How I Make $9,000 Per Month On YouTube

$9000 per month on youtube

I want to share with you how I make $9000 per month on YouTube, in particular, the strategies that I have learned over the last five years that have allowed me to get to where I am today.

Presently, I have 300,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 15 million views. My audience is growing more and more every day. It is a very humbling experience to know that I have created this much impact in the world.

A YouTube channel provides unlimited opportunities. A lot of people get into the YouTube game thinking that they solely want to make money from the ads, but the backend potential is where the magic happens.

Are you ready to learn how you can maximize your profits on YouTube?

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I’m not as concerned about the monthly ad revenue that I receive, as I am about how I can further maximize my profits on the backend of my channel. That is what a lot of YouTubers don’t understand because they lack knowledge in the areas of business and marketing. If you can master these two areas, I believe that there is an unlimited potential for success.

I started my YouTube channel on Feb 7, 2012 as a hobby. My channel is all about how to help people improve and master every area of their lives, which includes their health, physical body, mindset, emotions, relationships, business, finances and spiritual life.

When I first started out I had no idea what I was doing. I put out a video every week. Nobody watched my videos, but then after a few months I got traction and it started to take off. Over the last two years, I have published 200 videos/year.

You may think that making $9,000 per month on YouTube is an impressive feat, but I would not depend on YouTube as your sole income stream. It's not sustainable.

At any given moment, YouTube may change their algorithms, which can affect the amount of money that you make every month. I encourage people to use YouTube as a platform to reach, help, and add value to people, but ultimately you want to use it to build your own brand and your email list.

In doing so, you will be able to consistently communicate with your followers and subscribers. You can make a lot more money this way.

The most important factor is the watch time, which is how many minutes that people watch your videos. I have 9 million minutes in the last 30 days. This is what YouTube looks at the most, and how they reward videos.  Likes, dislikes, and comments used to matter a lot more, but now it's all about engagement.

There are a lot of channels out there that have a lot of subscribers, but that doesn’t mean that their videos are great. My main purpose in using YouTube is to add value; I want to create content that will benefit my audience.

When you are consistent on YouTube and you keep publishing high-quality videos, you will eventually hit a tipping point where things blow up.

Here are some tips that can help you grow and scale up your YouTube channel:

1. Frequency

When you first start your YouTube channel you don’t really know if anyone is going to watch your videos. This is where people give up. In order to succeed at youTube, you need to focus on the process, and not on the results (income, revenue, subscribers, etc.).

Building a business doesn't involve instant gratification. You get rewarded for the seeds that you plant today, but you need to consistently nurture those seeds. There are roots that are growing under the ground, but they aren't visible to you.

As long as you continue to stick with it and publish and promote more videos, those seeds will eventually sprout, which may be in the form of a video that gets 100,000 views. This is when the excitement occurs. Keep the faith, be consistent, and don’t give up! If you want to commit to mastery, you need to focus on the long-term.

2. Quality

The quality of your YouTube videos has to be good and they have to add value to the people in your market. That doesn’t mean that your production has to be amazing.

When I first started my channel, I had no audio equipment or lighting, and I filmed my videos on a stack of books. One of my most popular videos to-date was in 2012 when I received 700,000 views.

In that video, my camera fell over and my production was lousy, but it didn’t matter. People were attracted to my content. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” You can engage people merely by how you communicate something.

Understand the niche or market that you are in, research what other successful people on YouTube are doing, and understand the difference between low and high quality videos. If you are putting out 50 videos and they aren't getting traction, you need to ask yourself, “Why aren’t people watching my videos?”

If you want to be successful, you need to constantly look for ways to improve and optimize your business. Quality always gets rewarded. In the words of Tom Peters, “The formula for success is under promise and over deliver.”

The money that you make is in direct proportion to the value that you add.

3. Keyword Optimization

The most effective way to get people to watch your videos is to master keyword optimization. If you want to drive more traffic to your channel, it is important that you create videos based on the keywords that people are searching for, not just necessarily what you want.

You could have the best video out there, but if you aren’t promoting and marketing it in the right way, nobody will be able to find you.

Watch my YouTube video above in order to learn how you can use YouTube to build a successful business and make a significantly larger amount of money than you ever could solely from YouTube ads!

This is how I make $9000 per month on YouTube and how I doubled my YouTube earnings in 3 months. I hope this information has empowered you to tap into the unlimited earning potential that the backend of YouTube provides.

If you are strategic and committed to the process, I guarantee that you can create an impressive passive income revenue stream on YouTube for years to come. If I can do it, so can you!

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How I Make $9,000 Per Month On YouTube
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