How John Crestani Made $2.9 Million Last Year From Affiliate Marketing


how to make money from affiliate marketing

Today I am really excited to be interviewing a good friend of mine, John Crestani, who has had massive success as an affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur.  He is a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, and John is proof of that.  Last year he made over $2.9 million, with affiliate marketing alone.

In this interview, John will share with you his experiences with affiliate marketing, the business model that he employs, and the different strategies that he uses that have brought him massive success.

My hope is that John’s affiliate marketing success story will inspire and help other affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs to make more money online, and achieve the financial freedom they desire!

Watch the video below:

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How John Crestani Made $2.9 Million Last Year From Affiliate Marketing
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