How To “Level Up” In Your Life And Achieve MASSIVE Success With Darren Jacklin


How To "Level Up" In Your Life And Achieve MASSIVE Success With Darren Jacklin

When I was 21 years old, I hosted a seminar called the “Ultimate Transformation” seminar.

It was my first year in business and I had the idea of inviting several top speakers and coaches to come speak at the event.  Each speaker would present on a topic for 45-60 minutes and have the opportunity to promote themselves and their brand.

I was in charge of promoting the event and getting people to show up, which resulted in an audience of about 100 people.

The crazy part is… I didn't know any of these “speakers” or “experts”.  I did research and called each one of them up, convincing them to come and speak at my event for free, in exchange for the ability to promote themselves to the audience.

I still didn't even know how I pulled it off at 21 years old, but it's amazing what you're capable of if you're committed.

At that event, one of the most powerful and captivating speakers was Darren Jacklin.

I was introduced to Darren from a friend of mine.  He gave me his phone number and I called him up, told him what I was doing and asked him to come and speak.  He agreed.

Darren Jacklin is a corporate trainer, world-class speaker and angel investor.  He's known as the “Mega Manifestor”, as he helps people to get results and manifest anything they desire.  He's also worked with over 150 of the Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, AT&T, Black & Decker, Barclays bank, and many more.

Just being around Darren is a powerful experience.  His energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  You can help be being inspired just being in his presence.

After that experience of having Darren speak at my event 7 years ago, we became good friends.  I've had him come and speak at several other events that I've hosted in Vancouver, had him over at parties and we even lived together for a short period of time!

I thought Darren would be an excellent person to have come by and interview, as I really resonate with his powerful message and what he has to say.  He's a perfect fit for a Project Life Mastery interview and will really inspire many of you immensely.

Watch the video below:

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How To “Level Up” In Your Life And Achieve MASSIVE Success With Darren Jacklin
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  • Mary

    Great interview–one of the best I have ever heard,
    Darrin was really copious with his tools and advice. That often doesn’t happen in an interview. I am working on this very thing, diligently and he clarified a few things.
    Although I am at the very beginning, working on organizing life so I can get a viable calendar and specific goals beyond survival, I am expecting to go far beyond that. It was interesting see what is possible beyond a “default life”.
    I took notes because this was very usable. I will check out Darrin’s website Thanksl Stefan!

  • Great insight into goal setting! Actually incredible! Aswell the morning routine of meditation and journaling! All excellent ways to reenforce your path to results.

    • Darren has a lot of awesome techniques for achieving goals. Check out the 5 tibetan rights.

      • Yeah bro – I did actually. I started doing both that and the daily goal, rather writing multiple times, and wow. It reminds me of a sweet app/website I used called letsduo (two people journal and can read both writings this vulnerability holds you accountable to one another).

        Anyway, my question: is there an actual system or process Darren uses for the goal writing, some structure I might be able to review?


  • Thanks for this interview Stefan. it was great listening to how Darren is so focussed on achieving his goals and the daily steps he takes to making things happen. I liked the concept that failure is only feedback – a good thing to remember!

  • Lannie Norris

    One of the most incredible interviews I have ever watched! Incredible story!

  • Thanks Michael for the suggestion, will consider that for future ones!

  • Lee Humphrey

    I was kind of half watching this as I was doing some marking but then got sucked in. One of the things I took away was, as many other sources suggest, to meet people who are already more successful than you. What’s the best way to go about that? I currently live in Thailand. I know you lived here for a bit Stefan have you got any recommendations?