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Some questions I’m getting asked are, “How do you stay in shape when you travel, how do you make progress towards your health and fitness goals, how do you stay healthy, and what supplements do you take?”

I understand how important my health is.  If I get sick, it ends up costing me a lot of money and time, so I need to avoid that at all costs.

When you have a business or a career you have to understand that your time is worth money. Time is the most important thing. If you end up getting sick and that takes away from your business or your career, you’re missing out on making a lot of money.

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Hey everyone, Stefan here from Projectlifemastery.com, coming to you guys from South Beach Miami Florida right now. Just renting out a little place here through Airbnb. As you guys know, I've been traveling around for the last few months. I was in Japan, I was in Thailand, Bali, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, now I'm here in Miami.

Next week I'm actually going to Disney World in Orlando on Friday which should be a lot of fun. Next week, I'll be going to Arizona before I go back to Vancouver so a lot of traveling. One question I've been getting asked is how do you stay in shape when you travel? How do you make progress towards your fitness goals or health and fitness goals? How do you stay healthy and what supplements do you take?

A lot of people have been following me on Snapchat and I usually share my daily routines and I'm going to the gym and I'm taking supplements because I value health above anything. Health is actually my number one value because I recognized a long time ago that if I don't value my health and put it first, then there's no me that's available to do anything else in my life. There's no me that's available to work on my business, to have a great relationship or to do anything.

Taking care of your health always has to be your highest priority

I know a lot of people when they travel, they end up getting into worse shape. A lot of people when they travel they end up gaining weight, they end up being more unhealthy. They're eating out a lot. They are drinking and consuming things that it can be a little more challenging for them because they don't have a routine.

In this video, I'm going to attempt to share with you, my fitness rituals, my health rituals, some of the supplements that I take and can hopefully help you guys when you decide to travel, whether it's a short trip or a long trip like myself. I think the core thing to understand is making sure that you value your health above anything else.

It has to be something that's important for you because if your health isn't important for you, then you're not going to do the crazy things that I do to stay healthy. For me, I understand that health is so important that if I get sick, it ends up costing me a lot of money. Just getting sick for a week, that's something that just can never happen.

It's something that I got to avoid, I got to prevent, I got to make sure that it never happens because when you have a business or even a career, you have to understand that your time is worth money. Time is worth money. Time is the most important thing. It's more important than money.

If you end up getting sick and that takes away from your business or your career, you're missing out on a lot of money. For my case, my time is worth a lot of money, over a $1000 an hour. If I end up getting sick for a week, I'm losing thousands and thousands of dollars because with that time, there's an opportunity cost and there are more important things that I could have done. Health has to be important. Getting sick can never be an option.

You have to make sure that your standards are extremely high

If you want to be optimally healthy and fit, you got to have higher standards than everyone else. You can't compare yourself to people that are unhealthy and sick and unfit because most people are obese. Most people are unhealthy and sick and are going to die from cancer or heart disease. I think research shows that 50% of people are going to get heart disease and 1 in 3 people die from cancer.

You got to have a higher standard than everyone else and I'm going to share some of those standards that I have with you guys here in this video. Number one, the first thing I want to mention is that there's a big difference between health and fitness. They are related to some extent but you have to understand that health always has to be more important than fitness.

I know a lot of people that are physically fit, they've got a great body, they've got a six pack, they are muscular or whatever it is and they're massively unhealthy. I see this time and time again and these are people that I know. I know a lot of fitness models. I've done fitness shows and stuff like that. I have friends that are doing steroids and all these drugs and they're consuming all these pre-workout energy stuff that's basically a crap product that's just loaded with excess amounts of caffeine.

It's like you're taking 3 coffees before your workout and you're just taking all these chemicals in your diet. They're consuming all these whey proteins that are dairy and casein and have mucous which harden in your mucoid, in your intestines. It creates a mucoid plaque which prevents the absorption of other nutrients. There's just so many issues that I see with people that are “fit” but they're massively unhealthy.

