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I'm committed to helping you build your online business with the Amazing Selling Machine and I REALLY want to see you succeed. That's why I'm stacking the deck in your favor and GIVING YOU this irresistible package of bonuses worth over $9,349 for FREE when you commit to joining the Amazing Selling Machine (only available for a limited time).

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 What Is The Amazing Selling Machine And How Has It Changed My Life?

The Amazing Selling Machine, known as the #1 online training program of all time, is an 8-week online training program that teaches you how to build a successful online business by selling on Amazon.  

I originally joined the Amazing Selling Machine back in 2014 with my girlfriend, Tatiana.

At the time, even though I was already earning a nice 6-figure income from publishing on Amazon, I still felt that I needed a comprehensive online training program that could teach me how to successfully private label and sell physical products on Amazon. 

Stefan James Amazing Selling Machine

That's why I joined the Amazing Selling Machine.  

In the past, I learned the hard way. I stubbornly attempted to learn from all the "free" information available online, through Google and YouTube, which only made me lost, confused, frustrated, disappointed, and ultimately ended up costing me thousands of dollars. I was known as what I refer to as a "dabbler", which is what kept me broke for many years until I finally learned the process of mastery.  

Today, I never try to re-invent the wheel and have always believed that the fastest way to success is to invest in the best quality training to take you from A to Z. This is how you really master something.  

As a result of joining Amazing Selling Machine, I was able to start and build a supplement brand on Amazon, as well as other online brands that have made me six-figures online.  

Not only that, but my fiance Tatiana has been able to build her brand, Luxx Health, to where she is now earning a consistent $50,000+ per month at only 24 years old.  

The Amazing Selling Machine changed our lives, and so many others. That's why I can confidently stand behind this program and recommend it to you.  

I’m a huge fan of the Amazing Selling Machine. It has totally changed my life.  

It’s also been rated the #1 online training program of all time, simply due to the thousands of success stories that this amazing program has produced. Instead of creating my own online training program, I’ve decided to partner up and become an affiliate of the Amazing Selling Machine.  

On this page I’ve put together a limited time, irresistible Amazing Selling Machine bonus package that I refer to as the "ASM Accelerator" for anyone that decides to join through my affiliate link and wants to work with me to building their own Amazon business.

Get These Extra Bonuses Worth $9,349 For FREE When You Join The Amazing Selling Machine!

If you're looking to accelerate your success with the Amazing Selling Machine, to make the process of building your Amazon business faster, easier, stress-free and more enjoyable than ever... then I've got a special bonus package for you. :-) 

I’ve decided that I am going to make available an exclusive bonus offer for those interested in joining the Amazing Selling Machine, which will only be available for a limited amount of time.

I call these bonuses the "ASM Accelerator", because that's exactly what it does... it helps you accelerate your results and success with the Amazing Selling Machine.

Here’s how it works…

If you purchase the Amazing Selling Machine (by following instructions below), then you will not only receive EVERYTHING that Amazin Selling Machine is offern you (including their bonuses), but you will also receive the following bonuses for FREE! 

✅ Affiliate Marketing Mastery Training Program ($1997 Value)

You will get instant access to my flagship Affiliate Marketing Mastery training program, which is the perfect compliment to the Amazing Selling Machine, as it will teach you how to build your online brand and market any product that you choose. That includes your own products that you'll launch through the Amazing Selling Machine. You'll also learn affiliate marketing strategies that will provide another income stream to your online business.  

This course teaches the exact strategies I've used to build Project Life Mastery to where it is today - with over 600,000 YouTube subscribers, 30 million video views (1,200,000 views/month), 130,000 unique website/blog visitors per month, an e-mail list of over 300,000 subscribers, thousands of social media followers, and ultimately a 7-figure per year online brand.  

This comprehensive training program includes over 70 step-by-step tutorial videos (30+ hours of content), with downloadable PDF's and a private Facebook group community. 

✅ 12 Months Access To The Online Business Mastery Accelerator ($1197 Value)

For 12 months, you will be apart of my monthly mentoring program called the Online Business Mastery Accelerator, which is designed to help you accelerate your success through your online business.  

You will get to join me on LIVE monthly mentoring sessions where I'll be teaching you the newest, most cutting-edge online business and marketing strategies that compliment what you will learn inside the Amazing Selling Machine, while also answering your questions every single month. This will ensure that you never get stuck, lost, or confused along your journey. And someone is always there for you, pulling you towards success.  

