How To Get More Time In Your Life


how to get more time in your life

Want to have more time in your life?

One of the biggest stories that people tell themselves that hold them back in life is the phrase “I don't have the time.”

The truth is, time is the only thing that is equal amongst all human beings on this planet.  If you learn to manage it effectively, you can create and experience almost anything that you want.  Failure to manage your time immobilizes people from taking action or pursuing the many gifts that life has to offer.  In this video blog, I will share with you some simple strategies on how to get more time in your life everyday.

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You Always Make The Time For What You're Committed To

In order to get more time in your life, the first thing you need to do is understand that whenever you say “I don't have the time”, that you are in fact lying to yourself.


You are given 24 hours each day.

You are given the same amount of time as every other human being on this planet.

So please, stop lying to yourself and saying that you don't have the time… when in fact, you do.

Instead, it's important to understand this simple truth:

You ALWAYS make the time for whatever you're committed to.

If you aren't exercising everyday, it isn't because you don't have the time.  It's because you aren't fully committed to exercising everyday.  You are instead putting your time on other things that you're more committed to – such as your job, hanging out with your friends, family, or watching TV.

There's nothing wrong with this, but understand that you're prioritizing those things above whatever it is that you're saying “I don't have the time for”.  You do have the time, but you are just choosing not to focus your time in that area because you are more committed to other things.

So if you're wanting to do something and are truly committed to it, you will ALWAYS make the time for it.

If you were committed enough, you would sleep less, work less, or do whatever it takes to do whatever it is that you're committed to.

You Must Learn How To Manage Your Time

how to have more time

Look at how your spending your time right now in your life.

Write down all of the activities that you're doing everyday, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

Are there any activities that aren't the best use of your time?

Perhaps if you cut out the time that you're spending each day watching TV, surfing the net, watching videos, etc… then you could spend that time on something that would enhance your life in better ways.

You need to PLAN and COMMIT to certain activities in your life and put it in your calendar.  Schedule it so it becomes real.  I always plan my day each morning and focus on managing the time that I have.

Another thing that is important is learning how to LEVERAGE your time.

I outsource and automate as many things as possible in my life.

I used to cook many of my own meals… not anymore.  I hired a personal chef instead, which made available an extra hour each day.

I used to respond to the hundreds of e-mails that I receive everyday from people… but not anymore.  I realized it was draining my energy and requiring hours of my time… time that I could have spent creating content and video blogs that could instead reach thousands of people, instead of only a handful.  That's why I hired a customer support team to handle 95% of the e-mails and messages that I receive.

I even have virtual assistants that handle many elements of my online business, from graphics design, content creation, Kindle publishing, promoting my business, and editing my podcasts.

The more you learn how to manage your time and leverage yourself, the more freedom you'll have.  The more you are in control of your time and can spend it in whatever way you choose.

Want An Extra 30 Days Worth Of Time Each Year?

How would you like to have an extra 30 days worth of time every year?

Here's something simple you can do:  sleep 1 hour less each day.

Did you know that by sleeping 1 hour less everyday, you'll free up 30 twelve hour days every year?

That's right… by sleeping only ONE HOUR LESS everyday, you will gain an extra THIRTY DAYS worth of time (12 hours worth of time each day).

With those extra hours, what would you get done?

How much further will you be able to get ahead in your life?

What would you be able to create, enjoy or experience?

The truth is, most people sleep way too much.

I sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours each night, and I'd personally sleep much less if I wasn't so focused on my training everyday.

Everyday I feel energized and productive.  I am healthier than I've ever been.  You can learn how to function amazingly well with less sleep if you optimize your diet properly.

If you apply these simple strategies, you'll have more time in your life to do whatever it is that you want.

I hope you enjoyed this video blog.  Leave any comments or questions below, I'll do my best to respond!

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How To Get More Time In Your Life
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  • Ron

    Good points. Although it not about always about the quantity of time you spend on your business but the quality. Having an extra hour in bed could help you be more effective and think better.

  • Jason Pereira

    Stefan do you still put time towards outsourcing 5 books a week on kindle?

    • I don’t do 5 books per week anymore. I still publish new books, but instead I focus on optimizing and building my backend, and every week I have at least 5 books per week on free promotion + being marketed (since I have published over 100+ now).

      • I’ve also been spending time publishing a children’s book, as well as transcribing some of my videos into Kindle books and publishing those. I’m using my books more so now to funnel into my blog and e-mail list so it can grow my existing business.

  • David Huerga Hierro

    Stefan, I would like to hear how do you distribute and plan your hours/weeks. A video about that could be interesting.
    Kind regards

  • Guest

    I think this is the single biggest force multiplier I have in my life. Thanks for the great post Stefan.

  • Guest

    thank you Stefan for this video and blog ….it was great instruction .. this is about you and yourself controlling ..

    but even though sometimes even I can manage my time I lose the nerve to do it because I think it is hard to do it or I’m afraid to fail doing it . so that I became stuck in my fearing without any moving ,causing the time to go without getting any value from it

    and start blaming myself for losing the time without any improvement