You always got to put health first guys. If you take care of your health first, your energy, your vitality, that's what's going to allow you not only to be fit as well but more sustainable, live a long life and have energy because energy is extremely important part of success. If you want to achieve goals and results in your life, you can't do it if you don't have an abundance of energy.

Successful people have a lot of energy. Every person that I know that's very successful, they have a lot of energy. They have energy excuse, me, to wake up early, to work on the business, to … In the evening time, the weekends, the energy is what pulls them and pushes them to take massive action on their business towards their goals. A lot of people I know they go to a job 9 to 5 and they come home, they're tired because they don't have any energy because they're not taking care of their health.

They don't have the energy to really grow and build a business and that can't happen either. The bottom line is I know I'm kind of ranting on here about health but I think it's so important that you guys got to make it a high standard for yourself and there's always ways that you can grow and improve that.

I wake up and I do my morning ritual

Let's talk a little bit about the fitness side as well. I have certain standards in my life as you guys know that I never break, they're non-negotiable. One of them is every single morning I wake up and I do my morning ritual. I've got a whole program on my morning ritual called Morning Ritual Mastery. It's a 7-day program.

This is something I do no matter what because I always got to make sure that every single day I take time from my body, my health, my mind, my emotions and my spirit. It doesn't matter where I am in the world, I'm always doing something every day for my body, my health.

I wake up, I'm drinking water first thing in the morning.  I'm drinking water all throughout the day because the body gets dehydrated while you're sleeping.  Depending on the climate that you're in like I've been in tropical environments that are really hot and very humid. You're even more dehydrated in those environments.

Hydrating with water is very, very important. I always make sure that I do that first thing in the morning. I also make sure that I do something to engage my physical body each day. For my ritual right now, I go outside, I go for a walk or on a treadmill, there's a gym where I am. Go for a walk for 5 minutes, warm up, 5 or 10 minutes doing my morning ritual, my gratitude, my visualization, my affirmations, a few things like that, empowering questions.

Then I go for a run and my run usually lasts for 40, 45 minutes and then during that run, I might be listening to something inspirational motivational. Afterward, I'm doing a cool down and finishing up my ritual that way. Engaging my body that way doesn't matter where I am in the world, I'll go outside, I'll go to a treadmill. Engaging your body is free. There's no excuse not to do it.

It doesn't matter where I am and I think it's even more important when you're traveling because when you're traveling there are more temptations. You're more likely to be eating out at restaurants and stuff.

If you do cardio and you engage your body each day, it's going to help prevent that you get fat and you're going to make significant progress and I find when I do cardio in the morning, I have incredible energy throughout the day because the cardio that I do is very aerobic cardio. There are different types of cardio, there are different types of conditioning. Anaerobic is when you're building a lot of acid in your body.

It's when you're doing sprints and hit training and even lifting weights. Those are great for looking ripped and looking really good, but you're building so much acid and you're tearing so many fibers in the muscle that your body has to recover. When your body is recovering, it's going to be a cost to that which is your energy, you're going to be more tired throughout the day.

When you do aerobic which is basically more light exercise like maybe going for a jog from a scale from 0 to 10, your energy level is at 7 out of 10 in terms of the intensity. Then you're taking in a lot of oxygen without damaging the muscles and building a lot of acids, so you have so much energy throughout the day because you've now given your body so much oxygen that you're going to feel great throughout the day.  Also, you're going to feel happy, you're going to feel amazing. That's a ritual that I do every day no matter what.

Look for places that have a gym

I also lift weights and one requirement for me whenever I travel is I always look for places that have a gym. The place I'm staying right now there's a gym across the hall in the building. Other places there might be a gym across the street or within the area.

It could be a little bit more challenging to find the gyms but I was in Thailand and I was in Bali and I still found gyms in the places that I was staying or at least across the street or in the area.

