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how to get more time in your life

Want to have more time in your life?

One of the biggest stories that people tell themselves that hold them back in life is the phrase “I don’t have the time.”

The truth is, time is the only thing that is equal amongst all human beings on this planet.  If you learn to manage it effectively, you can create and experience almost anything that you want.  Failure to manage your time immobilizes people from taking action or pursuing the many gifts that life has to offer.  In this video blog, I will share with you some simple strategies on how to get more time in your life everyday.

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how to make money online

Want to learn how to make money online?

In this interview with Abundance Coaching TV, I reveal how I got started making money online and some of my methods that can help you make passive income online.

You’ll learn how I made the jump into internet marketing selling my own Clickbank products and creating my early success online.  I also go into how I got into Kindle publishing, blogging, and built a successful coaching business.

I also go into some of my strategies to get motivated, set goals and be more happy and fulfilled in your life.  This 50-minute interview is jam-packed with lots of powerful information that you’ll enjoy!


perfectionismI’m excited to introduce you to Kisha Dingle, founder of Visionary Legacy Project. Kisha was one of my coaching clients and has successfully built her online brand with Visionary Legacy Project, which is a blog designed to helping others create their vision and transform their lives.  In this article, Kisha shares how you can cure your perfectionism and learn how to stop trying to do everything right. Enjoy!

Are you always struggling and trying to do everything?  And to do it RIGHT?

Are you tortured by the fact that no one seems to understand what you go through on a daily basis to hold it all together?

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how to be rich and wealthy right nowWant to know how to be rich and wealthy right now?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

I’m not talking about material wealth or being financially rich.

I’m talking about how to REALLY be wealthy and rich – right now.

Watch the video blog below and I share with you how you can be rich and wealthy right now, regardless of your financial situation.

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The Secret To Wealth And Happiness

gratitudeThe truth is, the only reason why you’re working so hard to achieve anything you want in your life is for one thing…


The 6 Human NeedsHave you ever wondered why we do what we do?  

What is controlling our behaviour in any given moment?

The answer, according to what I’ve learned from Tony Robbins, is that there are only 6 reasons why anyone does anything.

These reasons are The 6 Human Needs.

This video blog explains what I’ve learned from Tony Robbins about the 6 Human Needs, what they are, and how you can use them to take your life to the next level.

Watch the video below:

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My June 2014 Monthly Goals Report

Every month, I write a detailed monthly report about the progress that I’m making towards the goals and resolutions that I publicly stated on my blog earlier in the year.  This is my June 2014 Monthly Goals Report, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made on them so far.

Since sharing my Monthly Goals Reports since January, I received such an amazing response from people on my blog.   People have been sharing with me how much I’ve inspired them or how helpful it’s been for them by me openly sharing my progress.  It’s my hope that you can take away something from this report that will help inspire you to achieve your own goals.