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Stefan PylarinosHey, I'm Stefan James, founder of Project Life Mastery.

If you're ready to take your life to the next level, then you're in the right place.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you everything that I've learned that has helped make me successful in the different areas of my life.  My aim is to help you succeed in areas such as: making money online, goal setting, motivation, business, finances, productivity, health & fitness, relationships, and much more!

The way that I do that is by openly and honestly sharing what has worked for me and made me successful in my own life.

This page contains the very best information that you need to get up to speed quickly and start making progress towards your goals!

Let's get started!


The first place to start is to click the button below to get instant access to my free video training course.

I put together this free video training course to reveal the 7 proven online business models that have made me an internet millionaire within 3 years.  Also, including inside the course is access to the very best content that I have to help you get started in making money online, set goals for yourself, help motivate you, as well as be able to send you all of my latest video blogs as they are being released.

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How To Get Started Making Money Online

If you're looking to get started making money online, I've provided a list of my most popular video blogs to help you start making progress immediately.

Need Help With Your Goals?

If you need help with goal setting and achieving your goals, then these popular video blogs are worth checking out.

Need Some Extra Motivation?

If you need some extra motivation, then these popular video blogs will help give you that boost.

How To Be More Productive

If you want to be more productive in your life and have better time management skills, then check out these popular video blogs.

How To Be Happier And More Fulfilled

If you want to be happier, more fulfilled and increase your emotional well-being, then check out these popular video blogs.

My Monthly Goals Reports

Every year, I openly make my goals and resolutions public on my blog.  I do this as a way of holding myself accountable and to inspire others.  I do a video blog every month called My Monthly Goals Reports that gives you an update on how I'm doing with each of my goals, as well as the biggest lessons I learned that month.

Click here to view my Monthly Goals Reports.

My Products And Services

Below you'll find a list of the products and services that I have to offer.  You can rest assured that everything I put out is high quality and with the intention of adding as much value as possible!  Check them out.

Want To Get To Know Me More?

If you want to get to know me more, or receive the latest updates from me with the latest content that I'm releasing, then feel free to follow me below:

If there's any questions you might have, you can also reach me and my support team by clicking here.

Thank You!

I just wanted to finish by saying that I’m here for you, not only as a guide while you begin, but also as a friend.

I am committed to doing my best in helping you achieve all of your goals and live an extraordinary life.  I will continue to provide high quality video blogs and openly share my life with you, as this is my mission and purpose in life.

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or question on the blog at any moment.  I'm also usually fairly active in responding to people on the blog or through my social media channels (although it's become harder as the blog gains popularity; but I do my best!).

If there's a particular video blog that you like, then be sure to pay it forward and share it!  I want to reach even more people and that's the best way you can support me back.

Thank you so much for your support.

To Your Massive Success,

Stefan James

Stefan James

  • Aslan

    Stefan is the best!

  • Sameer shaikh

    How to get started

  • Romain Janssens

    Dear sir

    I’m Romain Janssens and I’m 16 years old. I will not hide you that I’m somebody who doesn’t need to work a lot in school to pass. I really want to apologize for my bad English, but PLEASE read my mail until the end.

    I will be honest with you, I just discovered your YouTube channel, so I can’t really judge your content. I saw your video about passive income and I really want to make money. The video was, by the way, great!

    Now we come to the essential, I stress a lot for my future, I really want to gain enough money to fulfill my dreams. I know it’s too early to stress about it, but I’m passionate about economics and financials, so I want to do something about it. I want to have “passive” incomes right now, but I don’t really have a lot of revolutionary ideas.

    That’s why I address me to you… I badly need help to, first of all, don’t stress anymore or to fix the problem by earning money. I’ve read a lot of books about managing your own money, so I don’t really worry about that, the problem is how to earn it. I’ve already tried a few jobs, but it doesn’t really passionate me. My passions are cars and I really want to work in the car industry, but car dealers in my neighborhood don’t hire students.

    I don’t know how you can help me, but I hope you will see my motivation and if possible reply to my mail.

    I again want to apologize for my English.

    Romain Janssens from Belgium

  • jean-philippe Martel

    Hello Stefan,

    I first heard about you months ago and now came across your site again while searching for Date With Destiny Review. I admire your work, your determination and your enthusiast. You seem to have so much joy and I would defininetely want to “be” like you.

    I started in online affiliate marketing in november 2016 with the community of Wealthy Affiliate which I believe is a great community. After a lot of work and struggling on a drone niche, I came across the name of Tony Robbins.

    I watched the Date With Destiny documentary and I never felt so great and alive since many years. I can imagine how you felt after the real event. I bought his book and now I am working on improving myself. I know I won’t be able to succeed if I keep my “mindset” that way. I have read on your Date With Destiny review that at 17yo you felt worthless, depressed sometimes and no energy. I feel the same way.

    At 19yo I had a back injury and other personal problems too and today I think this pulls me back because I keep having fears.

    If you have any tips, any insight, anything to help me out to improve myself personally I would love to. I heard you had one-on-one coaching too but for now I would just want to receive the most basic important tips you can give me to pick myself up and keep going.

    I just started to do a morning ritual to discipline myself and I will read/listen and apply everything I can learn from Tony Robbins. But since you are someone just like me, I would appreciate if you can give me a 2-3 minutes just to guide me on anything.

    I am 27yo and I decided to “give up” my drone niche and build a website on helping people with depression. I just started this website 1 week ago so it is very new and I am a bit confused as to what could I do to help people.

    Thank you very very much and hopefully I will be able to learn from you.

  • hello stefan i wanna join this kind of opportunity..and how i will start?

  • Will Chou

    LOVE IT Stefan!

    • Team Project Life Mastery

      Thank you Will!

  • Kent

    Hi Stefan,
    I recently was fortunate enough to find you and have been busily absorbing your content. You are a true inspiration and should be very proud of all you have accomplished. I have always felt a yearning towards an entrepreneurial bent but have never known how to strike out on this. Amazingly, I still have the desire to build something after my wife and I have raised our family and I am approaching retirement after 30 years. I am trying to ignore the thoughts and voices that my time has passed.
    I know you recommend ASM and I can see why but unfortunately I found you just as they were closing.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on my prospects.
    Keep up the great work! You are a blessing to all.

    • Hey Kent! Check out Marketplace Superheroes

      Thanks for being a fan. To your success!

  • Megan Vaneck

    Do you recommend purchasing a domain and creating a website for your product at the same time you are preparing to sell it on Amazon? Or would you recommend focusing on one or the other?