You can always find gyms everywhere. I had a hard time finding a gym in Japan, in Tokyo. I will admit I don't think I worked out with weights during the week that I was there. Some places it is more challenging without a doubt. I remember looking for gyms in Japan but it's like people just don't work out there. It was just really strange to me how hard it was to find a gym even in like hotels and stuff like that.

Again, that's a standard that I have. I have a standard, you know what, the places I stay has to have a gym because my goals aren't just going to stop because I go on a vacation, because I'm traveling. The goals that I have, these rituals they're there just help support me in my life, not just to achieve my goals but to be the best that I can be. Working out, taking care of my health, I always see that as an act of self-love. That's a gift that I give myself every day.

By taking care of my body, I'm honoring my temple, I'm honoring my Creator. It's going to allow me to make everything else work. I don't need to take breaks from it. It's just something that I do that I love, I enjoy and you got to enjoy it if you're going to do it long term. Working out, cardio, doing something like that every day, having a ritual, these are things that are non-negotiable that you make part of your life no matter what.

If you guys are having a hard time with rituals, get my morning mastery program. It's inexpensive. It's a 7-day program. Hundreds of people now have been to the program and gotten amazing results. You might think, “Well, you know, I don't need a program to create a morning ritual.” If you're not doing a ritual then you do because there's a conflict in your belief system that's preventing you from doing it.

The program that I created doesn't just teach you and say, “Okay, do this as a ritual,” it helps you address the belief systems, making it a must, making it important and also making sure that it's a sustainable ritual long term. The only way it's going to be sustainable and making it that important is you have to shift your beliefs. The program's amazing, get it. I'll have a link in the description for it.

What you should know about supplements

Let's talk a little bit about supplements because supplements are another important part of my health and fitness ritual. A lot of people have different opinions about supplements. I love supplements. I've gotten immense value from supplements. Taking them for years and that's a lot of money in supplements and testing different products.

I even created my own brand which is Life Mastery Nutrition and I started to create my own supplements because I want to make sure that what I put in my body is the highest standard, highest quality products and I want to share that with people.

For me, one thing I'll mention first and foremost is number one, you got to make sure that you are eating healthy and have a good workout training program because no pill, no supplements are going to solve that for you. There's no supplement you can take that's just going to help you lose fat without doing any work or help you lose fat and you can eat junk food and not exercise.

It doesn't work that way, the same thing with gaining muscle or being healthy. Really I think that 90% is your working, your workout and your exercise and your diet and nutrition. Supplements play a 10% role. I think they play a physiological role and also a psychological role. Sometimes one thing a lot of people say is well, how do you know if a supplement's working? Really number one, there's a few factors that are used to measure.

Number one is always measuring how I feel and I usually implement one supplement at a time into my routine, my lifestyle so that I can try to measure it that way.

Measuring how you feel, that's not the best way but it is a way to measure whether or not how effective it is as well as results with your health and fitness, your fitness goals where you're losing weight et cetera. It's not great because so many people are so out of touch with how they feel. A lot of people, they're so used to stimulants like caffeine that when they take caffeine, they immediately feel energized and in a great state.

You're not going to get that from other supplements. You're not going to get an immediate effect. People think well like, “I'm taking this product but I don't see an immediate effect.” It doesn't work that way with a lot of products. You got to understand that. Part of it is that if you're very sensitive to things like I've developed a very good sensitivity to certain products.

I know whether or not it's working because I've done … I'm just working my mind-body connection so much over the years and I know even on a spiritual level how I resonate with different products.

There's a placebo effect

That's important. Also just again, measuring the results. Another way of looking at it that I find is that really for supplements to work, you have to believe that it's going to work. With anything, nothing in life will work unless you believe it will work. It will only work to the extent that you believe it works. There's a placebo effect. Placebo effect a lot of people look at it as a negative thing.

I look at it as a positive thing because I remember reading a study. This famous person, I forget his name but he was a doctor and he started treating his patients with sugar pills and telling them that it was medicine. What happened was he was just doing this as a test and he was journaling everything.

