Finding Fulfillment Through Contribution: Building Schools With Change Heroes Founder Taylor Conroy


finding fulfilment through contribution taylor conroy change heroes

One of my goals this year is to build two schools with an organization called Change Heroes.

In the past, I've always given and supported many charitable causes – even when I had no money and was living in my friends living room.  At my core, I've always been driven by contribution and making a difference.

However, instead of just giving to random organizations, I wanted to find a specific cause that I could get behind and focus all of my efforts in.  I wanted something I could use my influence to bring awareness to, and even encourage others that follow me to get behind as well.

I met Taylor Conroy a year ago at a party that I hosted and I was really inspired by his story.  You'll hear more about his story in this interview, but I quickly became super excited about the possibility of being able to build a school for children somewhere in the world and have a powerful impact in that way.

I remember traveling to poor countries, such as Ecuador and Cambodia and seeing the poverty that many people experienced.  I was always wanted to make a difference, but at the same time felt frustrated that I didn't have the money to give more.

I said to myself, “One day I'll be able to help these children and make a difference.”  It was one of my motivators for being successful.

Today, there's organizations like Change Heroes that have created a platform and easier way for people to make a measurable difference.  Taylor told me all about how the process works in a recent meeting we had and I knew this would be a perfect fit for me.

I asked Taylor to do a Skype interview, to talk a bit about his story and to discuss the areas of giving.  I also wanted to bring awareness to Change Heroes, while even encouraging others to be a leader and create their own campaign (or to contribute to mine here).

Watch the interview below:

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How did you enjoy the interview?

I hope it inspired you and motivated you to be a giver.

As I once heard from Sir John Templeton, one of the greatest investors of all time, he said that he hasn't seen anyone become very wealthy that hasn't tithed and given away a percentage of their income.

When you make your focus on giving, you get out of a “scarcity” mentality and instead get to experience abundance and an immediate sense of fulfillment.

I'd love to have you join me in my my campaign to building a school.  I am personally contributing a lot of my own money, time and effort to making this happen – but I could use your help!

You can give any amount you want.  Any little bit will help and make a difference.

Click here to join me in building a school!

Thank you, I sincerely appreciate your support!

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Finding Fulfillment Through Contribution: Building Schools With Change Heroes Founder Taylor Conroy
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  • Joachim, London

    Great video, great interview! Inspired me…I’m in!!