How To Create A Vision Board


How To Create A Vision Board

One of my favourite ways of manifesting what I want has been through creating vision boards.

Ever since The Secret came out, I have been using vision boards for motivation and utilizing the law of attraction.

By having a visual representation of your goals and dreams, it is a much more powerful motivator.  It allows you to SEE your ideal lifestyle and what you want, rather than just have it as a thought in your head.

In the below video, I share with you my vision board and how to create a vision board for yourself.

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how to make a vision board

How To Make A Vision Board

Making a vision board is easy and fun.

There's really no right way or wrong way of doing it – you let your imagination do the work and put together images, quotes and phrases that really inspire and motivate you.

In my case of the above vision board example, I found all of the images of what I want online.

I first knew my goals and had created my ultimate vision.  If you don't have that, then that's the first place you'll want to start.

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I know exactly the type of lifestyle that I want.

I've defined my dream physique.

I've defined my dream relationship.

I've defined my dream house (or houses).

I've defined my dream car (or cars).

I've defined my dream vacations and adventures.

I then went online, used Google Images and did some searches to find all of the images that would clearly define what I wanted.

I've found it also very useful to find some motivating quotes, phrases, or whatever else you'd like to add to it that is important to you.

I then e-mailed all of the images I compiled to a print shop and then had them print out all of the photos in a glossy form.  These are all the images that I could then use to glue to a poster board and put together.

Alternatively, you can also use magazines and then cut out images from that.  However, the reason why I decided against that is because I wanted to be specific and precise about exactly what I wanted.  I found the internet easier to do more specific searching, rather than going through dozens of magazines and taking out random images.

Keep in mind, that your vision board is always growing and evolving.  I've changed mine over the years (as I've achieved my goals and dreams on them) and have continually updated it for what motivates me today.

It's also important to ensure that your vision board is somewhere that you can see it everyday.

Put it up in your office or bedroom.  Make sure it's something that you can't escape or hide from and you're forced to look at.

The key to a successful vision board is really just finding images that MOTIVATE and INSPIRE you.  If the images you selected don't motivate you, then find some other images that do instead.

You should be able to look at your vision board and VISUALIZE yourself in it – experiencing everything that it contains.

So… do you have a vision board?

If not, create one!  It doesn't take long.  I had a blast doing it with my girlfriend and it's a fun activity that you can share with others.

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How To Create A Vision Board
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  • That’s my vision board Stefan! Prior to creating this, I never thought I wanted to become a mom. But surprisingly, I put up a picture of a happy family. 9 months later, my daughter was born 🙂 Thanks for the inspiring video. Loved the pinterest tip.

  • Gerson Nairenge Kamunoko

    creating a visual board is valuable.

  • Jonathan Raudel Abundiz Sifuen

    Men! You are awesome! I live in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico. And what you are doing there, is impacting me, my friends, family, coworkers directly and indirectly. Thank you very much for your bravery to live your dreams and your contributions for us to build ours.

    Jonathan Raudel.