Always Grow And Evolve… Or Get Left Behind


grow and evolve

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.  In life and in business, you always have to be growing and evolving because the world is always changing around us.

Over the last two decades we’ve experienced more change in business due to technology than any other factor.  If you do not stay one step ahead of the game and continue the path of mastery, you will be left behind.

Self-growth is key for us to live fulfilling lives and have successful careers.  According to Bill Gates, “The ability to be open to change and to continue to try and improve oneself and one’s business is crucial to success”.

Don’t be one of those people that thinks,  “Okay I just learned everything” and then that’s it.  The most successful people in the world don't act like they know everything. They all understand the fact that they have to continuously learn in order to be successful.

For a long time, it was believed that as we aged, the connections in the brain became fixed.  Research has shown that in fact the brain never stops changing through learning.  You need to keep your brain active if you want to avoid mental decay.

Adapting to change frequently requires the effective use of all your acquired skills. In some cases, adapting to change will call for the use of other skills as well—skills which you might not yet have mastered, or even begun to acquire.

It is imperative that you update your skill set and your mind so that you can adapt to the ever-changing world.

The reality is this – in today's world, you need to grow and evolve or you will get left behind.

One of my favorite quotes from Charles Darwin is that, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

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All right, guys. In life and in business, you always have to be growing. You always have to be evolving. You always have to be one step ahead because the world is always changing around us, the world of business, the world of the Internet. Everything's changing, and if you don't stay one step ahead and continue the path of mastery, which is a constant and never-ending improvement, then you're going to be left behind.

Staying one step ahead

I see this time and time again with people that may be investing in a training for Facebook marketing.  They learn Facebook marketing. They learn SEO. They learn Kindle Publishing.

They learn something, some sort of skill set. They invest in the training and then they think after that, they don't need to do anything afterward to grow and improve from that. If you invest in a Facebook training, a Google training, a Kindle Publishing training several years ago, but you're not updating your skill set, you're not continuing to grow, then whatever you're learning is obsolete.

I see time and time again, people, they go to university to learn online marketing. Trust me, whatever you learn in university or college about Internet marketing, whatever you learn is going to be outdated by the time that you graduate because the Internet is always changing so fast.

Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Instagram. All the different strategies that are available are always changing and so you have to always keep that in mind and understand that the path of mastery is always improving yourself, always growing, always innovating, always staying one step ahead and always looking for answers.

Be adaptable

For me, I'm on the path of mastery in my life and my businesses. Inside my Kindle Publishing, what I teach, I'm always updating it and improving it because Amazon changes. Kindle Publishing changes.

Don't be one of those people that thinks, “Okay, I've just learned everything,” and then that's it. No. You have to go back to the training. You have to update your skill set, update your mind so that you can adapt in the ever-changing world.

One of my favorite quotes from Charles Darwin is that “It's not the strongest that survives and it's not the smartest that survives. It's he who is the most adaptable to change.” Be adaptable, guys. That's the skill that's going to take you to where you want to go.

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Always Grow And Evolve… Or Get Left Behind
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  • Eddy Baller

    would also add that it’s important to invest in training, not just search for freebies. Serious people pay.