Ultimately, you will have an experienced Internet multi-millionaire in your corner that has been through the Amazing Selling Machine and has helped thousands of people make money online on Amazon. We already have an amazing group of Amazon sellers that I've been working with apart of this program and community, so it's a fantastic way to network and connect with other Amazon masters!

✅ My List Of 100 Profitable Amazon Product Opportunities ($1000 Value)  

Stuck finding a profitable product to sell on Amazon? I've got you covered.

In this bonus, I've put together a list of 100 products that I've personally vetted and deem profitable to sell on Amazon. This will save you several days, maybe even weeks of research. I've even shared my thoughts and opinions on these products, so you can really get a good idea of what makes a product a "winner" on Amazon.  

Not many people will have access to these products - so you'll get a huge advantage!

✅ My Amazon Product Launch Strategy & Checklist ($500 Value)

When I launch any product online, it is usually a 5-figure or 6-figure launch.  

How? Because I have a specific strategy that I follow, which includes spending extra time during what I call the "Pre-Pre Launch" and the "Pre-Launch".  

You never just want to throw a product up online and hope it succeeds. Just like a new movie being released or the new iPhone, you want to create a lot of buzz, excitement, and anticipation. This is what will propel your Amazon product to the top, getting a lot of sales in a short period of time as well as a lot of Amazon reviews.  

In this training, I provide you with a video that reveals the 4-step strategy I follow for launching an Amazon product (or any product, for that matter), along with a PDF checklist to ensure you hit the ground running with the launch of your product. This compliments what you learn in Amazing Selling Machine, going so much deeper and sharing a lot of strategies not mentioned anywhere else.  

✅ Done-For-You Wordpress Website With WooCommerce Store ($500 Value)

If you're going to sell online, you need a website. By having a website for your brand, it'll make you more credible when approaching suppliers and demonstrate that you're a legitimate business to your customers.  

As a special bonus, I'll have my team set up for you and install your own website. We'll install Wordpress with a StudioPress Premium theme of your choice, along with install and configure 10 essential plugins that you'll need for having a fast, search engine-friendly website that you can use to grow your business.  

We'll even install WooCommerce, which will allow you to sell your products on your own website so you can integrate with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)! You just have to pay for your own hosting and domain using Bluehost and we'll take care of the rest.  

As a beginner, it can be overwhelming to learn how to set up your own website - I know it took me a long time to learn everything I know about Wordpress, SEO (search engine optimization), WooCommerce and how to effectively integrate everything. I want to save you a lot of time and money by doing this for you, so that you don't have to!

✅ Done-For-You Amazon Launch Funnel With Email List ($1000 Value)  

When you're ready to launch your product on Amazon, it's extremely important to offer a "limited time discount" to help get a lot of sales and a lot of verified Amazon reviews. This will help boost your products rankings on Amazon and lead to a lot of organic sales.  

In order to do this successfully, you need to create a "funnel" so that you can build your email list, get a lot of sales and follow up to get Amazon reviews. I personally use a tool called ClickFunnels for this, which allows you to create your own funnels inexpensively (it'd normally cost a lot to hire a web designer yourself). Here's an example of a funnel that I've used with great success for one of my Amazon products.  

As a bonus, I will GIVE YOU this funnel for free and set it up for you with your Amazon product listing details, saving you time and money from having to create it yourself from scratch. I know most people aren't "tech savvy" and can be intimidated by these sort of things. I also know that your time is valuable and likely limited, which is why I want to save you a lot of time from having to set this up yourself. I've trained my team to be able to do the manual work for you - all you need is a ClickFunnels and Aweber account, and my team will take care of the rest. Here's what we'll do for you:  

  • Set up your Optin page and Thank You page, based on the details you provide from your Amazon listing and make sure they're mobile-friendly and responsive. We'll add your product images, bullets and description to the page so it's ready to go.
  • Set up an Aweber email list and integrate it with ClickFunnels, so that when people optin they'll get immediately added to your email list.
  • Add your Amazon coupon code to the Thank You Page and also include it in the first follow-up email someone receives when they optin to the list. You'll have a ready-made funnel that YOU will own for your Amazon product that you can use to bring in sales and reviews! You're free to modify and customize it as you please inside your own ClickFunnels account, or re-use it for other products of yours in the future.  

✅ How To Get Ungated: Gated And Restricted Categories on Amazon ($100 Value)

There are certan Categories on Amazon that are "restricted" (or "gated"), which the Amazing Selling Machine teaches it's students to avoid for a first product. However, what if you want to still sell in that category regardless?