It was a huge breakthrough in science. What happened was these people that were taking sugar pills thinking that they were taking real medicine were actually healing themselves and actually getting better. How was that possible? It's because of the belief. It's because they believed that they were taking medicine even though it wasn't really medicine that they got better.

That's the power of your mind. That's the power of your belief system. Sure enough, this doctor when he actually shared this, he thought he was going to win a prize and something like that and all these patients were upset with him. Everyone was mad at this guy because he was giving them sugar pills. They didn't realize it's a huge breakthrough that he discovered and now he is recognized for the work that he did.

Your mind, your belief is very powerful. For me, I can take certain products and for me, as long as I believe that it's working, I'll get better results and that's all that matters for me because you're taking products to get better results. You're taking them to be healthier, to be more fit, to help achieve your health and fitness goals.

Whether or not it will actually work physiologically, it's actually not that important, it's the belief of it actually working that's going to make more of a difference for you.

The belief system is key

I find that to be the most important thing and it gives me a psychological edge because if I've got a goal to lose fat, to get lean, I've got a fitness show, I want to gain muscle, I need as much belief in my way to help me achieve that. I invest in supplements because it's going to make me feel like I'm doing the right thing.

Every day, I'm losing fat because I'm taking these supplements and sure enough I do, sure enough, I always achieve the result or the goal that I'm after. The psychological is powerful. Let's jump into some of the supplements. These are some supplements that I take.

I got another video blog I did like a year or two ago when I was doing a fitness show where I go through like all the supplements, my meal plans because I had to get meals delivered to me and stuff, meals prepared. That's on my YouTube channel. I think it's called my weight loss plan. You guys can look it up.

These are some that I take when I travel. When I travel, I always bring supplements. There are certain ones that I never leave the house without. They're important. Again, these are high standards that I have. I don't care if I've got to check an extra bag whatever, usually I don't. I just find a way to put everything in my suitcase and I've been traveling for a few months.

Athletic Greens

I also recognize some places you might travel to, you're not going to be able to find good supplements. When I was in Thailand and Bali, I couldn't find a lot of the products that I take. I bring them with me which is very important. Number one, this is a great product right here called Athletic Greens. I'll have links to these products below. This is a product that's amazing guys.

Greens drinks, greens powders are amazing number one, for your energy, for your recovery, for giving your body the right nutrients and the right vitamins, minerals et cetera because one thing is a lot of people don't realize the regular diet you might be eating you're not going to get all the nutrients you need from the regular diet. Most foods that you're going to be eating are deficient in certain nutrients.

Even a lot of vegetables are because the soil is different and it's not organic and it's not the same as it was before. A lot of minerals, a lot of core vitamins, nutrition, you're not going to be getting from a regular diet. That's why you got to supplement and make sure that you guarantee that the body is going to get exactly what it needs to recover, to be energized, to help achieve your health and fitness goals. This is a great product that I take and what it does, number one is it's like a dehydrated greens powder.

It's a greens powder that basically is a mixture of like Spirulina and wheat grass and broccoli and spinach and kale et cetera. Greens as well as a few different herbs and roots and a lot of different other just really essential ingredients that you would just never get again from eating a regular diet. Number one, the greens is really great if you're not getting greens consistently in your diet, so that's a really important reason for taking a product like this.

Also, it helps to alkalize your blood. A really great book to learn about acid-alkaline balance, the PH balance is a book called The Ph Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Robert Young. Making sure your body is an alkaline state. This product here also has a lot of very important vitamins and minerals so like vitamin A, C, E, K2, Biotin and Zinc and Selenium and Copper, Chromium. A few different minerals that are really important.

I take vitamin and mineral supplements too but when I'm traveling I like to bring something like this because it has a lot of that stuff in it already. It's really light. They also have these travel packs here too. I bring these with me if I'm going on a short trip. I've got a 5-day trip, I always bring 5 of these packs. What you do, is you take it first thing in the morning. First thing in the morning, I take a water bottle with me when I travel as well. I basically mix it with water and a lot of waters you're going to have when you're traveling and it's bottled water it's going to be acidic.

