[K Money Mastery] $4,500 Per Month Passive Income From Kindle Publishing


In this video, Stefan interviews Jyotsna who is a member of K Money Mastery and has built a passive income stream of over $4,500 per month from Kindle publishing.

Jyotsna's story is especially inspiring, because she is a mother that lives in India and really proves that anyone can be successful at Kindle publishing if you commit yourself to and take massive action.

Jyotsna has now gone and written her own Kindle book published on Amazon, titled The Job Escape Plan, which helps to show others how they can escape their job and have freedom.

Watch the video below:

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[K Money Mastery] $4,500 Per Month Passive Income From Kindle Publishing
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  • Kayvee

    This is amazing

    I am so happy for her.

    Keep on Rockin’

    Thanks for sharing Stefan

  • Very encouraging. Thanks! I’m going to do this!

  • fatimah abdul

    The link to kindle course is not working stefan, i want to sign up please