Goal Setting Workshop: The 100 Day Challenge


How are you doing with your goals?

There is exactly 100 days left in the year!

Stefan decided to do a goal setting workshop via live stream today to ensure that you end the year STRONG.

Watch the live stream below:


Here's how to join the 100 Day Challenge & get $50 off…

1. Go to www.projectlifemastery.com/100daychallenge

2. Use coupon code “mastery” on checkout to get $50 off.

3. E-mail your receipt to support@projectlifemastery.com to get a bonus exclusive interview with Gary Ryan Blair.

Goal Setting Workshop: The 100 Day Challenge
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  • Khaled El-Sherbiny

    Hi Stefan,
    I have watched a couple of your coaching videos regarding FBA, and i am very interested to start my own business.
    What i rely want is your support on what is exactly needed for me to create an Amazon account to start selling on it.
    I am not an US resident, i live in Egypt.

  • Ioana

    Hi Stefan. I signed up today for the 2 payment plan but I forgot to use your coupon code. Do you think it will be possible to use it for the second payment?

  • Linden Thumbeeram

    Hi Stefan, I am from Mauritius and I would like to know if I can sign up for this? Is it 100% online?

  • Bill

    Hi Stefan, Thanks for sharing this video on goal setting. Looked through several ones, but found yours to be the most helpful. Please keep up the good work!!

    Question : I wanted to know how do you decide the next book which you want to read. Is it based on the recommendations / reviews / type of work you are involved with or do you have any other criterion to select and read a particular book at this time (from so many other books which might be available in your kindle or elsewhere).

  • Kelly Thieken

    Hi! I see that the next registration is beginning soon… do you have any coupon codes for this one? I have been watching all of your videos about this:)