That's why I've put together this PDF guide. As a bonus, you'll get instructions on how to get ungated in restricted categories on Amazon so that you can sell in them if you choose. 

✅ Guide For Selling Supplements And Beauty Products On Amazon ($300 Value)  

I have a lot of experience selling supplements and beauty products on Amazon (I currently sell 4 supplements and have sold mascara on Amazon too). The Amazing Selling Machine doesn't go into specifics on selling these types of products, but there are important things you should be aware of on how to private label, ship and sell them on Amazon. 

For example, I've had a product blocked on Amazon because of a certain ingredient that wasn't allowed. I've also had a product run into customs issues shipping from China to the USA. There are also some really unique selling strategies available or these types of products.

I've created a PDF guide to share the best practices and strategies for someone that wants to sell these products to help you. As a bonus, you get it for FREE when you join ASM through me.  

✅ My Top Recommended Logo & Product Label Designers ($100 Value)

Finding talented, reliable and quality logo and label designers can be a challenge. I can't tell you how many times I've hired someone to design something for me and have been unsatisfied with the result, having to then hire someone else and waste money. It's beyond frustrating, which is why I cherish and value this list that I'm providing as a bonus. 

This bonus will save you a lot of time and money trying to find quality designers. I've also provided some for EVERY budget; so if money is tight, then I've got you covered.

✅ My Top 5 Amazon Freight Forwarders ($100 Value) 

I always get asked, "Stefan, which freight forwarders do you recommend to ship my products to Amazon's fulfillment centers?" 

For the first time, I reveal the companies that I've personally vetted and feel are the best out there. This bonus will again save you a ton of time trying to research and find your own. 

✅ My Ultimate Online Business Resource Vault ($500 Value)

Want to know all of the best tools, softwares, and resources I've used to build my online business to over $3,000,000 per year? In his bonus I share and reveal everything for you. This includes every part of my business; what we use for Amazon, social media marketing, email marketing, landing pages, website design, marketing funnels, automation, content creation, etc...

It has taken me 6+ years to put together this list, after trying so many different tools and resources to determine which is the absolute best. Again, this will save you a TON of time and be invaluable for you for many years in your online business.

✅ Business Formation, Protection, Taxes & Legal For Your Online Business ($300 Value)  

Do you need to set up a Corporation, LLC or Sole Proprietor? 

How do you protect yourself from liability to ensure that you don't get sued or deal with taxes? 

These are questions I frequently get from people starting their online business.

While I'm not a lawyer or an accountant, I do have a lot of experience on these topics, which is why I've put together a video training that shares my advice and suggestions for new online entrepreneurs. 

Most online courses DO NOT cover this information, as they don't want to get involved in giving legal or tax advice, so this video training will help answer your biggest questions and possibly save you thousands of dollars in having to talk to a lawyer or an accountant.

✅ How To Trademark Your Brand Or Product Name ($300 Value) 

If you want to protect your brand name or product name from someone else stealing it, you need to file a trademark. This ensures protection and allows you to own the rights. It can cost $1500 for a trademark attorney to file a U.S. trademark for you. However, there are ways you can do it yourself without having to hire a lawyer for the lowest possible price (around $300).

While I don't necessarily recommend someone to trademark their name right away, I often suggest waiting until you've proven your brand or product name is a winner. At that point, you want to protect that so nobody else can steal it - in which case, this video training that I've provided will be invaluable to you. It will save you a lot of money and show you how I've been able to trademark my own brand names. You get this FREE as a bonus when you sign up for Amazing Selling Machine through me! 

✅ How To Attract Influencers Email Templates ($100 Value)

 One of the best ways to promote your Amazon product is to attract influencers (influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and bloggers). My girlfriend Tatiana has been a master at this, having used influencers to help her consistently sell over $40,000 per month of her products. I asked her to share some of the e-mail templates she's used in the past, so that you can easily copy/paste (and modify the words slightly) and attract influencers to promote your product. You will also get this as an added bonus.

✅ How To Get Amazon Reviews And Create Raving Fan Customers ($100 Value) 

To successfully sell on Amazon, you product will need verified reviews. The more reviews you have, the better your product will typically sell and convert because of a psychological trigger that influences us all called "social proof". 

As a bonus, I will give you a video training where I share MY very best stategies for getting honest, verified Amazon reviews (which is differen than what ASM teaches). The more strategies you have at you disposal, the better!  

