulfillment. It's important to get around others that have higher standards than you do.

The Dickens Process: How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs

The Dickens Process is something that Tony Robbins developed to change any of your limiting beliefs that are stopping you. This is by far the MOST POWERFUL process of Unleash The Power Within. It's the most life-changing experience I've ever been through in my entire life, which keeps me going back to UPW again and again.  The Dickens Process is why it's called “Transformation Day”.

1. Identify The Limiting Belief Or Pattern

We first had to identify the three limiting beliefs that are currently stopping you in your life. For example, limiting beliefs like:

“I'm too young.”
“I'm too old.”
“I'm not good enough.”
“I don't have the time.”
“I don't have the education.”
“I don't have the money.”
“People are XYZ…”
“I am XYZ…”
 “Life is CYZ…”

An important thing to understand is that our BELIEFS are what control and determine every decision and behaviour we make in our lives. The fact that you're reading this blog right now is based on your beliefs. What you decided to wear right now is based on your beliefs. And every other decision you're ever going to make.

The problem is, most of our beliefs we didn't consciously choose – we had certain experiences that made us interpret things a different way and develop a belief, or we adopted beliefs from our peers growing up. Everyone has limiting beliefs that are holding them back in their lives, and the Dickens Process is designed to help anyone change those beliefs.

2. Get Leverage On Yourself

Once you've identified your limiting beliefs, you need to ask yourself, What negative consequences have you already experienced as a result of these beliefs?”

The ONLY way to make a change in your life is to get LEVERAGE on yourself. To change a limiting belief, you must associate massive, immediate, unbearable levels of pain to those limiting beliefs. You must literally stack the pain so intensely that to not change isn't an option. During the Dickens Process, Tony Robbins stacked the consequences of having these limiting beliefs for 5, 10, 20 years down the road… and made us look at how these limiting beliefs are affecting every other area of our lives. Very powerful stuff.

3. Create New Empowering Belief Or Alternative

Once we had linked pain to the limiting belief, the next step was to create an empowering alternative. This is simply done by looking at the antithesis, or the opposite of the limiting belief.  What would you need to believe instead?  What is the truth that will set you free?

If your old limiting belief was “I'm too young”, then your new empowering belief would be “Youth is passin and energy!”.  Or if your old limiting belief was “I don't have the money”, the new empowering belief would be “I make the money for whatever I'm committed to!”

The key is to pick a new story or alternative that is EMPOWERING moving forward.

Once you've got your new empowering belief, there's a process that we did which helps us interrupt the old limiting belief or pattern, and then condition the new empowering belief or alternative. This process, as I said, is one of the most life-changing things I've ever experienced.

We wrapped up the Dickens Process by doing a chant called Now I Am The Voice”.

Now I am the Voice.
I will lead, not follow.
I will believe, not doubt.
I will create, not destroy.
I am a Force for Good.
I am a Leader.
Defy the odds!
Set a new standard!
Step Up!

 3 Steps To Mastery

tony robbins upw masteryWe wrapped up day 3 of Unleash The Power Within by talking about the 3 Steps to Mastery, which is largely based upon the book Mastery by George Leonard.

The path to mastering anything, whether it's your job, your relationship, your family, or your finances, comes from using three tools. Following these three simple steps will help you to create phenomenal results in any area of your life.

1. Model someone who's already achieved what you want.

As mentioned earlier, the fastest way to master anything is to find a role model, mentor or coach that you can model after. You need to find the best, someone that already has the results you want. This is how you compress decades into days.

2. Total Immersion.

If you want to learn a language like Spanish, which would help you learn faster? By either taking a class once a week, or spending a week in Spain? Of course, spending a week in Spain, because you're IMMERSED in the culture. This is why seminars and events ar so powerful, because when you immerse yourself at an event such as Unleash The Power Within, you are out of your environment and re-wiring all your beliefs and conditioning in a matter of days.

3. Spaced Repetition

Once you've used total immersion, the next piece to make it lasting is through spaced repetition. For example, Unleash The Power Within or any seminar is a perfect example of this. You're modelling someone for 4-days who is the best, such as Tony Robbins, and you're totally immersed. After the Unleash The Power Within or any other event, you need to make sure that you have a coach or attend a class or something on a regular basis to keep reinforcing and conditioning the materials. This is what will help you master it.

This almost sums up this Unleash The Power Within Review. As you can imagine, there was so much more going on at the event that it'd be impossible to put into words. I just have a final two Tony Robbins videos to share with you before wrapping it up.

I hope you enjoyed this detailed review.  As you can tell, I put a lot into it. It has been fun for me so far as it's an opportunity for me to reinforce the material and internalize it at a deeper level. The best way to learn something is to teach it, right?

There is still ONE MORE day of UPW remaining. That's Day 4, one of the most important days, where Joseph McClendon III is back to the stage to teach us the Power of Pure Energy.

Click here for Day 4 of my Unleash The Power Within Review

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FULL DISCLOSURE: I was actually contacted by the Tony Robbins team to partner with them in their affiliate program, as well as to offer my subscribers a $20 off site-wide coupon.  So if you want to purchase any Tony Robbins programs or products, CLICK HERE and use the coupon code MASTERY on checkout to save $20.  Please note that I am now an “affiliate” for Tony Robbins and benefit financially if you decide to purchase through my link.

Day 3: Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within Review – Break Through To Your New Life
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