How To Be Aware Of Your Biggest Challenges


how to be aware of your biggest challenges

In this video, Stefan talks to his group coaching clients about how to be aware of your biggest challenges and to measure each area of your life.

Awareness is critical to self-improvement.  You must continually check-in with yourself in each area of your life and know exactly where you’re at.  You need to know what your struggles, challenges and weaknesses are.  You also need to be aware of your strengths and gifts.

By continually checking in and developing more self-awareness, you’ll be able to begin to improve and evolve the areas that you’re struggling with.  This is critical to always be growing and improving to have a better life.

How To Find Out What You Want In Life (Setting Goals)


how to find what you want in life

In this episode of #AskStefan, Stefan answers the question “How do you find out what you want in life?”

In order to find out what you want in life, you need to ask yourself new questions and not limit yourself with fear or doubt with what comes up. Setting goals is based on what your ultimate vision is for each area of your life and you need to first determine what your long-term vision is before setting specific goals for yourself.

How To Overcome Analysis Paralysis In Your Business


how to overcome paralysis analysisWant to find out how to overcome analysis paralysis?

Analysis paralysis is when you get stuck in your head, over-think things and prevent yourself from taking action towards your goals.

I’ve often seen analysis paralysis hold many people back.  They get too caught up in things and often their “over-thinking” causes them to be paralyzed by fear, doubt and thoughts that create friction.

Being able to get yourself into action is a key.  Even though things might be perfect, you still need to take action and not over-think things.

Watch the video below:

[FREE TRAINING] How To Make Money From Mobile Apps & 50 App Ideas [PDF]


I’m in Tokyo, Japan right now and I wanted to share a quick message about the interview I did a few weeks ago with Chad Mureta, founder of App Empire.

If you don’t already know, Chad has made millions from the mobile app industry and has created the #1 most downloaded Emoji app and has over 160+ million downloads from his 40+ apps.

Chad is releasing a free video series on how to build a mobile app business and is also sharing 50 red-hot mobile app ideas that can make you money.

Corvette Conversations: What STOPS People From Making Money Online


making money online

There is only ONE THING that stops people from making money online.


It’s the only thing that stops us in life.

Fear of failure.  Fear of disappointment.  Fear that things are too good to be true.  Fear of success.

Fear is the silent killer.  It creates doubt, worry, skepticism, over-thinking, and a whole lot more.

There are many opportunities for making money online.  I provide some with my K Money Mastery program and others that I recommend.

However, what will determine that you UTILIZE these strategies and opportunities will be your mindset.

K Optimizer 2.0 For Kindle Publishers


k optimizer 2.0 for kindle publishers

In this video, Stefan and Andreas Pylarinos talk about the development of their new software, K Optimizer 2.0 for Kindle publishers.

If you’re a Kindle publisher, then these amazing features of K Optimizer 2.0 will help you to be able to effectively promote and market your Kindle books to free website directories and press release websites.

Not only that, but K Optimizer has many more useful features that will help you manage, track and optimize your Kindle books.

Watch the video below:

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Kindle Publishers: How To Promote Kindle Books With The Click Of A Few Buttons!


how to promote kindle books

Want to be able to promote your Kindle books to over 60+ free websites with the click of only a few buttons?

Now you can!

For the last several months, my brother Andreas and I have been working hard to add some new features to K Optimizer.  We’ve now upgraded K Optimizer and added the feature of being able to submit your Kindle book to 30+ free website directories, as well as 30+ free press release websites, which you can submit to with just a few clicks.

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