✅ Access To An Exclusive Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($300 Value)

You will also get access to an exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group that I’ve set up, where you can interact with myself and other online entrepreneurs to get your questions answered, network with other successful Amazon sellers, and have others who will hold you accountable.  

When building an online business, it can be challenging if you don't surround yourself with the right people. Your friends and family might think you're crazy (I've been there, believe me!), which is why being around like-minded, committed online entrepreneurs will give you motivation and certainty that you're on the right path.

✅ Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Program ($97 Value)

My flagship Kindle Publishing program will help you build a side passive income stream with Amazon by publishing Kindle books, which can also be used to help promote and sell your Amazon physical product!  

K Money Mastery 2.0 has proven in the past to be a fantastic compliment to the Amazing Selling Machine, as it will teach you how to create ebooks that can help promote your Amazon products, build your brand, email list, and also make a side passive income on Amazon while going through Amazing Selling Machine 10 (ASMX).

✅ Virtual Assistant Training Program ($297 Value)

Learn how to find, interview, hire, train, and manage a team of Virtual Assistants in the Philippines for as low as $3/hour to help you run your Amazon business. This is an online training program that will help you automate and systematize your online business, freeing up your time to focus on what is most important.

You'll learn my best strategies for finding, interviewing, hiring and training a team of virtual assistants that can help you grow and scale a lot faster than you ever could on your own. This is crucial if you are lacking "time". Who says you need to do everything yourself? I always preach to work smarter, not harder. That's how the most successful people do it.

✅ YouTube Marketing: How To Use YouTube To Promote And Sell Any Product You Want ($200 Value)

At the recent Amazing Seller Summit (ASM's live event in Las Vegas), I revealed my 7-Step YouTube Product Marketing Formula in front of 1500 people from the front of the stage. 

I was able to get my hands on the video footage and provide it to you as a bonus, showing you exactly how I've used YouTube to promote my Amazon products.

✅ 12 Months Access To The Life Mastery Accelerator ($324 Value) 

You'll also get to join my LIVE monthly mentoring program, Life Mastery Accelerator, designed to help you master every area of your life. Every month, you will get me mentoring you on important areas of life, such as your health, mindset, emotions, beliefs, relationships, finances, business, social life, fun, spirituality, and more!

I'm a big believer in "Life Mastery", which is having balance and success in all areas of your life. This program will give you extra motivation, sharing my very best life and mindset strategies, which will translate to success in your online business.

✅ Mastering Time Management: Strategies For Freeing Up More Time And Increasing Productivity ($100 Value)

I know that for most, time is an issue. You may have a full-time job and other life obligations that keep you busy. I get it and I've been there. Thankfully, the Amazing Selling Machine doesn't require a lot of hours a week to build your Amazon business.

However, more time can definitely give you an advantage and I want to free up as much of it as possible for you. That's why I created this bonus video training, which will help you create more time in your schedule and increase your productivity.  

✅ Morning Ritual Mastery Program ($37 Value) 

To build a successful online business, you need an empowering morning ritual that will help you be focused and productive every day. This 7-day Morning Ritual Mastery video training program is designed to help you construct a powerful morning ritual that will skyrocket your energy, productivity, and happiness.  

You will learn how to create an unstoppable mindset, overcome limiting beliefs and fears, while being productive and full of energy every day!

✅ The Culture of Achievement Community (Romanian's Only)  

If you happen to live in Romania, then as a special bonus you'll get free access to Peter and Adina's "Culture of Achievement" community, which includes workshops and support for those living in Romania.

Whew, that's a lot!

As you can tell, I really wanted to put together a truly amazing bonus package that will sincerely help you accelerate your success with the Amazing Selling Machine. I WISH I had these bonuses available to me when I was first starting my online journey. I know, without a doubt, I would have succeeded so much faster.

If you were to add up the value of all of these bonuses, they'd be worth $9,349. These exclusive bonuses are available for a limited amount of people that are committed and eager to work with me, and ONLY for those that join the Amazing Selling Machine through the instructions below.

Not Only That, But You're Also Getting An Unbeatable 30-Day Guarantee! 

If you're still not convinced this is an incredible bargain or worried about taking the leap of faith, then this unbeatable guarantee will eliminate almost all of the risk you're taking.

The Amazing Selling Machine stands by an iron-clad, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. This means that, if within the first 30 days you feel the course isn't for you, you can easily get a full and prompt refund from them. 

