I recently witnessed the building of a school in Ethiopia that I funded with your support. That Ethiopia school inauguration was a life-changing experience that I will never forget. I am honored that I was able to be a part of such a legacy.

Together with Imagine1Day, I helped fund and build a new school for children in Ethiopia. As many of you know, contribution is an important part of my life.

My Hair Loss Story | Going Bald Early Advice

my hair loss story

If you were to ask me to share my hair loss story back in my 20’s, I would have been reluctant to do so because I felt depressed, frustrated, and embarrassed. However, today I feel empowered to share my hair loss story.

A lot of men have been asking me to do a video on this topic because they are going through the same experience that I went through, and are looking for advice with regards to how I coped with this process.

Your Age Is NOT An Excuse To Pursuing Your Dreams

your age is NOT an excuse to pursuing your dreams

Do you have dreams that are being put on the back burner because you think time is running out, or that you aren’t experienced enough? If so, it’s time to drop these excuses. Your age is NOT an excuse to pursuing your dreams.

When it comes to success, age should never be a limiting factor, but unfortunately a lot of people think it is. So much so, that it holds people back from even starting. 

Researchers have found that self-perceptions of aging become a self-fulfilling prophecy, in the sense that negative beliefs regarding the aging process lead people to live a reduced quality of life.

Human Consciousness Evolution: Understanding Human Nature | Clare Graves & Spiral Dynamics

Human Consciousness Evolution: Understanding Human Nature | Clare Graves & Spiral Dynamics

How much do you know about human consciousness evolution? If this is a new topic of discussion for you, that’s great!

The only way that we grow and evolve is through the process of expanding our knowledge of new things. Understanding human nature has been a topic of debate for many years amongst philosophers and scientists.

I want to shed light on a model of human consciousness, called Spiral Dynamics that was developed by Dr. Clare Graves. In her research, she sought to understand human nature and answer questions like, “Why are people different?” and “What do some people change, but others do not?”


the secret to making people like you

The secret to making people like you is much easier than you think. Deep down we all have a desire to be loved and appreciated by others. It’s like oxygen for our soul.

However, in order for those feelings to be reciprocated, you need to appear likeable. We all know that first impressions are everything. It only takes a few seconds for someone to determine whether or not they like you.

There is no trick or manipulation technique to making other people like you. Rather, it’s a way of being, which will allow people to naturally gravitate towards you, with no strings attached.

DUBAI, ABU DHABI & MUSCAT | Stefan James Vlog

DUBAI, ABU DHABI & MUSCAT | Stefan James Vlog

My girlfriend Tatiana and I had the opportunity to travel to to Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Muscat. I want to share with you some of the EPIC experiences that we had on our Arabian adventure!

If you have yet to check out any of these cities, I highly recommend that you put them on your travel bucket list. We were blown away by the richness of the Middle Eastern culture and its people.

This is the beauty of traveling and being able to see the world. It opens your eyes to new ideas, belief systems, and cultural practices, giving you the opportunity to appreciate how other people live.

How To Deal With Unsupportive Friends And Family

how to deal with unsupportive friends and family

Are you struggling with how to deal with unsupportive friends and family? If so, don't beat yourself up. It is natural to desire recognition from our loved ones, but you can’t please everyone.

The reality is that sometimes the people that are closest to you will not support your dreams. They may even think that you have completely lost your mind. Guess what? That is OK. Because you have to live your life for you.

Everyone has different goals and values in life. That’s what makes each of us unique. I believe that we need to criticize each other less, and better understand and appreciate other people's’ worlds. 

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