How To Create A Blog And Set It Up In Minutes


Since recently publishing a video blog on , I’ve had a lot of people request for me to show them how to create a blog and set it up.    I decided to put together a video tutorial and blog post, showing you step-by-step how you can create a blog and set it up in minutes using WordPress.  I will also show you how you can get a free domain name in the process – check it out below.


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As you can see in the video above, I now use  for all of my websites.  Bluehost is a hosting service that is required for you to host all of your websites and blogs on.  They give you a free domain name (normally $10/year) when you use them and automatically link up the name servers with their hosting.  Bluehost is extremely user friendly and you can install  in the click of a few buttons.  Wordpress is the platform that I use, and it’s much better to self-host your own blog with your own domain name, if you’re serious about blogging.  See the instructions below on how to create a blog and set it up in minutes.


Bluehost offers a , which means that you can cancel with them at any time and they will refund you any amount of hosting that you didn’t use.  You can also sign-up for as low as $4.95/month, which is an awesome deal.

Note: I am a Bluehost affiliate, which means that they pays me a commission every time I refer someone to them. But this didn’t influence my recommendation, because all hosting services have similar programs. I recommend  because I honestly believe they offer the best hosting available.

Next, you’ll be asked to add the domain name you desire.  The domain name is going to be the URL for your future blog that people will be able to visit.  I recommend setting up a “.com” name over a “.net” or anything else, as “.com” is the most popular.  You need to make sure your domain name is available and not taken however, so I’d recommend to come up a few before you find one that you like.

3-Domain Registration

Alternatively, if you already have a domain name set up with  or another name domain name registrar, then you can add it to the section.

Once you’ve selected your domain name and it’s available, you then need to fill out your personal information and select your hosting package.  I recommend the 12 month hosting package, which means the price ends up being $6.95 per month.  You can get as low as $4.95 per month with Bluehost if you commit to 36 months.

5-Choose Plan

I generally recommend to ignore all of the extras that they will attempt to sell you.  The only thing I’d really consider would be the Domain Whois Privacy, which means that people can’t find out your personal information when they look up your domain name.  But none of the extra stuff is necessary moving forward.

Finally, you just need to enter your payment information and then click on “Next” to move forward in setting up your blog.

Once you’ve signed up successfully, you’ll be redirected to a page that will ask you to set up a password to access Bluehost.  Click on “Create your password” and put in whatever you want.  After that, you’ll be taken to the login page where you can enter your domain or username, along with your password to access the control panel.


Once you’re logged in, click on the “Website” tab in the control panel.  You should see a list of platforms that you can use and install for free.  I recommend to use WordPress, which is what I personally use for all of my blogs and websites.  Simply click on “Use WordPress” so that we can begin the installation.


You will then be guided through simple instructions to installing your WordPress blog using the MOJO Marketplace.

Click on “Start” once you’ve been redirected to the installation page for WordPress.


After that, you’ll be asked to select which domain you’d like to install WordPress to.  You can just leave it blank if you want to install WordPress on the root domain.

9-Install WP

In the final step, you’ll be asked to enter information about your blog, such as the Site Name, Username, Password, and E-Mail Address for WordPress.  Once you’ve filled that out, click on .

10-WP Login

You’ve finished the installation!  The final step is login to your WordPress dashboard on your domain name, so that you can begin to use WordPress and set everything up how you want.


To access the login page for your new blog, just enter the following URL to your browser:

Be sure to change “yourdomain.com” to whatever your domain name is that you selected for your blog.

Now simply enter your username and password that you set earlier and click on.  You should then be redirected to the Dashboard where you can set up your WordPress blog, customize it in whatever you want, and write your first blog post.  Be sure to watch the video I have above if you want to get a quick tour of WordPress and how you can set up your theme, plugins, and write your first post.

Congratulations, you’ve now set up your very own blog!  What’s next?  Here’s a few tips that can get you started on setting up your blog further.

You should now be well on your way to building a successful blog.  I hope this tutorial really helped you to set up your own blog.  Let me know if there’s any questions below!

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefitted from personally. Thank you for your support!

How To Create A Blog And Set It Up In Minutes
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  • David

    Hey Stefan, how long did it take you roughly to start getting subscribers? Also I know your using thesis but what font do you use, as it’s a very clear font and was interested to know what it’s called? Thanks

    • I’d say about 6 months before I started seeing some steady traffic and subscribers. I use Arial font for the blog.

  • Adam Kretz

    Hey Stefan Thanks so much for this post! Very easy to understand! I value all of your content greatly! Don’t Stop!

  • Majd Zaatry

    Wow man , this is bloody awesome ! It’s so simple I was over complicating hosting ! thanks man ! 🙂

  • Matt Bowd

    Hi Stefan, your article is awesome! very detailed and easy to understand for the people who wants to create/setup a blog. Keep it up man!

  • Dustin

    Hey Stefan, great work and very inspiring. Quick question, domain whois privacy isn’t even an option for me to choose? Why do you think that is? Is it really that important?

    • I don’t think it’s that important… only if you are a big business/brand and you want privacy. I never used whois until more recently.

  • Max

    Hey Stefan. Are you still using Thesis? I really love your new design. What theme is it?

    • Hey Max, it’s a custom design I had made. I started with Thesis and I recommend something like that at the beginning. Then once you start making money, re-invest some of it in a really quality design and customize it the way you like. 🙂

  • Martin Lumapas

    Thank you so much for the very informative site Stephan.I have my own blog now.Wow! Im so excited!

  • Thanks for all the the great valuable information you share with us :))

  • Hi Bethany, never heard of Ipage, but if you already have a host then you could explore just sticking with them. If not, I know BlueHost is one of the best out there and they make things very easy for you, so I recommend for beginners to stick with them.

  • Daniel

    Hey Stefen,

    Great info here – I found the list of plugins especially useful. Many sites list the “Top 10 Plugins…” but it’s good to get just the basic ones. I just started my blog, and I am aiming at just sharing my passion, which seems similar to your life mastery concept. Maybe it will make money one day, maybe I will just learn from it. Who knows?

    Thanks again for the great info!

  • Jason Mason

    I have just recently overcame tremendous adversity and addiction. For the first time in years I am finding joy in life and want to help people through the midfield of despair by making my mess my message. This is all very new to me. I hardly now how to use a computer and never wrote a book but through Stephen’s teachings and videos I have found a way to start making money online, and help people like myself become the best version of themselves. Thanks Stephan!!!

  • Ubaidullah Al-Mamun

    Hey Stefan!

    Been following you for awhile and have finally decided to start blogging and pursue greatness. Your video was very simple and to the point like always and i am grateful to have someone like you teach us how to take control of our lives.

    Quick question… does wordpress assist in placing optin forms and things of that nature?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Marty Roddy

    Thanks,More good stuff. …I need anther laptop and 2 extra hands to do all th stuff i am doing as i get started….