How To Grow And Scale Up Your Online Business


How To Grow And Scale Up Your Online Business

Want to learn how to grow and scale up your online business?

Recently Stefan was asked to speak at a panel at the Amazing Summit, where he shared some of his best practices and strategies for growing and scaling up your online business.

The Amazing Summit was related to building a successful Amazon FBA business, which Stefan has some additional free training available at by clicking here.

In order to grow and scale up your online business, you need to master your psychology and mindset, which is the most critical factor in creating results in any area of your life.

Stefan shares some of the best things that have helped him grow his online business and scale up to a 7-figure per year internet business.

Watch the video below:

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Video transcript

Morning routine

Speaker 1: First question, I guess we'll just start back at this end, the first question is, “What does your morning routine look like?”

Stefan:  That's awesome. For me, the most important thing when I wake up is I smile, just because I think that's the most important thing. You wake up just feeling grateful, being proud for another day. I like to go through a process first thing in the morning just to make sure that I'm at my best, whether that's asking myself certain questions: “What am I happy about, what can I focus on, what can I give today, how can I become better?” I find just by asking those questions, it puts me in a great state, so that I can be productive and do the best that I can in my business.

I love self-development so everything from affirmations, visualization, vision boards, things like that are great, reading books and just planning out the day. I find that in terms of business, focusing on that highest leverage thing, the most important thing, that one thing as the book says, just focusing on that one primary objective, if you can do that every day, just focus on one high leverage thing, then over a week, or a month, or a year, it's amazing what you can accomplish.

Speaker 1: Sweet.

What's an average workday look?

Speaker 3: Playing off the morning routine, what's an average workday look for you guys?

Stefan:  What I do now is much different than when I started. When I first started, I was working in my business, not on my business, so I was doing everything. My focus was applying as much as I could, learning as much as I could. At a certain point, I learned that I could get further ahead just by focusing on fewer things and really focusing on the things that I'm good at and the things that only I can do that I enjoy.

The most important thing that I do in my business is create content because that's what I love, I enjoy that, whether that's YouTube videos, recording videos, writing articles for a blog. I use those channels to funnel into whatever email list that I have or whatever product that I might be selling. That's the main thing I do. Also, interviewing people, learning as much as I can, learning new ideas, strategies that I can implement into my business.

I also focus on trying to systematize as many things as possible. Once I do something one time and I get good at it, I know it works, then I'm going to try to find a way to automate that. That could be having a virtual assistant. My customer support is automated now at this point. A lot of my social media is automated with Instagram, Facebook. That's a lot of my time every day is just learning strategies, systematizing it. That is what has allowed me to scale up and grow.

What would you do differently to make yourself successful faster?

Speaker 1:  Now, the next question is, “If you were to start over in your business, what would you do differently to make yourself successful faster? A lot of these people are probably where you were at maybe six months ago, a year ago, two years ago. What would you do differently starting back over that would get you to where you're at now faster?”

Stefan: I'd say the first thing, which all of you guys have already done, is finding and investing in a high-quality course. When I first got started making money online and trying to explore this opportunity, I was just trying to do it all by myself. Looking online, trying to put all the pieces together and I found that to be very frustrating, very time-consuming, and I failed a lot. It took me years before I started making any money online.

Finding a good quality course and I think one step further than that would be finding a coach, a mentor, a mastermind group, surrounding yourself with the right people because that can just fast track you there much faster. I kind of always use the analogy of, if you're in the jungle, and you're trying to get to a certain destination, and you're trying to do it by yourself, then it's not going to be a very pleasurable experience. You're going to get lost.

It's dangerous, certain things can happen. Whereas if you have a map, at least you can get there a lot faster. If you actually have a coach or a mentor that can hold your hand and guide you through the process and help you avoid all the failures, the pitfalls, all the pain that a lot of people have to go through, then you can definitely get there a lot faster. Sometimes it's worth it to invest the money to get there faster and avoid all the pain, discouragement, and all that stuff you have to go through.

Game-changing moment

Speaker 3: Each of you has had tremendous success, but it was never just slowly going up and up. There had to be a point where it kind of just, all of a sudden, wow, this was a game-changing moment. What was it in your business, what's one thing that you can look back at and say, “When this started happening…It could be a strategy you started doing. It could be a focus on customer support, something. What was the key moment in your business that you noticed a huge transformation?”

Stefan: The biggest thing that helped me grow to the next level was making the switch from being a business operator to a business owner. I kind of described that as building a team, outsourcing, systematizing things. That would, all of a sudden, free up my time to focus on the things that matter, the things that are really important. That was probably one of the biggest things.

I'll share one more thing that really helped me personally was with goal setting. The moment when I started making my goals public and publicly declaring them, what that did for me is kind of interesting because I have a blog, and YouTube, and even on Facebook with my friends is I'll publicly declare, “This is my goal. This is what I want to make happen. This is the deadline.” By doing that, it was actually very uncomfortable and scary because usually you're just accountable to yourself.

If you don't follow-through on your goals, it's not that big of a deal. If you're publicly declaring it to other people, it creates more of this urgency and this pressure. I found that took me to a whole new level in terms of my productivity and motivation because, all of a sudden, it was a must. When something is a must, you'll find a way. If you can't find a way, then you'll make the way. I found that to be a pretty powerful shift in terms of me being able to achieve a lot more in my life.

Advice to double your business

Speaker 1: All right. We are out of time, but who would like to hear their answer to what advice they would give you that would guarantee you would double your business? Not to put you all on the spot or anything. What advice would you have someone sitting in the audience that would guarantee they would double their business over the next six months, assuming they're producing sales now?

Speaker 3: If you had to put your best bet on it, you had one thing you could tell them and this was your one thing, what would that be?

Stefan: For me, personally, kind of going back to what I said, I would say I think the biggest thing that would get you there to double your business isn't some sort of marketing strategy or technique. It's more so you as a resource and what you're capable of, becoming more resourceful. Going back, within six months, declaring that, believing that, setting that as a goal.

It's amazing when you're back against the wall how resourceful that you actually become because often times we have excuses and these beliefs of, “I don't have the time, the money or whatever it is”.  If someone had a gun to your head, you would find a way. I would say, just kind of going back to what I said, if you can find a way to make it a must and say, “This is what I want six months from now, to double my business.”

One more thing I'll maybe add that I heard from Jim Rohn a long time ago is to work harder on yourself than on your job. The more that you grow as a person, the more you're investing in you and your capacity to be able to add value, to be able to have more success in your life. That would probably be the biggest thing.

Speaker 3: Let's give them a big round of applause. Get up, get up.

Speaker 1: Good job, man. Thank you.

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How To Grow And Scale Up Your Online Business
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