How To Make $400,000 Per Month Selling On Amazon FBA With Greg Mercer


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In this video, Stefan interviews Greg Mercer on how he makes $400,000 per month selling on Amazon FBA.

In this video interview, Stefan and Greg discuss everything from how to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon, to finding suppliers, to marketing and selling your Amazon product, to living the laptop lifestyle!  This interview will inspire you and also reveal a lot of practical tips for making money on Amazon.

Greg Mercer is also the founder of Jungle Scout, a popular Amazon keyword research software that helps Amazon sellers find and analyze profitable products to sell on Amazon.

In this video interview, Greg also does a live demo of how he uses Jungle Scout to find profitable products to sell on Amazon.  He even includes an exclusive Jungle Scout discount for all subscribers of Project Life Mastery!

Watch the video below:

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How To Make $400,000 Per Month Selling On Amazon FBA With Greg Mercer
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  • Kristy Holmes

    Hi Greg/Stefan,

    What experience do you have with Patent Infringement and can you give any pointers to avoid it?



    • Hi Kristy, never encountered this before, but is definitely something to look out for. I’d use the US Patent and Trademark search website and do proper research beforehand: http://www.uspto.gov/

  • robert hong

    I ask, I am a Vietnamese, currently living in Vietnam. So I have participated in sales on Amazon are not. how ? Your counselor can help me? thank you

  • jestoni

    hi…i am from philippines…i have a direct selling business.. can i sell my products to amazon? tnx for your answers

  • Consciously Christine

    Hey there, thanks for the great info in this video! I am wondering who he is giving away products to in exchange for reviews. How do you find the people to giveaway to? Thanks!

  • Jon Berrios

    Can use jungle scout from my iPhone or iPad??

  • Roger Sinclair

    I like many people are trying to make a go of this, i do find when you list an item there is a whole load of the same items on offer. Interested in your private labels, also followed your other webinars.