WHY YOU WILL FAIL (And What To Do About It)

why you will fail

I want to share with you why you will fail (and what to do about it). Have you ever wondered why you aren't achieving your goals? It all comes down to your mindset.

In my opinion, there has been too much focus on teaching people how to set goals, and less attention on how to actually achieve them. Don't get me wrong. Setting goals is important, but a goal means nothing unless you actualize it.

When it comes to achieving their goals, unfortunately a lot of people end up hitting a roadblock, and their motivation comes to a standstill. This is referred to as a plateau. 

At this point, it’s common for people to give up. This is why you will fail (and what to do about it). Are you ready to learn how you can commit to mastery and achieve the goals that you desire?

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Oftentimes, when people encounter a plateau, they start to dabble, which starts a negative cycle of procrastination, discouragement, excuses, and laziness. This is why you will fail.

Eventually, this process is repeated and the cycle continues. I call this process the pyramid of pain, because that’s exactly what it creates. People stop believing in themselves because of the pain associated with their failures.

There is only one reason why you haven’t achieved your goals in life. You stopped – believing, trying, growing, learning, and taking action.

The difference between someone that is successful versus everyone else is that when things get tough, they don't stop. What do you do when you hit a plateau?

Everyone hits plateaus on the road to achieving their goals. It’s called life. However, the good news is that there are things that you can do in order to get past them quickly. Commitment is essential for achieving any goal in life, and the only way to achieve your goals is to commit to mastery.

Rather than seeing their goals through, a dabbler jumps from one thing to next, because they struggle with the shiny object syndrome. As a result, they never master anything in life. This is why you will fail! But committing to mastery is what you can do about it. 

You don’t master something by reinventing the wheel. Rather, you learn and model the behavior of someone else who has achieved the same result that you are after. This is the best way to accelerate the process of achieving your goals.

The dabbler tends to give up when things get tough, because they don’t have access to resources that will allow them to break through the plateaus that are holding them back.

Alternatively, the master looks for a mentor or coach who can help them anticipate the plateaus that are going to occur so that they can take the necessary steps in order to avoid them.

Sure, you will still hit plateaus, but when you do, it won’t set you back to the beginning, because you will have someone there, helping to put you back on track.

Don’t be a dabbler. Commit to mastery. Be resourceful, learn from the best, and do something every day that moves you closer to what you want to achieve in life. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back.

In the words of Napoleon Bonaparte, “Victory belongs to the most persevering.” Once you start moving towards your goal, don’t stop. It could mean the difference between success or failure. 

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WHY YOU WILL FAIL (And What To Do About It)
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