This means that if you have 30 days to test them out, along with all of my bonuses, and then decide if you want to keep them within 30 days.

If you decide to get a refund, no problem - you'll get all your money back. However, you will lose access to the Amazing Selling Machine, along with my bonuses, as that is only fair. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about their Money Back Guarantee.

These Amazing Selling Machine 10 (ASMX) bonuses expire in:

Stefan, I'm In! How Can I Sign Up And Get All Of These Awesome Bonuses? 


To be able to receive this Amazing Selling Machine bonus offer ($9,349 Value), here are the next steps:

1) You must purchase the Amazing Selling Machine through the link below. This link is my affiliate link, which means I earn a commission when you join the Amazing Selling Machine (at no extra cost to you), which is why I'm giving away this irresistible bonus offer. 


You can also sign-up for ASM over the phone by calling their offices at 1 (888) 415-0615 or through the live chat on their website. If you do, just tell them that you want to be under "Stefan James" so you can still get my bonuses.

If you've already signed up for ASMX - no problem! It's not too late to get these bonuses. Just forward your receipt to and we can arrange to ensure that you're under me, so you can still get the bonuses. 

2) Once you've signed up, email your receipt to so that we can confirm that you're all signed up under your affiliate link.

3) Within a few hours, my team and I will email you to congratulate you, welcome you on board, send you the details of all of your bonuses, and start setting you up with immediate access to everything.

That's it!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to me or my team at

IMPORTANT: These bonuses are only available for a limited time. Make sure you sign up now to get all of these bonuses!


I believe this is the best Amazing Selling Machine bonus offer that I could put together for you. I am certain that it will genuinely help you achieve the results that you want from your Amazon business. I’ve stacked the deck in your favor and am providing an extra $9,349 of bonuses for FREE, which makes this irresistible for you. 

Still Not Convinced Amazing Selling Machine Is Right For You? Watch These Inspiring Success Stories!

(*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00. 

The claims presented on our website are not represented as predictions or forecasts that anyone who joins will experience success. Concerning future performance or results, no guarantee of any kind is implied. Individual results will vary depending on many factors outside our control, including the degree of effort made by each individual and the time, skill and ability they can devote to the business. Although these claims are truthful statements about results obtained by our customers, the results obtained by our customers are not necessarily typical. Some customers have little to no profit. 

I am the Amazing Selling Machine's #1 affiliate and partner for a reason. I've now referred hundreds of people just like you through their training and witnessed hundreds of incredible success stories. My bonuses get results and I want YOU to be next!

In 2017, Matt Clark (co-founder of ASM) visited me to present me with this $50,000 check to a charity of my choice for being their #1 affiliate. I donated it to to help buid schools in Ethiopia and Kenya!  

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus
Stefan James ASM Bonus

I've attended the Amazing Selling Machine live event 4 times now (known as SellerCon) and been a speaker twice. SellerCon and the ASM community is one of the things that makes Amazing Selling Machine better than any other course out there.  

You aren't just buying a course, yu are becoming apart of a community that will care about you and help you succeed. They usually host their event twice a year and it's an opportunity to meet, learn from and network with 1500-2000 other ASM members. Not only that, you get to learn from the incredible speakers they've brought in (in the past: Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Kevin Harrington, and many others!).  

Note: You do not have to attend the event live, they often stream it and offer the recording to ASM members if you don't want to travel.

These Amazing Selling Machine 10 (ASMX) bonuses expire in:

To be able to receive this Amazing Selling Machine bonus offer ($9,349 Value), here's the next steps...

1) You must purchase the Amazing Selling Machine through the link below. This link is my affiliate link, which means I earn a commission when you join the Amazing Selling Machine (at no extra cost to you), which is why I'm giving away this irresistible bonus offer. 


You can also sign-up for ASM over the phone by calling their offices at 1 (888) 415-0615 or through the live chat on their website. If you do, just tell them that you want to be under "Stefan James" so you can still get my bonuses.  

If you've already signed up for ASMX - no problem! It's not too late to get these bonuses. Just forward your receipt to and we can arrange to ensure that you're under me, so you can still get the bonuses.  

2) Once you've signed up, e-mail your receipt to so that we can confirm that you're all signed up under your affiliate link.

3) Within a few hours, my team and I will e-mail you to congratulate you, welcome you on board and send you the details of all of your bonuses and start setting you up with immediate access to everything.

That's it!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to me or my team at

IMPORTANT: These bonuses will EXPIRE soon. Make sure you sign up now to get all of these bonuses!