How To Overcome Adversity


how to overcome adversityHours before I was about to take off on my trip to South America, I got some news that really affected one of my businesses in a severe way.  Adversity had struck, and immediately I felt this sense of anxiety and uncertainty consume my body.  While it was easy to just play the role of the victim and say “Why me?”, I decided that I'd take the other route and find the empowering meaning in the situation.

In the midst of this emotional state, I decided to take out my video camera and shoot a video to share the mindset that I chose to adopt to face and overcome the adversity head on.  While we're all going to face challenging times and things unexpectedly will occur that will knock us over, it's imperative that we CHOOSE to have faith and change your perception immediately, so that you can quickly get back on your feet and start making progress again.

Check out the video below:

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Despite the challenges or obstacles that you're going to inevitably face in this lifetime, it's up to us to direct our focus and find the empowering meaning in whatever life gives us.  One of the best ways to do that is ask yourself empowering questions, such as, “What is great about this?”, or “What can I learn from this?”, or “How can I use this to grow and give more?”, and more importantly, “How can I turn this around?”

If you ask empowering questions, your brain will come up with the answers.

Life doesn't happen to me, it happens FOR me.

There are also certain beliefs that really guide me through the most challenging times.  One of them is that “Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves me.”  I believe there is GOOD to be found in anything that life throws at us, it's up to us to find it.  Every human experience can benefit us in some way.  We can learn from it, grow from it, and use it to give more to others.

Also, understand that nothing in life is permanent.  No problem is permanent or so pervasive that we can't overcome it.  With that said, one belief I always use is I say to myself, “This too shall pass.”  And it always inevitably does.  Whatever suffering or pain you're currently going through, it will pass with time.  Understand that this moment doesn't define you.  Just get back on the horse, keep taking action and move your feet.  Eventually, you will come out the other side victorious.

If you're going through hell, KEEP GOING.

I hope this blog post can really serve you in some way.  While things can be challenging in the moment, you have to keep your faith and see things better than it is.  Understand, believe, and know that things will work out and your life will turn out the way you want it to as long as you keep your eyes on the horizon.

How To Overcome Adversity
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  • Gavin Powers

    Thanks, Stefan, this really helps me.  You have a great attitude and your optimism is intelligent, logical and infectious

    • I’m glad Gavin. It’s good to turn to something like this when going through a tough time.

  • Leo Tran

    you are the best Stefan! thanks

  • Kenneth Dean Melendez

    Wow, what an amazing video of inspiration even after you got hit with a big challenge. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt feelings and advice despite what you were going through. And look how far you have come in the time since then! If you would have given up in that moment, countless people (including myself), would never have known you…but I’m so glad you pushed through it!

  • NidavCollins

    Well that was just amazing. I’m one of the ones going through the big challenges of both health and finance at 53!! But I have to say I’ve had a wonderful and happy and successful time too. You are so right. If your alive !!! You will face challenges and the greater the challenge the bigger your goal. You are such a great young man and your Mom must be so proud. And your Dad!! I am making moves forward thanks to you and your great videos. I’ve also put meeting you on my goals list !!!! Well done again! Your constant old Irish pal!!! Nida

  • Daniel Brown

    Hi Stefan, thank you for sharing your authentic self and giving wisdom. This message is what I needed to hear because I have been going through a storm right now and it has been tough, but I am persistent and I am going to over come this storm. Your video reminded me that I am going through this storm for a reason and I know some how I am going to help people come out of their storms in the future, thank you.

  • Alex Peraza

    I love this video. More inspiring to me than you know. Thank you so much Stefan!

  • zachary Linde

    I am glad that you took the time to share this. It is amazing to see the consistency of your character. Hopefully I can make it through my adversity with the same tenacity that you did yours.

    P.S. Its funny seeing the younger version of you.

  • Raul

    Stefan, as i sit now in London’s suburbs, waiting, planning for my next move in order to become independent and also thinking about the adversities i’ve yet been through, there is one questions that comes to my mind: will i make it?

  • AndC

    Thanks for sharing and showing how with faith and Gods help we con overcome anything! I too belive that everything happens for a reason.. and the reason is to be better persons and gives us a life perspective of if what we are doing in our life is worth it! =) helping a lot of people will be surley well recompensated with God =)

  • Aimz Khalid

    you are one of the people who can motivate someone by the way they speak. you’ve no idea how much you’ve changed me in so many goals of mine. I’m still struggling with my problems but somehow you give me courage (Y) Thanks sooo much <3
    Have a great year!

  • AMIN

    It good,and interesting ,ultimate in making someone happy and joyous ,i most say u are wonderful stefan

  • Tanga Williams

    Hi Stefan, I really needed this message. There are days when I feel like I’m not going to succeed in life. But I’m working through it and I’m trying to regain my self-confidence and courage.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.
    – Tangie

  • William V

    Everything is happening for a reason, always the best for us (no matter how things might appear, to our minds, at that moment of time), totally agree with you. Its all in the mindset… powerful stuff, Stefan, thanks for sharing. Inspiring.

  • Nothando Phakathi

    Wow this is AWESOME….thanks a mill Stef, much, much appreciated and very timely for me. I appreciate you : – ))

  • Dorothy

    Hi, Stefan, thanks for sharing your thoughts and courage during your hard time. It’s inspiring and encouraging. I just bought your course “Writing a book in less than 24 hours”. Though I won’t be able to write a book so quick, it’s exciting to learn those productivity strategies. You are very smart, quick and articulate, yet you are so young (it’s hard to believe. LOL). I am very glad to encounter you during my research on the Internet. Best Regards!

  • Sedona Rhodes

    this makes me feel better. I have 0 income and am in a very tough time . all the odes are against me, but I am actively using your advise as best I can in despite. thank you.

    • Team Project Life Mastery

      You can do it, Sedona!