Money Management Tips, Getting Out Of Debt & Basics Of Investing


money management tips, getting out of debt, basics of investing

In this video, Stefan interviews his brother Andreas to discuss money management tips, strategies for getting out of debt, and the basics of investing.

Andreas, in his mid-30’s, has been able to accumulate a multi-million dollar investment portfolio that includes stocks, mutual funds and real estate.  What is most impressive, is Andreas was massively in debt throughout his 20’s and didn’t start building his wealth until his late 20’s.

Andreas built his wealth through his own renovations and construction company in Vancouver, Canada.  He then learned about investing in mutual funds, stocks and real estate through various mentors he had in his life.

What Does It Take To Be Successful? THE TRUTH!


What does it take to be successful?

Most people are delusional about success and what it takes.

People are often looking for a “quick fix” and only want success if it is convenient and easy.

The truth is, success is hard.  It’s not easy.

It requires work.  Sacrifice.  Commitment.

Success is not for everyone.  If it was easy, then everyone would be successful.

Success is only reserved for those who are truly committed and willing to do whatever it takes.

Publishing on Kindle? 5 Tips for a Killer Cover


publishing on kindle5 Tips for Ensuring Your Success with Publishing on Kindle

Publishing a book on Kindle can be a great way to accomplish a lot of things for your business. Getting people to actually pay for your book is obviously a nice boost in the pocketbook, but it’s the contents of your book that can make the biggest impact. So how do you get people to pick up your Kindle book? Well, you definitely need a good cover design.

If you are publishing on Kindle, you need these five tips for a killer cover.

Small Business Tax Tips For Saving Money In Taxes


Want to save money in the taxes you pay every year?

Of course, nobody enjoys paying taxes.  Every small business owner would much rather utilize their profits to re-invest back into their business and experience greater growth.

Reality is, taxes are part of life.

There’s no getting around paying it.

However, there’s many things you can do to maximize your tax returns and ensure you’re not over-paying in taxes.

As a small business owner, you want to utilize all of the tax strategies you can, as well as deductions.  It’s your ethical right to do so as an entrepreneur.

My May 2015 Monthly Goals Report


Every month, I write a detailed monthly report about the progress that I’m making towards the goals and resolutions that I publicly stated on my blog earlier in the year.  This is my May 2015 Monthly Goals Report, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made on them so far.

Since I started sharing my Monthly Goals Reports last year, I received such an amazing response from people on my blog.   People have been sharing with me how much I’ve inspired them or how helpful it’s been for them by me openly sharing my progress.  It’s my hope that you can take away something from this report that will help inspire you to achieve your own goals.

How To Deal With Criticism And Negativity


I recently received a question from someone, asking “How do you deal with criticism and negativity?”

Great question.

I believe we’re all subject to criticism and negativity from time to time.  This is especially true if you’re someone that’s more in the spotlight and have put yourself in a position where you’re being viewed by millions of people.

I’ve faced my fair share of criticism in my lifetime.  Formerly being a shy young man, I was always a target for criticism from others and was constantly made fun of.  People saw me as an “easy target” and often would poke jabs at me to elevate their status.

13 Canadian Tax Tips: What I Learned To Pay Less Taxes To The CRA


canadian tax tips

I recently re-read the book 78 Tax Tips For Canadians For Dummies.

I’ve found it to be one of the best resources out there that could clearly and easily explain to me how the Canadian Revenue Agency works and what I could do to pay less tax every year.

I’m writing this blog post primarily for myself.  I took a lot of notes from the book and have found by writing out the main lessons, it will help me learn and implement this much faster.

If you’re a Canadian and benefit from this too, then great.

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