I'm a health nerd. I drink ionized water at home but when I'm traveling, I don't have access to that so it's even more important that I alkalize my water. I mix it with water first thing in the morning, empty stomach and then I also take it after my workout to help with recovery as well. At least twice a day, I take this product. It's also got enzymes in it, it's got antioxidants, it's got herbs, it's got probiotics, it's got super mushrooms, mushrooms as well.

Really amazing products guys. This is one of the best ones that I take that I absolutely love. It tastes really good too. A lot of them test like garbage, a lot of the green powders. I'll throw a link to these guys below and you guys can check them out. I order them online. They get shipped to me within a few days. I think they can deliver anywhere in the world. Athletic Greens guys, get it. Trust me, it's going to give a lot of energy too.

Blender bottle

Next product, I'll mention this as well, I usually bring a blender bottle. These are blender bottles. You can but it at the store or you can buy them online. These are really cool products because they have it's a shaker cup so I can mix protein and my drinks in it. Also, they have different compartments. For example, this here comes off and in here I got some proteins.

When I'm traveling and especially if I'm on like a flight, like an airplane or whatever, I can throw in some protein or some of my supplements and stuff in this little container, attach it to the bottom of the bottle and then bring it with me. Also, when I open this, there's another one right here that I can throw in. This here, it's actually a bit wet. It's actually a little hard to take it out but it's basically another one of these that you can throw in here.

I can put in my protein, my vitamins and it's really great when I'm on an airplane or like I'm not going to have access to a meal. A lot of people eat badly when they're hungry because they didn't prepare. You might be out for a few hours and you get hungry, you going to go to eat whatever is just the most unhealthy place or whatever, whatever is available. This helps ensure that you're preventing that from happening.

You always have to think ahead by actually having my protein there with me. All I need is just water, I can mix it. That's all I need for a meal replacement. Blender bottle is great.

Plant-based protein

I always bring plant-based protein with me. This is a product calledVega. They're not the number one brand that I recommend honestly but they're good nonetheless. Traveling wise, I bring my own with me but I ran out from the ones that I have from Vancouver. Vega, I was able to find and this is a good option for plant-based protein. I could talk a ton about protein. Now I can talk a ton about protein.

I’ve got a good friend of mine, Wade light heart who knows everything about protein because he's a vegetarian bodybuilder and went to Mr. Universe and national championships and all sort of stuff and he did it as a vegetarian.

A lot of fitness people that take whey protein and casein protein. Whey and casein protein isn't really high-quality protein because it's cooked in the process. It's also a dairy product as well. A lot of people have issues with dairy like bloating and gas and for me personally, I get bloated and gassy when I take it. Understanding when you take protein, you might be getting in 30gm, it doesn't mean that you're absorbing all 30gms.

There's a difference between your absorption and what you consume. A lot of people, they're consuming all these whey protein but they're not absorbing all of it because it's cooked in the process. Whereas plant based protein is raw, it's got the enzymes in it. It's going to be easier for you to digest and also you're absorbing more protein from it. You can consume even meat and chicken and beef and stuff like that, you can consume 30gms of protein, but maybe you're only getting half of that. You might only be absorbing half of that.

Whereas plant based, you're going to have a much higher chance of absorbing more of it and it's going to be better for you. It's more natural product. The Vega one, the reason why I don't like them is they used to be good but as they have grown, they have kind of diminished the quality of the product.

They use a lot of pea protein and pea protein is a tough protein for the body to digest and will usually make you more gassy and bloated as well. Higher quality plant based proteins are like hemp protein, rice protein, pumpkin protein, those are more of the ones that I prefer. Nonetheless, this one tastes good too and it's a good option as well.

