1 Simple Technique To Beat Depression & Be Much Happier


beat depression

Struggling with depression?

Want to increase your level of happiness throughout the day?

This simple technique, while may seem simple, is extremely powerful and effective in changing how you feel.

We often seek the complexity and overlook the simple, practical things that can produce a radical change in our lives.

This video blog is meant to be a reminder of something that you already know is true.  It's to allow you to further master this simple technique and ensure that you're utilizing everyday of your life.

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Can Smiling Beat Depression?

There's been many studies done that reveal how smiling releases brain chemicals that make you happier.

It's physiologically impossible to be depressed while you're smiling and looking upward.

Most people don't realize that emotion comes from motion.  When you use your body in certain ways, it will impact how you feel.

Just the simple act of smiling each day, all throughout the day, it will radically transform your emotional state.

So, how often do you smile?

What if you walked around all day with a big smile on your face?

If you didn't feel like it, what if you FORCED yourself to?

The moment you wake up, smile.

While you're working, smile.

When you're out in public, smile.

Smiling is a habit – force yourself to do it, again and again, and eventually it will become apart of you.

Eventually, smiling will not require any willpower or effort – it will just be your default facial expression.

Could it be this simple?

What if this one simple habit could transform your entire life?

Try it! 🙂

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1 Simple Technique To Beat Depression & Be Much Happier
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