Jim Rohn Motivation: The Price You’re Paying…


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I recently heard a powerful story from the great motivational speaker, Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn was sharing how the price you pay for something is much deeper than what you initially think.  You see, most people invest in the wrong things that don't enhance their lives over the long-term.

You need to carefully assess everything in your life.  Your actions, your purchases and decisions.  Really ask yourself: are these enhancing my life, bringing me closer towards the life that I want?

Or, are they costing me much more than what I think and holding me back from the life that I really want?

In this video blog, I share some Jim Rohn motivation that will help inspire you.

Watch the video below:

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Jim Rohn Motivation: The Price You're Paying…
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  • Leon Sylvester

    I do love your content Stefan. Your consistency is absolutely golden, and inspires me to keep going!