Plant based protein, always take this. Usually, I have two scoop supplement with this throughout the day, two or three scoops actually sometimes.

Life Mastery Nutrition products

Let's go into some more products here. These are some of my products I'll share with you guys. I've shared them before but one is CLA conjugated linoleic acid. This is my supplement brand called Life Mastery Nutrition. I always bring … This is actually one of my favorite supplements. I always bring this with me everywhere. I always take it because number one, what CLA does.

It's a very common fat loss supplement but one of the biggest benefits of it is it prevents body fat storage. Especially when you're traveling, you might be eating out at different times or consuming certain foods that might not- That support your higher calorie foods. Anytime you eat out, there's no way of knowing how many calories that you're consuming. Often times it's a lot more because they're using certain oils and ingredients that you can't see that are increasing the number of calories in those meals.

What CLA does is it prevents body fat storage. I take 3 capsules every single day. They're actually soft gel capsules but I take them every day, morning, before and after my workout and what that does is that if I am having higher calorie days or eating out, it prevents my body from storing it as fat. It's not like a magic thing like you can't go eat 10000 calories and expect it's going to help you prevent fat ducking in that case.

It does make a significant difference. This is one of the products I always notice a difference with. Also great for fat loss and burning fat. It's basically made up of safflower  oil and there are other benefits to it as well in terms of cholesterol and your body mass and a few other health benefits to it as well. The biggest one being fat loss. Definitely know there's a huge difference with this product so I highly recommend CLA.

If you guys want to check out my brand, my products. My products are really high quality. I develop them and I want to share them with people. I'll have a link explaining the description if you guys want to check them out on Amazon. CLA, I might even throw in a little discount, a little coupon code for you guys on your check out on Amazon. I'll throw that in the description as well. Another one is BCAAs, branched chain amino acids.

This is also my brand Life Mastery Nutrition. BCAAs are really important for me especially when I'm losing fat because I don't have a lot of- I'm not a very muscular guy, I'm more of a lean person. For me when I'm losing fat, one of the risks of losing fat is that you lose muscle mass. Muscle mass is something that you work so hard to attain especially if you're bulking up and stuff like that. You want to maintain as much of it as possible.

By taking BCAAs, it ensures that I'm getting the amino acids that will help prevent muscle breakdown. It helps preserves muscle mass. Also, will help to gain muscle mass as well but really, you've got to be eating more calories in order to gain more muscle mass. There's a number of other great benefits in terms of your recovery.

I usually take them before and after my workouts because it will help recover in terms of if I had a really intense workout. Also, it will help with my endurance, my stamina at the gym as well. BCAAs, very, very important. Always take those. The other one is L-carnitine. L-carnitine is an amino acid. There are different types of L-Carnitine. There are L-Carnitine tartrates, there's L-Carnitine Acetyl.

This is L-Carnitine tartrates which specifically helps with fat loss and also with muscle recovery and endurance as well. It's also got a lot of other great benefits but the main thing how it works is that helps the body be able to burn fat as energy, as fuel. You want to get your body, if you want to lose fat, your body has to start burning fat and using it as fuel and energy.

L-Carnitine helps with that and this is the first product I developed and I take it every day. The amazing product also will help with your energy levels too. L-Carnitine, a great one and again if you guys want to check them out, I'll have a link below. I'll throw in a little coupon code for you guys too if you want to buy them.

Nordic Naturals Omega 3

Next is Omega 3s. This is a great brand calledNordic Naturals. Omega 3s are very important for your mood, your emotional well-being, your heart, your brain function. Even for just your overall fitness because you want to make sure you're getting the right oils in your body. I think this is Fish Oils. I like Fish Oils. It's a good source of oils but there's also … Yeah, this is Fish Oil this brand.

Usually, when I'm in Vancouver, I have got a bottle and it's a vegan based oil which is Udo’s Oil but it's hard to travel with that. I like to take these ones. These are really important, I think more importantly just for your overall well being.

