3 Self-Development Tips That’ll Make You Feel More Positive Every Day


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Banish Negativity with Proven Self-Development Methods

Everybody experiences feelings of frustration and defeat, but self-development training can prevent those feelings from lingering. It can feel natural to sink into self-loathing on difficult days – especially for those of us who feel the pressure of working for ourselves. Wallowing in a mental funk can lead to procrastination, loss of focus, and next thing you know, your efforts could be completely derailed. Don’t despair – here are three self-development tips that will make you feel more positive, even on the really difficult days.

1. The circumstance isn’t the problem; your response to the circumstance is the problem. And you are in full control of how you respond to things like criticism or defeat. Instead of saying “I’m such a loser for not getting that client,” ask yourself, “What important lessons have I learned that will help me succeed next time?”

2. Be as kind to yourself as you are to the people you love. If your wife, girlfriend, or best friend failed to snag a new client, would you call them a loser? Probably not; so don’t do it to yourself, either. You deserve better.

3. Stop expecting defeat. Don’t tell yourself not to expect great things because you had a setback. Running negative thoughts through your mind accomplishes nothing. You are in control of your thoughts; always flip the negatives upside down to form a positive. “I may not have gotten that project, but now I know ________, I’ll be better positioned to get the next one.”

Your personal self-development should involve daily exercises, which can include journaling, affirmations, or simply addressing negative thoughts as they occur. If you can simply remember that you are in control of your thoughts, then you are already on the right path.

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3 Self-Development Tips That'll Make You Feel More Positive Every Day
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  • Rob

    All good points-#2 illustrates how poorly we treat ourselves.

  • Awesome Blog Post! This Was Exactly What I Needed – Thanks!

    By the way loving your new site design. #EPIC

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  • RedMoonRisingStudios

    Great message! I really resonated with #3 because I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the concept that we become what we think most about. Therefore, if we are constantly dragging ourselves down with our negative thoughts and focusing on the disappointments in life, then there is no room for God’s blessing or any good things to come our way. However, changing that mindset to focus on the small positive steps we are taking towards our goals and aspirations or highlighting the encouragement we get from overcoming each obstacle, can make a world of difference throughout our entire life!