5 Small Healthy Habits to Incorporate in Life

small healthy habits

Small healthy habits go a long way. If you pay close attention to how you live your life, you may find out that those big things that matter the most were a result of small unhealthy habits you do unconsciously.

Let’s take smoking cessation programs for instance. It is a common problem by individuals to stick to a smoking cessation program for so many reasons. More common than not, people eventually end up slipping back to old habits because everything was too overwhelming for them.

How I Plan My Day Using Evernote (Tony Robbins RPM Method)


how I plan my day

Would you rather be focusing on all of the things you have to do, or do you want to use that time to get results that really matter to you?  

It’s important to remember that you can’t manage your time if you don’t have a plan for your life.

Ever wonder how I plan my day using Evernote?

Evernote is a productivity app that you can download to all your digital devices. The app allows anyone to keep notes, projects, ideas and inspiration and makes them all handy by synchronizing them to all your digital devices.

MY 30th BIRTHDAY: Help Me Make A Difference!


MY 30th BIRTHDAY: Help Me Make A Difference!

I’ve partnered with ChangeHeroes to create campaigns to build a school in Ethiopia and a house in Nicaragua, to help make a difference in areas of the world that are suffering from poverty.

For my 30th birthday, I’m asking anyone that wants to support or give a gift to me in any way to make a donation to one of the campaigns I have set up.

My goal is to bring awareness and get others involved in joining me to make a difference – the impact that we can make together can change people’s lives forever.

The Creation Of Affiliate Marketing Mastery (Part 2)


affiliate marketing mastery

Here’s a quick update to the Affiliate Marketing Mastery which is my new online training program that I’m currently working on to help people get started to build their online business and start making money online through affiliate marketing.

I’ve been working on the outline of the program. It’s really good to have an outline when you’re creating something whether it’s a book or a product and having a business plan. Once you go through the process of creating it that’s when you come up with more ideas.

You CAN Create Passive Income by Writing and Publishing a Book


Pro tips for successfully writing and publishing a book with Kindle

Writing and Publishing a BookWriting and publishing a book – its a secret desire for millions of people. For most, it feels like such a daunting task that they never even bother to attempt this achievement. It’s a shame, because not only is writing and publishing a book easier than ever, it can quickly generate a second stream of income. Who couldn’t use a little passive income added to their bank account each month?


project life mastery giveaway

Project Life Mastery is giving away a ton of awesome prizes!

I’m hosting the very first ever Project Life Mastery giveaway, as a way of celebrating my 30th birthday!

Here’s a list of the prizes I’m giving away.


How to Publish Your Own Book with Kindle


What you really need to know before you publish your own book.

Publish Your Own BookLearn how to publish your own book, and you’ll discover one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online. Kindle has made it possible for absolutely anyone to become a money-making author. As long as you can come up with at least 2500 words about something interesting or useful, you can become a Kindle author today. While I’m convinced that just about everybody has the right content for a book knocking around in their brain, not everyone has the time, energy, interest, or writing skill that it takes to publish a Kindle book that sells.

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