5 Public Speaking Tips To Become A Captivating Speaker


Public Speaking Tips

Want to become a captivating speaker?

This video blog shares some of the best public speaking tips that have helped me become a captivating speaker.  These tips for public speaking have helped me speak at seminars, events and even YouTube videos.  Use these public speaking tips and you’ll see a huge increase in your ability to speak in front of the room.

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Here are 5 public speaking tips for becoming a captivating speaker.

A 100% Honest Review Of The Amazing Selling Machine (Bonus Offer)


Amazing Selling Machine Bonus

I recently published a video blog on how to make money selling Amazon physical products, sharing step-by-step how to private label your own product and sell it on Amazon.

Much of what I shared in that video blog is the process that I’ve learned from a course called the Amazing Selling Machine, created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.

In this video blog, I give a 100% honest review of the Amazing Selling Machine, as well as include a special bonus offer for those that decide to join the program.

Watch the video below:

My September 2014 Monthly Goals Report


My September 2014 Monthly Goals Report

Every month, I write a detailed monthly report about the progress that I’m making towards the goals and resolutions that I publicly stated on my blog earlier in the year.  This is my September 2014 Monthly Goals Report, which goes over each goal that I set and the progress that I’ve made on them so far.

Since sharing my Monthly Goals Reports since January, I received such an amazing response from people on my blog.   People have been sharing with me how much I’ve inspired them or how helpful it’s been for them by me openly sharing my progress.  It’s my hope that you can take away something from this report that will help inspire you to achieve your own goals.

How To Banish Procrastination Once And For All


how to banish procrastination

Quick & Easy Tips to Nix Procrastination Now

Procrastination: It happens to all of us sooner or later (and for the truly afflicted, it’s always later). When you just don’t want to tackle a tedious or difficult project, you can probably find fifty other things to do instead of addressing That One Thing you really need to do. Could be you’re trying to get back into the swing of things after an epic vacation – jet lag leaves you sleepy, great new memories leave you distracted, overspending leaves you anxious. Or, maybe you’ve been battling a cold or allergies – it’s so tempting to work from bed, but you know it’s not a good way to ensure productivity.

How To Create A Video Blog That Is Popular And Gets Thousands Of Views


How To Create A Video Blog That Is Popular

Thinking about sharing your ideas online and creating a video blog?

In this video blog, I’ll share some tips and advice on how to create a video blog that is popular and gets thousands of views.

These video blog tips are what have helped me to build up my YouTube channel to have thousands of subscribers, with over a million views.

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Don’t Worry About Being Perfect, Just Do It.

I’ve come across many people that want to create a video blog, but they’re too caught up in being a perfectionist.

How To Make Money Selling Amazon Physical Products


How To Make Money Selling Physical Products On Amazon

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on private labelling and selling my own physical product on Amazon.  I invested in the Amazing Selling Machine with Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback a few months ago (really amazing course btw) and have been going through all of the modules with my girlfriend.

The process has been really fun and enjoyable.  Everything from finding the right niche, finding the right supplier, creating my brand and labelling, to setting up my listing, etc… has been an incredible experience.  I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to make money selling physical products on Amazon, which is why I decided to create this video blog to give you an overview of the entire process.

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