Are You A Talented Graphic Designer With Social Media Marketing Skills That Is Looking For The Perfect Opportunity To Put Your Skills To Use And Help Grow An Established Self-Development Brand?

Dear Applicant,

My name is Stefan James and I'm the founder of Project Life Mastery.  

By reading this page in full, you'll learn:  

1. About myself and my company, Project Life Mastery.  

2. The job description and details of the position that is available.

3. If we're the right fit for each other, in which case, I'd love for you to apply.  

First, let me tell you about us...  

Project Life Mastery ( is a self-development and online business training brand that focuses on helping people transform and master all areas of their life.

The ultimate vision for Project Life Mastery is to be a world-renowned brand that positively impacts millions of people’s lives around the world with world-class content, products, services, events, and coaching in ALL areas of life, including health, fitness, emotions, productivity, success, motivation, business, marketing, finances, relationships, and spirituality. We bring that vision to life with a great company culture that is embraced by all our employees.

We have a popular YouTube channel, podcast, blog and growing social media presence.

Currently, we have online courses and products available that help people build an online business. Those products/courses include: Affiliate Marketing Mastery, K Money Mastery and the Online Business Mastery Accelerator.

We also have online courses to help people better their lives, such as Morning Ritual Mastery and the Life Mastery Accelerator.

We also offer coaching programs and seminars/events for self-development, business and marketing.  

I highly recommend you check out our website, content and products, to get an idea of what we're about and to see if Project Life Mastery aligns with your interests.  

I started Project Life Mastery in 2012 and since then, we've grown to be a 7-figure per year online business that has thousands of followers and subscribers.  

We're a small team of 9 (as well as freelancers we hire), located primarily in Canada and the United States.  

Here's the MANDATORY requirements for this position.  

1. This is a full-time virtual position that requires 40 hours per week, sometimes more. 

2. You MUST be in a North American time zone (Canada, United States, or possibly parts of Central/South America). Our team works in these time zones - so please do not apply if you're not within these time zones.

3. You CANNOT have any "side hustles", which include another job or business on the side. We are looking for someone that can FULLY COMMIT to growing our business and not have a conflict of interest with wanting to build their own. 

If you are "entrepreneural" and want to do your own thing, this isn't the job for you. We are looking for someone who is comfortable with being an employee, enjoys the security of it and has the desire to grow in our business for years to come. If you're looking to work for the next year or two, learn as much as you can so you can do your own thing - this position is not for you.

4. You MUST have intermediate to advanced online marketing experience and have multiple skillsets. 

5. You MUST love social media marketing and enjoy proactively developing your skills, "geeking out" on the latest marketing strategies and technologies. Continually coming up with and presenting new ideas is a big plus.

6. You MUST have good copywriting skills, be able to write engaging captions for social media pages.

7. You MUST have experience with graphics design and video editing, with the talent for creating quality images and videos for social media pages.

8. You MUST have experience using Facebook (Pages, Groups), Instagram (Feed, Stories) and Twitter. Being familiar with LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social platforms is a big plus.

9. You MUST have some basic design skills and be able to know what looks aesthetically appealing. An attention for detail is a MUST. Basically, you need to be able to KNOW what looks good and not require someone constantly giving you revisions to ensure something looks attractive.

10. You MUST be willing to learn new tasks quickly, to work long hard hours if necessary, to be able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, to be self sufficient and not require constant direction, to excel when most people would fail, and to be a self starter. You MUST be a proven winner in your life and mind.  

11. You MUST have a passion for self-development and be a positive, motivated person. Our company culture and values consist of continually self-improvement and adding value to others, so we only want to work with someone that is aligned with that.  

Let me walk you through the official "Job Description" of the position that we are offering to the right person.  

To sum it up, we will be paying somebody a salary to work for us full-time (40 hours or more per week). 

All of your work will be done virtually (from home or whereever you choose).

You will be working directly with myself and other members of the Project Life Mastery team.  

Here's some of what's involved in this position:

1. Graphic Design: You will be creating high-quality social media images and captions that compete visually with the best in the self-development and online business niches.

2. Instagram Marketing: You will be managing the @projectlifemastery Instagram account, creating quality images, videos, captions, stories, and helping to grow the account to over 100,000+ followers.

2. Facebook Marketing: You will be managing the Project Life Mastery and Stefan James Facebook pages, helping to create quality images, videos, captions, and helping to grow the accounts to over 200,000 fans.

3. Community Manager: You will be actively engaging with our followers on a daily basis - inside our private Facebook groups (which you will be managing and growing), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc... you will be helping to serve our customers and followers, to create a "raving fan" experience for them.

4. Twitter Marketing: You will be managing the @prolifemastery Twitter account, creating content and helping grow the account to over 100,000+ followers.

5. LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc...: You will be managing our LinkedIn and Pinterest account, helping to create content and grow these accounts.

6. You must be an effective communicator and will be consistently communicating with Stefan and the members of the team on a daily basis. 

7. You must be actively learning, reading and growing in social media marketing skills. You will be required to go through different courses/training programs on marketing/business, to further develop your skillsets.

8. You will be bringing new ideas to the business and implementing them. You don't need to be "told what to do", and instead you're able to proactively implement new strategies to help grow the business.

9. Anything else that may be required or needed, you're on top of. There may be certain parts of the business we'll need you to help with or focus on, which you have no problem learning and diving into.

10. You will take responsibility for your work and be open to feedback as you learn and grow into the role, so your work is up to standard and aligns with our values.

11. You will be a problem solver. If you don't know the answer to something, you're able to find it online or ask someone for help so issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Needless to say, you would be getting paid well with room to grow. We are looking for someone to commit to this position long-term. 

DO NOT APPLY if not able to commit long-term to help grow this company.  

If after reading every word on this page, twice, you 100% believe this is absolutely, without a doubt, the perfect thing for you. Then click below to fill out the application.