How To Make Money Online While Doing What You Love


how to make money online while doing what you love

Want to make money online while doing what you love?

In this video blog, I share how you can start making money online with your passion. I've been blessed to be able to turn my passion for self-development into an online income stream with ProjectLifeMastery.com.

I believe you can turn ANY hobby or passion into an online business and start making money from it if you're committed to it. Find out how in the video below.

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Turn Your Passion Into Profits

The internet is an incredible means for people to further experience their passions or interests.

No matter what your passion or hobby is, if people are SEARCHING for it online, then there is an opportunity for you to add value and make money.

It's important to understand that people primarily use the internet to find INFORMATION.  We are living in the information age.

There are billions of searches everyday using websites like Google of people that are looking for information on almost anything you can think of.

By learning how to take advantage of the internet and get in front of those people, you can start making money online.

First, let me ask you…

What is your passion?  What is it that you love?

Make a list right now.

It can be ANYTHING…

Cooking, quilting, soccer, self-help, technology, traveling, astrology, collecting rocks… ANYTHING.

Or perhaps there's a specific problem or challenge that you've encountered in your life and overcome, which can be an opportunity for you to provide value and help others in an area you're passionate about as well.

Have you quit smoking?  Overcome depression?  Had struggles with dating and now are successful at it?  Had a certain health challenge and were able to overcome it?  Beat procrastination?

These are ways on how to make money online.

There are SO MANY WAYS of making money online while doing what you love.

You could write your own Kindle book on whatever topic interests you and sell it.

You could create your own information product – e-books, audio programs, video courses.

You could create your own product in an area that interests you and sell it online – a supplement, sports equipment, cooking equipment, gardening tools, etc…

You could create your own game or app in the mobile market.

You could create a blog or website providing useful information or articles on whatever topic you want and then sell advertising on it.

The possibilities are endless.  You can make money with almost any topic you want.

Here's a simple assignment for you:

Do a search on Google for all the different topics that interest you.

Pull up at least 5-10 different websites on that topic and try to figure out HOW this website is making money.

Are they selling a product?  Do they have advertisements on their website?  Are they providing a service?

Just take a look and try to figure out HOW they are monetizing the topic.

This will give you great ideas for potential online business that you could create.  You could start to model them and do something similar if you wanted.

If you want to learn more about the ways that I make money online while doing what I love, click here.

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How To Make Money Online While Doing What You Love
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  • Kostadin

    Great video Stefan! I`m still learning how to make money from my hobbies but really, there are so many opportunities and ways to make money on the internet. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you, Stefan! Kostadin http://www.sixpackmakeover.com

  • The LifeStyle Compound

    Great post Stefan, I’ve been working with real estate for the last 8 years but the last few years have been studying online stuff. I started my blog and have tinkered with other stuff and am slowly making a dent! I’m slowly working on it and I’m a major goal setter so hopefully in the next 2 years I can make some big stuff happen! Great blog man, keep it up, thanks.