A lot of us we eat diets that are so deficient in oils and Omega 3s, whereas we used to eat a lot of fish and nuts and foods that had the oils in it. Most foods today are deficient in the essential oils. Supplementing with it is key and I think it's a really core component just to being happy. These are actually known, Omega 3s are known to help prevent depression and a lot of great benefits with it. I always take oils. Great for your skin too. I get dry skin from time to time so Omega 3s and the right oils are very important.

Natural product foods and probiotics

Here's another good product. I mentioned before making sure you don't get sick. I have always said there are 3 natural products foods that I take that have always prevented me from getting sick, and that's Cayenne pepper, garlic … Actually, I'll throw in four, cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, and onion. Those four foods are amazing for your immune system. It's not always practical to eat ginger and garlic although I usually do but there are supplements you can get.

Here is one, just cayenne pepper and garlic. I take two of these capsules every day, helping to get it in my diet. Really great for the immune system. Another great supplement to travel with is an oil of Oregano. This will help detoxify your blood if you get sick. That's been a very common one. These are just a few examples of products out of a few other ones that I usually travel with. Another great one is probiotics.

Probiotics are great especially when you travel to certain countries where you can actually get sick from the food. For example in Bali a very common thing that a lot of travelers get is something called Bali bug because there are different bacteria that you're consuming, your body is not used to it and so you can end up getting diarrhea and vomiting. Probiotics will help prevent that. Probiotics or the good bacteria that you put into your digestive system that will help to fight off bad bacteria.

Probiotics are key. There are other supplements I take like cretin and glutamine and fitness ones and health ones and enzymes and things like that. I don't always travel with those ones, though. Athletic Greens is great because they have probiotics and enzymes in them. These are some of the main ones that I take that I honestly, I never leave the house without these products because they're just so important.

The real difference in getting shape and healthy

It comes down to having a high standard for yourself and making it a must for you to take care of your health, your body, and your fitness. By doing this guy, I'm able to lose weight, be healthy, be fit, be energetic, be productive and it makes everything a much more positive experience. When I travel, I come back home, I'm in better shape than I was before I left. That's how it should always be guys.

Again, the real difference in getting in shape and all these sorts of stuff is not going to be supplements and little technique, it's your standards. Making it a must, making it important for you. Not being afraid to invest in the money. I've always viewed this as the best investment I could make because it's an investment in myself. You've got a Ferrari as a body.

You've got this amazing piece of machinery here and if you put crappy food and fuel into it, you don't take good care of it, it's not going to perform. A lot of people they walk around like they're driving their little beat up Honda Civic and that's exactly the result they have because they've put in the cheap fuel and they don't take good care of it.

You have a Ferrari though and you got to take good care of that Ferrari. You got to put the best supplements in it, you got to fuel it, you got to take good care of it.

If you do, you're going to get a lot from your body and it's going to allow you to live the life that you want to live. Kind of ranted on in this video but hopefully this has been useful for you guys because a lot of you have been asking for some health and fitness stuff from me. Honestly, health and fitness are like one of the most important things in my life beyond anything else business or money.

I don't really talk about it that much but I know a lot about it as you guys can probably tell because I've studied it my whole life. I'm really passionate about it also but maybe I'll do some more videos related to it. Hopefully, this was useful for you guys when traveling and maybe even when you're not traveling, a lot of these can be useful for you as well.

Again, I'll throw links to some of these products that you guys can check out below in the description. Check them out guys. Even my products are great products. It will definitely help you. I don't share anything that hasn't benefited me first, that I don't personally believe in. That's always my number one goal and aim is to be transparent, to share things that I take, that have benefited me.

If you guys want to have similar results to me, then you guys can buy modeling me and take some of the products. That's it for these video guys. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to leave a comment below. Let me know any questions you might have and maybe other supplements or products you might want to share as well. I'm always open to checking out different products also. Thanks for watching guys. I'll see you in the next video.

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How To Be Healthy And Fit While Traveling
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