5 Amazon Selling Strategies To Making Money On Amazon FBA


Amazon FBA Selling Strategies

Want to know some of the best strategies for selling your product on Amazon? Once you've launched your product on Amazon, there is no guarantee that it will sell and make you money. You need an effective launch strategy to be able to rank it as high up as possible in the Amazon search for your primary keyword.

The way that Amazon's ranking algorithm works, is the more sales and reviews your product gets, the higher it will rank in Amazon.  Once ranked, then your product will be getting tons of organic sales from Amazon customers everyday without doing any work.

In this video blog, I'm revealing 5 Amazon FBA selling strategies that have worked well for me to better rank and sell my Amazon product.

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5 Amazon FBA Selling Strategies

Keep in mind, there are DOZENS of strategies for selling your product on Amazon.  I use a lot more than these 5, which perhaps I will talk more about down the road.  However, these 5 are fairly easy for anyone to do, especially when getting started.

1. Give Away Products

The first strategy you can utilize is to give away your product, for as low as $1-2.

Earlier I mentioned how Amazon will rank you better for your primary keyword when people you get more sales and reviews.  That's why by giving away your product for $1-2, it's an easy and fast rank to get a lot of sales and reviews, which can rank you on Amazon very quickly.

In Amazon Seller Central, you have the option of setting up promotions and using coupon codes to give away for your product.  You can give away these coupon codes to your friends, family and strangers so that they can buy your product for $2.  Once they receive the product, you can then follow up with them and ask them to leave an honest review.

Typically, when you do this, you may break even or even lose money.  It depends on your cost to manufacture your product.  This is why I often recommend people to start with a more inexpensive product to make, when getting started (something that costs less than $5 to make).  If your product costs $0.50 to make from China, then giving it away for $1-2 won't cost you much (or might even break even).  However, if your product cost you $10 to make, then every time you give away a unit, then it's costing you $10.

Again, this is why selecting the right product to sell on Amazon is critically important.

2. Amazon Ads

Every seller on Amazon should be using Amazon Ads.

By utilizing Amazon ads, your product will get much more exposure and sales, which will boost your products keyword rankings.

You can access Amazon Ads in the “Campaign Manager” in Amazon Seller Central.

I recommend people to start off with “Automatic” targeting when beginning, so that your ads will have as much reach as possible.  Also, the higher you set your “Daily Budget” to, the more exposure your ads will get.  I've had my budget over $5,000 per day (don't worry – you won't spend that much).

Once you get a couple hundred dollars in sales with the Automatic targeting, I'd then run a report, identify all the keywords people used to buy your product, then set up “Manual” targeting to target people for those specific keywords.  These are the keywords that convert best for your product.

Here's a screenshot from an automatic campaign I set up, so you can get an idea.

amazon selling ads

3. Buview, ZonBlast

Another great way to boost your ranking and sell more products, is using tools such as Buview, Zonblast, and a few others that are out there.

These resources are designed for Amazon sellers, to be able to promote and sell your products to other peoples lists.  You'll often be required to use a coupon code, and can potentially even “give away” product with these services.  However, with some of these services, I've used even 25% off coupon codes and had great success, so I'm still making a good return.

These services do cost money and aren't completely necessary, but are just another strategy that is worth trying.

WARNING:  Make sure to reserve most of your inventory before using these services, otherwise ALL of your units can get wiped out very quickly.  You have to monitor your inventory and know how many products you want to be giving away or selling with these services.

4. Tomoson

Tomoson is a fantastic website that gives you access to thousands of bloggers around the world that would love to receive your product, then promote it on their blog to their followers and subscribers.

You can use Tomoson for free and set up a trial.  You then list your product on there, then watch as you have dozens of bloggers that will want to receive your product and promote it.

You'll be required to give away your product to them for free (or I always just give them a coupon code to get it for $1).  One they receive the product, you can set it up for them so that they can do the following:

  • Post a review of your product on their blog, linking to it on Amazon
  • Create a YouTube video review for your product, linking to it on Amazon
  • Post it their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram followers
  • Leave an honest Amazon review for you

How cool is that to receive all of that promotion for your product?

Now, I will say, most people on Tomoson will do this for you for free – they just want the free product.  However, the really “big” bloggers out there will ask for you to pay them and have a set fee for doing all of this for you.  Sometimes it might cost $10, $20, or even $50 for them to do this.  But if their blog is big enough, then it can be worth it as you can get A LOT of sales from them.

5. Facebook

Facebook is another really good strategy for selling your Amazon product.

There's a few ways you can use Facebook, such as setting up Facebook ads to target your buyers.  Another way is to build your own Facebook fan page of people interested in your niche, then “launch” your product to them on your fan page.

I've had some really good success with BOTH of these strategies.

Take a look below at the “I Love Fitness” Facebook fan page that I created.

amazon selling facebook


I built up this Facebook fan page to nearly 4,000 likes of fitness enthusiasts within a few weeks (it says +5 likes this week because I'm posting this on Monday morning).

To build up this page, I targeted people that LOVE fitness, so I know that they're addicted to fitness and will be most likely to buy my product from Amazon, once they see it.

Not only that, but I'm constantly providing value to them, posting motivational videos, images, quotes, etc… to build up engagement.

So Facebook is powerful.  The same can be said with using Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram – there are different strategies for each of these platforms.

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5 Amazon Selling Strategies To Making Money On Amazon FBA
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    I love this Stefan, thanks so much! This is definitely going into my launch list swipe file of resources 🙂

    Quick question: Do you know what the guidelines / rules are for a video on your product listing? Have you ever experimented with one or thought about it?

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    • Thanks Jesse! I haven’t experimented with videos on a product listing… I’ll have to learn more about it. If you pull it off, let me know!